Why Is Clearly Canadian So Expensive? (A Stunning Comeback)

Clearly Canadian is an iconic symbol of Gen X consumers in the 90s. It was extremely popular and at the forefront of the “new age beverage” movement. However, Clearly Canadian was discontinued in 2009, leaving a new generation craving for the hottest drink of yesteryear. 

It surprisingly comes back after about 5 years. Besides the eagerness to enjoy the nostalgia, many people wonder, “Why is Clearly Canadian so expensive?”.

The reason for the higher price is that it contains natural ingredients and does not contain any unwanted elements that can be harmful to your health. Moreover, as a unique drink, it leads the way as one popular trend in the industry. There is also a possibility that its appeal may also make it more expensive.

For more detailed reasons, continue reading this article. Additionally, this article explains why Clearly Canadian was so popular but still discontinued and how it come back surprisingly.

What Is Clearly Canadian?

As a product of the Clearly Food & Beverage Company Ltd., Clearly Canadian is a brand of premium sparkling and springwater. The Clearly Canadian spring water is available in both unflavored and flavored varieties. It was founded in British Columbia, Canada in 1987. It has become a well-known brand throughout the United States, parts of Europe, as well as Japan besides Canada.

Why Is Clearly Canadian So Expensive?

How much did Clearly Canadian cost in the 90s?

Recently, when Clearly Canadian was back on the shelves, it was priced at $2.29 a bottle. That price is actually a bit more expensive than it was in the 90s.

In the 90s, a bottle of Clearly Canadian costs only about $1.49. I can’t say for sure since my memories may be fading over time.

What are the reasons behind it price? 

Clearly Canadian is sparkling water. Sparkling water can be considered a “processed” water . From ordinary water, they pump carbon dioxide (CO2) into it under pressure. Consequently, the cost of the CO2 itself as well as the cost of the equipment used to add the CO2 must be considered. This is the first reason for the higher price.

The second reason, is the high-quality ingredientslist of this beverage (according to the brand’s announcement). Clearly Canadian is made with all natural ingredients. The spring water was sourced from natural springs all over Canada. There is no genetically modifie d organism (GMO) and no gluten in Clearly Canadian. Animal products have not been used in the making of Clearly Canadian.

Another reason, I believe, is the brand itself. It is a beverage brand from the 90s that is highly sought after. With the brand’s appeal, it was not a problem for them to buff the price in order to maintain their position.

Many sources even claim that this is because it has certain nutritional advantages that the drinker can enjoy.

Is Clearly Canadian healthy?

The first thing have to say, as the manufacturer claims, Clearly Canadian has absolutely no nitrates. With a zero sodium rating, it has a natural calcium and magnesium enrichmen. In this regard, Clearly Sparkling stands out among other sparkling waters in terms of purity, healthiness, and quality.

The Clearly Canadian brand was born at a time when nutrition facts were not a mandatory requirement on beverage packages. With its fizzy and fruity taste, and, as its name implies, its clear as a mountain spring, it was no wonder that people naturally assumed this drink was comparable to Perrier, but with more flavour.

The fact that this delicious, moderately sweet beverage was cleverly marketed to us in the 1990s made us believe it was healthy. The company was positioning Clearly Canadian as a healthy alternative to soft drinks such as Coke, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew. The truth is that Clearly Canadian drinks at that point of time were not any healthier than soft drinks. There were 160 calories in its bottled water, closer to a regular Pepsi than water. People are thinking that they are drinking water when in fact it is just clear soda.

Why Was Clearly Canadian Discontinued?

In 2009, the popular ’90s nostalgia food Clearly Canadian suddenly disappeared from the shelves leaving a new generation craving for the hottest drink of yesteryear. 

In the same way that Clearly Canadian’s rise had been stunning, so was its fall. As the company’s stock continued to decline in 2005, Mason resigned from his role as chairman. By 2010, Clearly Canadian filed for bankruptcy. In addition, it ceased to be listed on the stock exchange.

In the end, Clearly Canadian failed not due to its product, but due to unlucky, unwise decisions and mismanagement of the brand.

How Did Clearly Canadian Come back?

When Robert R. Khan, a venture capitalist, found out that Clearly Canadian was for sale at that point, he immediately jumped at the chance to buy it, despite the brand’s woes at that time. He hopes to return the brand to its former glory. 

There is a plan by Khan to relaunch the drink that was discontinued in 2009, with the help of nostalgic consumers who have a craving for nostalgia. To help get the production line up and running, Clearly Canadian asked consumers to preorder a case. A pre-order of 25,000 12-pack cases is needed to kick off the brand’s first order. It reached this target in just two months.

According to the brand’s website, once it reaches its preorder target, the brand will begin production, and bottles will be shipped to those who have preordered a case and retailers across the continent once it has reached its target.

It is a smart vision Khan has for Clearly Canadian. With only four flavours (Mountain Blackberry, Country Raspberry, Orchard Peach and Wild Cherry) and just seven employees in his Toronto office, he has streamlined the brand into a lean operation. It is by asking consumers to pre-order cases that he is able to both minimize his risks and show future investors that there is a demand for the brand and that it can be marketed effectively.


Does Clearly Canadian have caffeine?

Canadian Daily Energy has caffeine. It contains 4.00 mg per fl oz (13.53 mg per 100 ml). So it is 80 mg per 20 fl oz bottle. Comparatively, Clearly Canadian Daily Energy has MODERATE caffeine levels.

Can you buy Clearly Canadian at Walmart?

Walmart do sell all flavors of Clearly Canadian sparkling spring water beverage.

Does Acme sell Clearly Canadian?

Yes, Acme do sell Clearly Canadian.

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  1. I would buy this the time if it wasn’t 3.00 a bottle that’s ridiculous that’s why you haven’t seen it in a while because people can’t afford it . I would buy over sodas if it wasn’t so expensive I love it

    • I agree, but I’m so hooked on the tart raspberry that I fork out cash now and then. I’m looking for substitutes but there is nothing so deliciously tart! …Khaaaaan!!!


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