How Many Goals Has Ronaldo Scored: 815 Goals and More

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers of all time. He has scored hundreds of goals for club and country and shows no signs of slowing down. But just how many goals has Ronaldo scored in his career? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Ronaldo’s goal tally and see just how impressive it is.

Cristiano Ronaldo has set goalscoring records throughout his career. His last hat trick was in Manchester United’s 3-2 win over Tottenham on March 12, 2021. This was Ronaldo’s first hat trick since returning to United in 2021, and it catapulted him to the top of FIFA’s career goals list. He scored six more Premier League goals in 2021-22 and two more in 2022-23 for Portugal to reach 815.

How Many Goal Has Ronaldo Scored In His Career

How Many Goals Has Ronaldo Scored In Season 2021/2022

Cristiano Statistics at Manchester United 2021/2022:

Premier League183030.56
FA Cup0000
Carabao Cup0000
Champions League6700.86

We examine the numbers and stats of Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals scored throughout his entire career as a soccer player. His beginnings with Sporting de Portugal, his move to the Premier League with Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, his signing with Real Madrid, which marked the beginning of his most fruitful period, and his subsequent move to Juventus in Turin were all crucial stages in his career. In addition, we will look into the impressive statistics carried by the ‘7’ position for the Portugal National Team, where he continues to build upon his already legendary status.

How Many Goals Has Ronaldo Scored For Real Madrid?

The league311292
Champions League105101
Copa del Rey2230
European Super Cup22
Club World Cup66
Spain Supercup47

During his time with Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo cemented his place in soccer lore and became a legend. A strong sense of ambition, character, and quality, in addition to many, many goals. The ideal combination of ingredients will propel the white team to the pinnacle of world football, where they will win all four Champions League titles and shatter every club record. He surpassed Di Stefano and Rau Gonzalez, which would have been unimaginable in 2008.

The head-to-head competition with Lionel Messi in LaLiga over the past ten years has been a constant, forcing both players to have better seasons.

How Many Goals Has Ronaldo Scored For Juventus Turin?

A series8198
Champions League1421
Coppa Italy49
Italian Super Cup23

Every moment from the past was superior, and this is especially true when we consider Cristiano Ronaldo’s career after he left Real Madrid. His new objective is to maintain his position as the top player in Serie A while competing for the title of “Vecchia Signora.” However, his numbers continue to be astonishing (he is considered one of the best center forwards in the world).

Cristiano Ronaldo Goals With Sporting De Portugal ?

Primeira League325
UCL + UEL 03
National cups23

His first professional game, which he played for Sporting Portugal, was a showcase for him all over the world. The youthful Portuguese winger only needed one season to win the hearts of the Lisbon supporters by dazzling them with his dribbles, spills, and goals. Despite the fact that the Portuguese First Division is not at the same level as the leading European leagues, the club’s debut in the division allowed it to stand out and draw the attention of the greatest clubs from around the continent.

How Many Goals Has Ronaldo Scored For Portugal?


It might be argued that Cristiano Ronaldo is the historical figure and the team’s main icon for the Portuguese squad right now. Portugal was named the champion of Europe and went on to win the Confederations Cup because of its unrelenting quest for championships. An adamant number to reach the level of national teams, the “7” of Portugal has scored more than 100 goals in his scoring records.

Cristiano Ronaldo 50 Legendary Goals Impossible To Forget

How Many Assists Does Ronaldo Have?

Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has provided 273 assists in his career, which is an impressive feat considering he is primarily known as a goalscorer. Of those 273 assists, 42 have come in the UEFA Champions League, which is a competition record. In the domestic league, Ronaldo has provided a total of 128 assists (Updated, 16 Aug 2022)

See real-time statistic of Ronaldo’s Assists in the UEFA in

Ronaldo has always been a creative player, often coming up with assists for his teammates rather than scoring himself. This was evident early on in his career at Manchester United, where he provided 12 assists in his debut season. In the following years, he would go on to provide 19 and 21 assists in the Premier League, respectively.

It is clear that Ronaldo is a team player and not just a goalscorer. His ability to provide assists is one of the many reasons why he is considered to be one of the greatest footballers of all time.


How Many Goals Has Ronaldo Scored Last Season 2021 / 2022?

Cristiano Ronaldo ended the previous season as the leading scorer in Serie A with 29 goals in 33 games. He dispelled any fears that he might slow down on his return to Old Trafford by scoring two goals in his first game back with United by scoring two goals in his first game back. The fans of Manchester United will be holding out hope that the phenomenon that is Portugal can contribute to the team’s qualification for the Champions League this season.

How Many Goals Has Messi Scored In His Entire Career?

According to the work of Argentine journalist Roy Nemer, Lionel Messi has already amassed 1100 goal contributions for his brilliant career. Messi has racked up 769 goals, and 331 assists in 974 total matches. (Update 6 Jun 2022)
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