Full Details On Aphmau Controversy And Her Mystreet Series

Since 2017, people have been whispering about the Aphmau controversy and how her content and the way she treated people in the background production were ethically wrong. In this post, we will debunk all the reasons why this Youtuber received the hate in the first place.

Aphmau is accused of queerbaiting, inappropriate content that may result in abnormal behavior in children, and possible incest content. There are so many things wrong with Aphmau’s recent episodes. But, on the contrary, many fans still defend her, knowing that she has become a mother and she still appears as a sweet person all around. So, it boils down to each viewer’s moral standard to decide whether or not she is guilty of the crimes imposed on her.

Brief Summary Of Aphmau Controversy

Aphmau has been facing controversy due to her content, mostly. In her Youtube videos, viewers see her fetishizing male-on-male relationships and integrate an incestuous relationship into her content.

In her video series, viewers discovered Aphmau was Ein’s half-sibling. Why is this a problem? Because of the Emerald Secret of Mystreet, Ein had come to be transformed into a werewolf, and Aphmau showed happiness romantically.

Aphmau controversy
Aphmau controversy

Also, in the first season of Mystreet, viewers were excited to see how Katelyn would develop her gay relationship with possible characters, but nothing happened in the end.

Overall, her content quality has decreased, and there were problems with BluJay studio, which was in charge of voicing many characters on Aphmau’s animated videos. As a result, many staff members were fired and ended their relationship with the studio on bad terms.

What Did Aphmau Do?

How many inappropriate aspects has Aphmau brought into her videos? And what actions has she committed that made the community go wild? Here are some hot takes on the topic.

What did Aphmau do that was wrong 2021?

Aphmau has shown various problems with her content and career choices:

  • Shipping male-male and female-female characters in her series without making them canon. This is queer bating and fetishizing same-sex relationships.
  • Shipping adult-with-underage relationships. Aphmau is a freshman (underage) in the Mystreet series, and she makes many seniors in the series chase after her.
  • Making a controversial interaction between her and Ein characters, who are half brothers and sisters.
  • Decreased quality of content over time with a lot of plot holes and little characters’ development.
  • Promoting fursonas with her YouTube channel, which targets young audiences only.
  • Firing original voice actors that worked closely with her projects without much recognization (as confirmed by the voice actors themselves)

What did Aphmau do that was wrong 2022?

In 2022, Aphmau still follows the same plot choices, but they seem much less controversial than before. The problem with the ex staffs wasn’t mentioned. So, things have dialed down a lot, and she still has a good volume of followers. Hopefully, she doesn’t make any further mistakes and truly pays attention to her content.

Wrong content choices by Aphmau
Wrong content choices by Aphmau

Why did Aphmau get cancelled?

For various inappropriations in her content and how she treated her voice actors staff in BluJay, she was canceled a few years ago in 2016-2017. Now, she is already back in the game to make new videos.

Why do people hate Aphmau?

There are numerous reasons: queer baiting, describing relationships between adult seniors and her underage character, promoting fursonas in children, etc. There are so many things wrong with her content, even though she doesn’t come across as a bad person. She just made really poor choices for some of her content.

Why did Aphmau fire everyone?

Prior to the latest episode, Jessica and Jason (Aphmau and her real-life partner) sacked many members of their workforce at BluJay Studios, including veteran employees like Kamiwasa and Castor. Jessie Jane was also fired on a bad term, and she claimed that her experience working with Jessica and Jason gave her PTSD.

Why Did Aphmau Stop Roleplays?

So we know that her content isn’t exactly beneficial for many people. But what were the reasons behind her stopping making roleplays Minecraft videos? Was it because of her content’s harsh yet truthful critics at the time?

What happened to Aphmau’s roleplays?

“She no longer makes roleplays, which I understand is due to quarantine, but everyone else has returned to normal. She’s also receiving the same number of views as usual. She has no incentive to return to roleplaying.” is what a viewer has said. In 2022, she has come back with a POV video, not a roleplay video.

Aphmau comes back with new roleplay videos
Aphmau comes back with new roleplay videos

Why did Aphmau stop Mystreet?

In 2016, she published on Twitter about what was going on in her life. She was receiving a lot of hate in her videos, server, and other social media accounts. After that, she picked herself up after taking time off YouTube. Then, Covid happened, and she announced that she would release new roleplaying videos after the pandemic had gone for good.

Why did Aphmau change her content?

After the pandemic, her content changed drastically. She made content purely for children now, as adult viewers have noticed and criticized her choices too much.

Will Aphmau do roleplays again?

She said she would, and in 2022, we can find new roleplaying videos of Aphmau using the Minecraft platform. But the content doesn’t follow a particular plotline anymore. It’s more POV.

Does Aphmau Deserve All The Hate?

With how things were before 2020, we can say that the hate was very logical. Her content really was very problematic, and it promoted wrong concepts. As in 2022, there are still things that come across as questionable.

Kids who watch her videos are likely to start behaving weirdly, howling and roaring all the time around the house, as stated by many YouTube users with siblings that watch Aphmau.

The YouTuber should definitely be held accountable for her content choices. But, we also believe in redemption. So, hopefully, she will come back with more quality animation and roleplaying videos.

Aphmau Roleplay Series In Order

Aphmau roleplay series in order
Aphmau roleplay series in order

This is Mystreet series in order:

  1. My Street Phoenix Drop High
  2. My Street Phoenix Drop High Season 2
  3. Phoenix Drop High: Graduation Days
  4. Falcon Claw University
  5. The Big Move
  6. My Street Season 1
  7. My Street Season 2
  8. Side Series


Her video series Mystreet on YouTube was very famous. It used Minecraft as a base, and Aphmau created a good storyline from scratch.

Will Aphmau do roleplays again 2022?

We are at 50/50. Even though Mystreet roleplay videos brought her the fame she has today, she is too busy with the children. Besides, the current content she is making already generates more or less the same benefits as her old video. So there isn’t a good reason she will turn back to roleplays.

Is Aphmau problematic?

Yes, quite. Her content has been leaving viewers with an icky feeling. Also, some children have exhibited strange behavior after watching her video for a long time. For example, they start to growl or roar like animals, which is something Aphmau promotes heavily in her content.

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