Blue Exorcist Season 3: What You May Not Know

The Blue Exorcist season 3 has been eagerly anticipated by fans for a long time now. We’ve been waiting for the news since the end of season 2, but unfortunately, there has been no update as of yet. Nevertheless, there is much speculation that a third season will arrive sometime in 2022. The only thing that is certain is that it will be coming out sooner or later. But what can we expect from the third season? After researching, we have found some interesting things for you to discover. Let’s scroll down now!

The announcement of Season 3 of Blue Exorcist has not yet been made; however, before giving up hope, consider the anime’s timeframe and some airings about it. 

Will Blue Exorcist Season 3 Come Out? 

A cut from Blue Exorcist season 2 trailer
A cut from Blue Exorcist season 2 trailer

The Blue Exorcist shonen manga is written and illustrated by Kazue Kato. It started publishing in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine in April 2009, and as of July 2022, 27 volumes had been released.

The Blue Exorcist anime television series, which is based on the same-named manga, was introduced on Jump SQ’s website on November 27, 2010. The cartoon was created by Studio A-1 Pictures, which also served as director and producer under Tensai Okamura. As a result, the 25-episode television series, which broadcast on MBS and TBS from April 17 through October 2, 2011, made its debut one week later than anticipated.

The second season, titled Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, has 12 extra episodes and was broadcast in Japan from January 7 to March 25, 2017, after midnight (and hence the day of television prior to that). Other members of the production team, including director Kichi Hatsumi, also differed significantly.

The good news is that the Blue Exorcist anime’s uncertain future is not a result of a lack of desire or material. However, it would be fascinating to see if there is enough interest for a continuation of the series, given how well-liked it was before making any conclusive assumptions about its potential future.

Despite the hiatuses, the manga has been performing exceptionally well, and the program’s first two seasons received fantastic ratings from the fanbase. However, it has been a while, and there haven’t been any updates on the show’s future.

Blue Exorcist season 3 release date

There hasn’t been an official announcement about Blue Exorcist season 3 yet. If the production proceeds successfully, the third season could very easily be announced sometime in 2022, going by trends seen in relation to previous anime shows. However, as of right present, analysts anticipate its release in January 2023.

Just have to wait and see, I guess. Watch out for “A-1 Pictures,” especially on their official social media accounts.

The COVID-19 epidemic, the implementation of lockdown procedures, and how it has generally affected many entertainment business sectors could possibly be blamed for the delay.

Blue Exorcist season 3 trailer

Because a third season hasn’t been confirmed for 2022, there isn’t a trailer for Blue Exorcist season 3 or season 4 to view.

The Blue Exorcist movie trailer, on the other hand, is shown here. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should.

Expected Plot & Cast of Blue Exorcist Season 3

While we are discussing the possibility of renewal, we are aware that there is a great deal of content that is adequate for the third season of Blue Exorcist. So let’s continue reading, and you can learn more about some theories and predicted cast related to the next season in the following lines. 

The Theories

Even if the third season of Blue Exorcist is being discussed, we are aware that there is already enough content to fill it. Like Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, it took a while to amass enough content to fill the second season to its fullest potential.

Rin and her companions will be battling the Illuminati, an organization headed by Lucifer, the King of Light, in the third season if the anime series stays true to the manga. The planet will be overrun by demons and zombies when they revive Satan. The manga’s readers would know that Sabutota Todou belongs to this group.

The Gehenna Gate, a gateway between the two worlds, will also be created during season 3. The Illuminati built the gate on the site of the former Russian nuclear plant. They tried to compel the engine to run right but were unsuccessful. The Exorcists were the only people who had a chance to stop the portal from opening. They sadly fell short, though.

Assiah and Gehenna originally lived in a single realm, according to the devils. In order to create a single, cohesive reality once more, the Illuminati will once again combine the two realms. They will need to conduct a number of experiments to achieve this. Only Rin and his twin brother can stop that annoyance.


Mephisto Pheles
Mephisto Pheles

Because season 3 of Blue Exorcist is still a secret, then I just mention the main characters that will appear in this anime. 

CharacterVoice Actor
Rin OkumuraNobuhiko Okamoto
KuroAyahi Takagaki
Yukio OkumuraJun Fukuyama
AmaimonTetsuya Kakihara
Mephisto PhelesHiroshi Kamiya
Shura KirigakureRina Satou


How many Blue Exorcist volumes are there?

In Japan, 27 volumes of the Blue Exorcist manga series have been published as of February 2022. Yukio, Rin’s brother, is also the subject of a spin-off manga. In April 2020, the spin-off manga ended.

How many seasons of Blue Exorcist are there?

There are two seasons of this anime. In its first season, there were 25 episodes, and in its second season, there were 12 episodes, both aired from January to March 2017.

How many episodes of Blue Exorcist?

Over the course of two seasons, there have been over 37 episodes in the anime series Blue Exorcist. 

Is Blue Exorcist over?

The Blue Exorcist hiatus finally came to an end now the Ao no Exorcist manga is resuming serialization after a 9-month long break. This halt in serialization by the writer and illustrator of the manga, Kazue Kato, began in July 2021. The manga was expected to return in April 2022.


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