Does Karasuno Win Nationals? | All The Best Wins In Haikyuu Anime

Does Karasuno win Nationals? Haikyuu! is an amazing anime series that has been praised by fans and critics. However, one thing that leaves fans confused is whether or not the Karasuno team will win the nationals or they have won the tournament already. With the many seasons passing, it can be hard to follow. Find out all the best wins in this anime series. 

No, Karasuno unfortunately never made it to the finalist and won the Nationals. This devastates fans because they believe the team should have won at least once before the anime ends. The win would have closed up the history nicely and secured the honor of Karasuno High.

Does Karasuno Win Nationals?

Find out more about all the wins and losses that Karasuno High has gone through throughout the series.

Who defeated Karasuno in Nationals?

For those of you who have been following the anime series, you know that Karasuno High School has never won the Nationals Volleyball Tournament. Of course, it’s a big deal for the school, and it’s also a big deal for the fans of the series. But is there any way that Karasuno High can win the tournament?

Karasuno High School has never won the Nationals Volleyball Tournament
Karasuno High School has never won the Nationals Volleyball Tournament

So far, we don’t know if the team will win the Nationals or not in the future. The makers of the anime series also have confirmed that there won’t be season 5. So, so so far, it is unlikely that the team will bring the highest honor to their school anytime soon. But, the producers have mentioned that they will release 2 movies that follow the events of season 4. So maybe, just maybe, we have a glimpse of hope for their win here!

Nekoma vs Karasuno Nationals score

During the Spring Nationals, Nekoma and Karasuno faced each other in an intense battle. Here is the score (Karasuno – Nekoma):

  • First round: 25-27
  • Second round: 26-24
  • Third round: 25-21

This brings Karasuno to a win with a score of 2:1. If you want to check out the manga, you can visit chapters 293 to 324.

Does Karasuno win Nationals season 5?

Since there is no season 5, the team doesn’t have the chance to win the Nationals yet. Fans are waiting nervously for the 2 new movies following season 4 to be released.

Does Karasuno win Nationals season 2?

Karasuno does not take first place in the Spring Nationals. They defeated Inarizaki and Nekoma to go to the quarterfinals, where they were defeated by Kamomedai High in Chapter 367. After overcoming Fukurodani and Kamomedai, Ichibayashi High won the Spring Nationals.

Who does Karasuno play after Inarizaki?

After defeating Inarizaki, Karasuno faced Nekoma in an intense battle to go to the quarterfinals. They won the round but lost in the next battle against Kamomedai.

Did Karasuno win Nationals season 4?

No, the Karasuno team never won the Natonals in season 4 of Haikyuu. 4 seasons and they never made it to the finals. This leaves fans devastated. Many characters are on the verge of graduating after the 3 years timespan of the series before even making it further in the tournaments. When the Spring Nationals ended, Kageyama, Hinata, Yamaguchi, and Tsukishima were already thrid-yeat students.

Many characters are on the verge of graduating
Many characters are on the verge of graduating

Kamomedai vs Karasuno winner?

Karasuno lost when they faced Kamomedai in chapters between 338 and 367. The score was:

  • First round: 20-25
  • Second round: 25-22
  • Third round: 23-25

What chapter does Karasuno lose in Nationals?

Karasuno lost in chapter 367 when they were competing for the quarterfinals position in the Nationals. Their rival team was Kamomedai.

Who Won The Nationals In Haikyuu?

If Karasuno didn’t win the Nationals, who did? Check out some of the biggest wins and losses during the Nationals in Haikyuu.

Who won the Nationals in Haikyuu season 4?

Itachiyama won 2-1 over Fukurodani and became the winner of the Nationals in season 4.

Did Fukurodani win Nationals?

No, Fukurodani lost to Itachiyama in the final battle.

Did Itachiyama win Nationals?

Yes, they won the Nationals against Fukurodani. However, it was somewhat surprising because the team wasn’t introduced much.

Who did Fukurodani lose to in Nationals?

Fukurodani lost to Itachiyama in the Nationals. It’s undeniable that Fukurodani is a strong team. But luck just plays around with them sometimes. Nevertheless, Itachiyama has excellent blockers. So it’s not that surprising that they make it to the final list and win.

Fukurodani lost to Itachiyama in the Nationals
Fukurodani lost to Itachiyama in the Nationals

Does Hinata win Nationals?

Hinata’s team, Karasuno, never wins the Nationals. But, they have been making their way upward in the tournaments and have recovered their school honor and power in volleyball, like in the past. They made it to the semi-final and lost to Itachiyama. So, they ranked third nationally after all the hard work.

Did Kamomedai win Nationals?

No, Kamomedai lost to Fukurodani, who lost to Itachiyama in the Nationals. This is a big change compared to the manga because the teamed didn’t face each other in the Nationals. Instead, it was Ichibayashi that competed against Kamomedai. It’s unclear why the anime makes this change, as it doesn’t really affect the plotline. Should they have followed the original matches in the manga?

Did Shiratorizawa win Nationals?

It was briefly mentioned that the team won at least once under Ushiwaka’s father’s instructions.

Who Wins Spring Nationals Haikyuu?

Ichibayashi High defeated Fukurodani and Kamomedai to win the Spring Nationals. By far, Ichibayashi High is arguably the strongest volleyball team that ever appeared in the Haikyuu series.

Despite the lack of description and details about the members and their skill sets, statistics show they have had a high win strike, and their blockers are highly skilled. After all, they defeated Fukurōdani Academy and Kamomedai High!


Who won the Spring Interhigh Haikyuu?

In Season 3, episode 10, Karasuno, dubbed the “Fallen Rivals” and “Flightless Crows” in the past, beats Shiratorizawa 21-19. As a result, the team won the Spring Interhigh.

Who are Ichibayashi Haikyuu team members?

Ichibayashi is the team that won the 2013 Spring Nationals in Haikyuu. However, their members’ names are unknown.

Does Fukurodani beat Mujinazaka?

They defeated Mujinazaka in the quarterfinals of the 2013 Spring Tournament and finished as runners-up after falling to Ichibayashi High.

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