Anos Voldigoad Wife: Anos’s Relationships And Power In Misfit Of Demon King Academy

Who is Anos Voldigoad wife? Anos is the next-generation reincarnation of the Demon King with an arrogant attitude and immense power. With such power and title, can he fall in love and connect with someone? This post will explain Anos’s relationships with others in Misfit of Demon King Academy. We also compare his power to other big names in the anime.

Anos isn’t married yet in both the manga and anime. But we know that there are 2 female characters that suit the role of being his love interest: Sasha and Misha. He was already kissed by Sasha a few times, and he never seems to be opposed to it, even though they have never cleared up their feelings.

Who Is Anos?

Anos Voldigoad is a formidable demon who was infamously known as the Demon King of Tyranny during the Mythical Age for his enormous strength and brutality against his foes. He reincarnated into the Magical Age after giving up his life to divide the world into four, only to be labeled as a misfit in the Demon King Academy.

Anos Voldigoad is a known as the Demon King of Tyranny
Anos Voldigoad is a known as the Demon King of Tyranny

His immense authority instills a level of self-assurance rivaled only by his ego. Moreover, because of his tremendous skill, Anos has an easygoing demeanor and an unequaled sense of resilience when faced with any task.

Despite being known as the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos possesses a strong moral compass and an overall loving attitude. He is concerned about the well-being of his friends and followers, as well as his family, and will reward them for their devotion.

Anos Voldigoad Relationship

Friends, family, and lovers. Find out all about Anos Voldigoad ‘s relationship here.

Who is Anos Voldigoad girlfriend?

By far, the show hasn’t confirmed any female character as Anos’s girlfriend. But with how the story progresses, it seems that the guy is in love with Misha and Sasha, the twin sisters.

The anime viewers have been discussing the topic and raising their voices to explain why they think one of the sisters is better than the other. So far, most agree that Misha should be endgame for Anos. It’s not because Sasha is severely flawed or anything of that matter.

The main reason is that Sasha has stabbed Misha once, and she wasn’t born like other entities in the show. Instead, she was created by magic by their mother.

Who does Anos Voldigoad end up with?

Since the manga and the anime haven’t ended yet, we don’t know with whom Anos ends up. But with how the story goes, it won’t be surprising if he ends up with Misha. When they share the same frame together, viewers notice more chemistry than when Anos is with Sasha.

Anos might end up with Misha
Anos might end up with Misha

Also, people have put the two sisters on the scale and agree that Misha has a much better temper. She seems nicer as a person and thus, has gained more love from the audience than Sasha. Who do you think he will end up with at the end of the anime?

Does Anos have a harem?

More or less, yes. Both Misha and Sasha have shown affection toward the guy. And even though it remains a mystery if the 2 sisters know that they have feelings toward the same guy or not, the show indicates that the trio doesn’t seem to be torn between each other. If their romantic storyline progress the same way, it’s more than likely that Anos will end up with a real Harem.

Anos Voldigoad friends

Get to know some of Anos’s friends in the Academy:

  • Kanon: Despite being adversaries in their former life, the two had mutual regard for each other. They became friends once they reincarnated and went to the same Academy together.
  • Lay Glanzudlii: Anos respects Lay’s swordsmanship and is friends with him. Lay’s first genuine buddy was Anos. Their bond is akin to that of brothers in arms.
  • Misa Ilioroagu: Anos admires her fortitude and is fascinated by her half-demon, half-spirit physiology. Even though their relationship isn’t deeply rooted, they have been good friends.

Anos parents

Even though he was just resurrected over a month ago as Gusta’s son, Anos has a very solid relationship with him. Gusta worked himself haggard when Anos was chosen to compete in the Demon Sword Tournament so that he might create a sword for his son. However, Gusta was left sobbing tears of delight when Anos advised people not to underestimate what his father built.

Anos also has a very tight link with his mother and has been shown to care for her, sincerely adoring her beyond all else. This link was especially evident when Anos informed the eight girls who saved Izabella that he would never forget their names and that he was grateful to them.

Anos Voldigoad wife

Anos isn’t married yet. In fact, he hasn’t established an official with any female character in the show.

Anos And Sasha Relationship

Anos and Sasha have shared a few kisses together. Find out how their relationship has progressed so far.

Does Anos end up with Sasha?

Anos hasn’t confirmed a relationship with Sasha Necron yet. But the two have kissed a few times, with Sasha taking the initiative. Anos never pushed her away but never considered it thoroughly enough to tell Sasha off or offer her a relationship proposal.

Fans suspect that the two might end up being together, but others think their chemistry is still lacking. They don’t have a “doki doki” vibe around them.

Anos hasn't confirmed a relationship with Sasha Necron yet
Anos hasn’t confirmed a relationship with Sasha Necron yet

Does Anos like Sasha?

By far, it’s a bit much to say that Anos likes Sasha. But it’s not incorrect saying that he is fond of her in a certain way. The male lead has mentioned more than once that he has never seen anyone with more beautiful demon eyes than her.

Does Sasha like Anos?

Sasha is in love with Anos. She has been spotted blushing around him frequently. She has taken the initiative to kiss him on the lips and cheek numerous times. There is no grey zone in Sasha’s feelings toward Anos. They are as clear as daylight!

Who does Sasha Necron end up with?

The anime is still ongoing, so we don’t know with whom Sasha Necron ends up. The second season will air next year in 2023. So we will have to wait and find out.

Anos And Misha Relationship

So many fans are screaming at the top of their lungs that these two should end up together because they are endgame. So what do we know about relationships so far? There is only one way to find out!

Does Anos end up with Misha?

Anos shows strong feelings toward Misha, and he has saved her from danger many times. When they are seen together, we see their chemistry shines through. But, the pair hasn’t talked about it yet, and there is no official confirmation that they will become a couple. So the audience will have to wait for anime and manga releases to find out.

Who does Misha Necron end up with?

Since the show hasn’t ended yet, we don’t know with whom Misha ends up. But, the highest possibility is that Anos will be her lover at some point. Their chemistry is over the roof!

Does Misha like Anos?

Misha likes Anos. Even though her way of showing her feelings isn’t as passionate as Sasha, viewers still notice her feelings toward the male lead.

Misha Necron relationship

Misha is the twin sister of Sasha Necron. Misha was the original child, and her mother later created Sasha through magic. Misha can be considered the love interest of Anos Voldigoad. Misha is a shy girl, especially in comparison to her more fiery sister Sasha. Because she was labeled as a “magic doll,” she was ostracized by other demons, leaving her lonely in the Academy.

Misha is the twin sister of Sasha Necron
Misha is the twin sister of Sasha Necron

How Strong Is Anos Voldigoad

Anos Voldigoad is the protagonist of The Misfit of Demon King Academy Manga. Being the reincarnation of the Demon King himself, there is no doubt that this character is extremely powerful.

Anos x Lay

Anos is definitely stronger than Lay. Lay’s swordsmanship, according to Anos, improves swiftly during fights, as he immediately refined his technique throughout their conflict, such as minimizing the shockwaves of Anos’ hits and changing mid-war. However, compared to the Demon King, this is not enough to defeat him in a battle.

Is Anos a god?

Anos isn’t a god, even though his power is immersive. Because Anos’ words are inherently loaded with magical power, he may influence the target’s activities against their will just by saying. This ability is constantly active and has the potential to circumvent anti-magic qualities.

Celis Voldigoad vs Anos Voldigoad

Celis possessed a unique source specialized in destruction as a member of the Voldigoad lineage since he was considered to be the most prominent figure of his family until Anos’s birth.

Anos Voldigoad x Kanon

Kanon is considered the second strongest character in the show, right behind Anos. Despite ranking second, his ability is still far from being as cultivated as Anos’s. The two have fought before, and Anos could have easily beat him to the ground had he wanted to.

Is Avos Dilhevia stronger than Anos?

Probably not. We haven’t seen their whole fight yet, so it’s hard to determine. But with what we know about Anos’s magic ability, it is not likely that he will walk out of the battlefield as the loser. Though we don’t doubt that Avos will deal some devastating blows.


Who is Celis Voldigoad wife?

Luna is Celis’s wife. They have together a son: Anos Voldigoad. They were the protagonist’s parents before he reincarnated.

Does Anos love his parents?

Yes, it has been shown multiple times. Anos truly values his parents.

Did Anos Voldigoad die?

No, he didn’t die.

Is Misfit Of Demon King Academy worth watching?

The Misfits of Demon King Academy is a must-see anime. There is a nice mix of action, which is what one would anticipate from a novel like this one, and humour, which is given by the protagonist and the secondary characters, such as his parents, who make the story extremely intriguing.

Who is Celis Voldigoad?

Celis is the father of Anos Voldigoad in the past life before he reincarnated.

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