Why Is My Mouth Crooked In Pictures? – Fun Facts About Selfies

Why is my mouth crooked in pictures? After taking a selfie from your phone’s front camera, you may notice that your mouth and face look somewhat crooked and weird. We assure you that you look just fine to everyone around you. It’s your brain that tricks you into thinking your face isn’t asymmetrical enough!

Because of how we view ourselves in the mirror and how we are so familiar with the appearance that we see through this shiny object, unflipped selfies from the front camera might appear weird to us. It’s how our brain plays a dirty trick on our perception of our own beauty. So if one day you decide to take a selfie and you don’t feel handsome or pretty enough, your face is not the problem!

Why Is My Mouth Crooked In Pictures?

If you notice how your mouth looks crooked in pictures, you are taking a selfie using your back camera, or you are unfamiliar with looking at your selfies (mostly flipped ones).

On the one hand, when you hold your back camera and try to adjust the angle to make sure that it points toward your face, it’s easy to get lost with the face muscles and how to smile evenly from ear to ear. On the other hand, if you use your phone’s front camera to take a selfie, your device may flip the photo to show how other people see you, not how you usually see yourself in the mirror. That explains why your mouth and entire chin and jaw section appear slightly crooked.

Your device may flip the photo to show how other people see you
Your device may flip the photo to show how other people see you

Holding the front camera to your face distorts your features. According to various videos revealing the selfie technique, it doesn’t give you a good image of how you look. Instead, holding your phone away from you and zooming in will make your face look so much better and more authentic to reality.

Other Facial Features Also Look Distorted In Photos

Other than your mouth, other facial features are distorted due to the phone cameras as well. It depends on the position of each facial part and the distance between your face and the camera.

Why is my jaw crooked in pictures?

If you take a selfie with your phone’s front camera, the shot may be flipped to show you as other people view you rather than how you see your reflection. That explains why your mouth, chin, and jaw area seem somewhat slanted.

Why do my lips look uneven in pictures?

There are 2 cases here: we take a photo from the front camera, or we do it with the back one.
In case you take a selfie, you can see your reflection on the screen before hitting the snap button.

Unfortunately, the habit of taking selfies tells us that our eyes must divert to the camera for a more natural picture. And when we shift our attention to the camera, it’s easy to lose control over the facial muscles that maintain the smile. We get tense and cause the mouth and lips to look slightly crooked and unnatural.

Suppose you take a picture with your phone’s back camera. In that case, it’s even harder to adjust the facial features and muscles to look natural in the photo. Instead, try to practice your smile and relax your face when you take a picture. A relaxed enough look will appear pretty natural.

Why is my smile crooked in pictures?

The practice of snapping selfies informs us that our gaze must be drawn to the camera to get a more natural image. And when we focus our attention on the camera, it’s easy to lose control of the facial muscles that keep us smiling. As a result, we get stiff, causing our mouth and lips to appear somewhat twisted and odd.

Why does my face look lopsided on camera?

The cameras on our phones distort our faces. Using a short lens camera to take close-up photographs of the face results in the entire face, nose appearing wider than in real life while the ears disappear.

Using a short lens camera makes the face appear wider
Using a short lens camera makes the face appear wider

Why do my teeth look crooked in photos?

Teeth typically appear more projecting than they are in real life and appear “horse-like,” which can be accentuated by the flash. People are increasingly, and reasonably, tempted to make their teeth seem better since they are the photograph’s focal point.

Do Cameras Distort Your Face?

To give you a quick answer: Yes, the camera distorts your face a lot if you don’t know how to work it, especially with the daily-use camera of smartphones.

Why does my face look crooked on back camera?

Just like taking a selfie with a camera that automatically flips your photo horizontally, the back camera will return you with a picture showing how other people see you, not how you see yourself in the mirror.

Therefore, you will look at yourself as if it’s an unfamiliar face. And you will see asymmetricity much more vividly. But that’s totally normal. Your face won’t appear crooked to anyone.

Do selfies distort your face?

According to Paskhover and colleagues in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, the distortion occurs in selfies because the face is close to the camera lens. In recent research, they calculated the deformation of facial characteristics at various camera distances and orientations.

The distortion occurs in selfies because the face is close to the camera lens
The distortion occurs in selfies because the face is close to the camera lens

Does the iPhone camera distort your face?

The answer is true, our faces are distorted by phone cameras. You do appear to be a little distinct in person than you do on your phone’s camera. Because the camera is too near to our face.

Taking close-up shots of the face with a short lens camera results in the entire face, nose, and eyes seeming broader and the front and nose appearing wider than in real life. This broadening of the face causes the ears to vanish in pictures.

Crooked Smile Meaning

If you think your crooked smile in pictures has medical meaning, follow your instinct and attend medical care as soon as possible.

A crooked smile might indicate a major medical problem, such as a concussion or an infection. Symptoms of an uneven smile that necessitate immediate medical intervention include:

  • Acute, severe headache
  • One-sided physical weakness
  • Unbalanced facial sagging on one side
  • Speech that is slurred
  • Facial or neck swelling
  • Facial or neck spasms


Why do my eyebrows look uneven on camera?

To varying degrees, the face is always asymmetrical. Nobody can prevent it, and it is a result of your genes. Some aspects can be changed by surgery, while others cannot.

Why does my chin look big in pictures?

Because the camera lens is so close to your face, your chin, nose, and eyes will appear more prominent.

Why is my face so round in photos?

The close distance between the phone camera to your face will cause your face to look rounder.

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