Why Did Saul Goodman Run Away? – Debuking Breaking Bad’s Theories

Why did Saul Goodman run away? In the season finale of the award-winning TV show Breaking Bad, we see Saul Goodman (the lawyer from the TV show) running away from the mess that was unfolding around him and his partner in crime at the time. Is this the reason behind his runaway? Find out how the faith turns for this character.

Saul was a collaborator with Walter, Gus, and Mike. Things were going badly for Walt’s drug enterprise, with Hank, his brother-in-law, sniffing around. He would have very indeed been found out. He has also been convicted of various offenses, including inciting murder and meth cooking. So he disguises himself and flees to Omaha, Nebraska, where he works at Cinnabon.

Saul Goodman’s Flee

Saul Goodman is one of the most interesting characters on the popular television show Breaking Bad, and his flee left fans wondering what the true motivation behind it was. What are the theories that you think are most likely to be true?

Why did Saul Goodman run away?

Why did Saul Goodman run away?
Why did Saul Goodman run away?

There are many plausible explanations:

  • Jesse had assisted Hank Schrader, and Saul was aware of or assumed that he had disclosed his involvement.
  • The neo-Nazi leader Jack was aware of Saul’s whereabouts and had just slain two federal officers.
  • Lydia, Gus, and Walt’s partner in the Slovakian drug ring were all aware of Saul and may have viewed him as a danger.
  • Hanks was about to screw up Walt’s drug business, which Saul played a huge part in helping build. Hanks works for DEA and has no reason to hold back on Saul.

Why did Saul leave Albuquerque?

Believe it or not, Saul has the mind and the resource to stay in Albuquerque had he wanted to. But, he definitely wasn’t untouchable.

Jimmy was more worried about Jack’s cartel than law enforcement. Jimmy simply knew far too much! Suppose he had been detained by the police. In that case, he would likely have spilled his guts about the cartel in exchange for a short sentence and witness protection. So, from the cartel’s perspective, it was preferable to find and murder him. Jimmy took a run for his life, and it wasn’t questionable.

Why did Saul Goodman change his identity?

Not only did he flee, but he also got a new identity. If the DEA gets to Walt, which they could have if Hank had lived a little longer, they have the complete picture, and everyone, including Saul, will unavoidably be under their scan. Saul is a smart businessman who can save himself. So there is no reason for him not to flee with a new identity and less dangerous life.

Saul changed his identity to avoid possible dangers in the future
Saul changed his identity to avoid possible dangers in the future

In the first season of Better Call Saul, we know that he is managing at Cinnabon. The man now wears a mustach. He is characterized by a heavy and large pair of glasses as well. The dashing lawyer is unrecognizable.

Why did Saul get disbarred?

To summarize, Jimmy’s license has been suspended subject to criminal charges he faced for breaking into his elder brother Chuck’s house to delete audio recordings of Jimmy confessing to fabricating evidence. Jimmy’s legal license has been suspended for a year but has not been disbarred.

What Happened To Saul’s Money?

There is no doubt that Saul has acquired a large sum of money throughout his glorious career as a lawyer for criminals with big pockets. So what happened to Saul’s many at the end of Breaking Bad, and why did he rip the check

Why did Saul rip up the check?

When Saul goes to his office, he finds a stack of invoices and a $26,000 check from a law firm with his name on it. In disgust, Saul shreds the check because the value of Chuck’s (and Saul)’s holding of the firm is worth much more than that. It’s Saul’s way of saying that he isn’t going to back down from the amount he could and had the right to receive.

Why did Saul rip up the $26 000 check?

The cheque is from the firm of Saul’s older brother, Chuck. Unfortunately, Chuck has a significant mental disorder that prohibits him from working at the business. Nevertheless, his partner, Howard Hamlin, believes he can pay off Chuck (and Saul) with payments like the $26,000, even though the firm is worth millions.

The cheque is from the firm of Saul's older brother´s firm
The cheque is from the firm of Saul’s older brother´s firm

Why did Jimmy McGill rip the check?

When Jimmy returns to his office, he discovers a stack of bills and a $26,000 cheque from a legal company called McGill. Jimmy tears the cheque in disgust since the value of Chuck’s (and Jimmy) ownership of the business is far greater. However, Jimmy was not going to back down from the amount he could and should have received, which was millions of dollars.

How much money did Saul Goodman make?

Saul’s first inquiry to Walt was, “Have you seen my hourly rate?” This indicated that he overcharged his clientele. He asked for $4650 simply to handle the Badger case. His office, although in a strip mall, was always portrayed to be filled. This meant that Saul was very likely the most sought-after lawyer in Albuquerque.

Saul has dealt with several different drug lords before meeting Walt and Jesse. In Better Call Saul, for example, he charges Lalo $100,000 only to pick up a stack of cash. However, when his lawful income is combined with the portion he receives for making criminals’ fantasies come true, his net wealth may easily reach the tens of millions.

Does jimmy inherit chuck’s money?

Chuck leaves most of his wealth to his ex-wife, with only a $5,000 gift to Jimmy, just enough to keep him from fighting the will. He despises Jimmy for being unethical, and Jimmy is always getting in trouble. At the same time, Chuck obeyed all the rules, yet things usually worked out for the younger brother. Chuck was being petty.

Saul Goodman Alias

Saul Goodman alias
Saul Goodman alias
  • Saul Goodman has used various alias and alter egos throughout his appearance on Breaking Bad. Here is the list of all the names that people and Saul have used to refer to himself:
  • Jimmy
  • Slippin’ Jimmy
  • Saul Goodman
  • Gene Takavic
  • The Lawyer
  • The Guy
  • The Magic Man
  • Viktor St. Claire
  • Charlie Hustle
  • Kevin Costner
  • Mr. Cumpston
  • Special Agent Jeffrey A. Steel
  • Pastor Hansford
  • Bill
  • The Cellphone Guy
  • Third-Rate Huckster
  • Salamanca’s Guy
  • Steve
  • Gene the Cinnabon Machine
  • Better Call Saul


Does Saul betray Walter?

Saul charged $80,000 in order to cause complications for the prosecution. Still, the showrunner verified Saul got his colleague off on a technicality, meaning he scammed Walt and Jesse.

Does Saul wear a ring in Breaking Bad?

Yes. The ring belonged to Jimmy McGill’s late partner in crime, Cicero. Jimmy considers him a true friend.

What did Saul Goodman do?

Saul Goodman was Walter White’s valuable partner. After spending many years on the run as Gene Takavic, Saul Goodman is ultimately apprehended and charged with an unending number of crimes for his role in the development of Walter White’s criminal enterprise in Breaking Bad.

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