How Many Songs Are There In The World? | Unbelievable Facts About Music

Have you ever wondered how many songs are there in the world? Some people have even tried to come up with an exact number for the number of songs ever made, but it obviously isn’t that easy. This article discusses the total number of songs recorded so far. We also present some fun facts about music.

Quick answer: It is unclear the exact number of songs ever made so far, but counting from the streaming platform with the most songs on it, SoundCloud, there are over 150 million songs in the world so far. However, this number is definitely much less than the actual number. There are over 24 thousand songs written and published daily, so the number adds up quickly. According to some internet users, the actual number of pieces is over 600 million. 

How Many Songs Are There In The World?

It’s impossible to identify the exact number of songs created worldwide. But we at least have a generic number on each music streaming platform. So find out how many songs you have access to if you use one of these streaming services.


On Spotify, there are more than 80 million tracks, which include over 4 million podcasts. The catalog is huge, and users can definitely find most of the songs they like on the platform. In addition, it’s possible to encounter even live versions of some songs. But, 80 million isn’t the correct number of pieces ever made in the world, as there is another platform with an even greater variety of work.

Spotify has 80 million tracks
Spotify has 80 million tracks


SoundCloud is the music streaming platform with the most songs on it: 150 million. This gran streaming service has a much more free policy for new artists. Anyone can post their works on this site. That’s why the total number of songs on SoundCloud is almost double that of Spotify. This streaming service has the closest number to the entire songs that exist in the world!

Apple Music

Apple Music has over 50 million songs in its catalog. Apple definitely has a stricter policy regarding the origin and quality of the songs. The platform directs toward more famous artists, so it has the least works of the bunch.


Deezer boasts of a catalog of over 73 million songs the last time we check. In addition, we believe that the service offers both famous songs and underground works by smaller artists.

In the entire world

Before 2020, the number of songs on SoundCloud had already reached 150 million. With an average of 24 thousand new songs per day, we should have already had over 13 million new songs. By now, the total number of songs should be at least 163 million worldwide. This number can’t be close to the real one, but on streaming platforms, this is the expected number.

5 Most Curious Numbers In The Music World

150 or 600 million aren’t the only curious numbers that have to do with music. Check out these 5 statistics that will make your jaw drop to the floor.

#1: There are over 1200 music genres in the world

Over the years, 1200 music genres have developed across the globe. Most of them appeared at the end of the 20th century when making music became much easier and had a worldwide impact. The number 1200 includes a wide range of subgenres that maybe only are well-known in their country of origin. For example, Spanish punk was a small subgenre that was well-received in…Spain.

#2: Mozart composed over 600 works in his music career

Mozart is still one of the greatest classical music composers of all time. Throughout his entire career, he has composed over 600 works. In his lifetime, he has made 22 pieces of Opera, 68 symphonies, 35 sonatas, etc.

Mozart composed over 600 works in his music career
Mozart composed over 600 works in his music career

#3: Mozart outsold Beyonce in 2016

In 2016, Mozart sold more CDs than Beyoncé! A 200-CD box set of Mozart’s recordings sold 6,250 copies, more than any contemporary artist in the same year. Of course, the streaming rate of Mozart wasn’t as high as that of modern artists, but the win in CDs sale number was undoubtfully impressive.

#4: The Beatles is the best-selling artist of all time, with over 600 million Albums sold

After all these years, The Beatles is still the best boyband in the world with the highest sales record. They have sold over 1.6 billion singles in the US and 600 million albums worldwide. Elvis ranks second behind The Beatles when it comes to sales.

#5: Nana Mouskouri has released over 200 albums, the highest album number/ artist of all time

Nana is a Greek singer and holds the title of the singer with the most released albums. She has published over 200 albums throughout her musical career, and no other artist comes close to this whopping collection.


How many songs are made a day?

According to statistics on streaming platforms, there are over 24.000 songs made daily.

Which female singers have sold the most records?

Madonna has been believed to be the one who sold the most significant number of records of any female artist of all time, having more than 300 million sold across the globe. As a result, she has been registered as such in the Guinness World Records.

What was the first song ever made?

Seikilos Epitaph is the oldest composition ever found on Earth. It dates back to the 1st or the 2nd century of the Common Era.

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