How Much Do Tattoos Cost In Spain?: Price-Value Correlation

How much do tattoos cost in Spain? This post will give you the most objective overview of the tattoo price in the country of bull-fighting. Despite sharing the same technique and tools, tattoo prices can vary a lot depending on each country for many reasons.

The most logical answer is that it depends on the tattoo’s size and the artist’s prestige. But, the minimum price for a small tattoo in Spain should cost at least 25 euros. We have checked with many studios, and not even that many offer such low prices. The average for a small one usually runs around 40 euros. Find out more details about the tattoo price below!

How Much Are Tattoos In Spain?

Here is everything we know about the tattoo prices in Spain.

Are tattoos cheaper in Spain?

Compared to the price of tattoos in the US, the price in Spain is significantly lower. Also, artists usually calculate the final price by the size and the level of details that the tattoo idea has, not the hourly wage that US artists usually charge. In Spain, a small tattoo can cost 35-60 euros. The price usually is double in the US, varying from 50 to 100 dollars.

In Spain, a small tattoo can cost 35-60 euros
In Spain, a small tattoo can cost 35-60 euros

Tattoo Barcelona prices

The tattoo prices in Barcelona are slightly higher than in most other cities in Spain. A small tattoo in black ink costs an average of 60 euros. The bigger the tattoo, the higher the price. If you decide to get a colorful tattoo, this should also add up to the final cost.

Some tattoo studios charge prices hourly, the same as in the US. These usually are high-quality spots with very skilled artists. The hourly wage can cost 100-120 dollars or euros.

Tattoo prices in Madrid Spain

The tattoo prices in Madrid are on the same average level as the entire country. A small one should cost 35 euros or a tad higher. Some say that cheap tattoos mean low-quality final products, but that isn´t always the case. Investigating the artist beforehand should work perfectly fine.

Tattoo Benidorm prices

In Benidorm, the tattoo prices are the same as in Madrid. But remember that you must be over 18 to get a tattoo legally.

Also, think about the activity and the weather of Benidorm when you visit the place. A tattoo must heal in a clean environment with the slightest sweat possible. So choosing the suitable month to get a tattoo is crucial. Benidorm also is a beach city. So, having a tattoo will be tricky if you want to hit the coast.

How much is a small tattoo in Spain?

A small tattoo in Spain costs an average of 35-45 euros. Of course, there are places where you can get one for a lower price (25 euros minimum), but it is not easy to encounter studios that charge so little. Mostly, you can get cheap tattoos in places that don’t have high customer traffic and are offering promotions.

I once encountered a small tattoo in Seville, Spain, and they charged 25 euros for a mini tattoo. Other than this small shop, I found it impossible to come across an address that charged less, given the income of the citizens on average.

Do you tip tattoo artists in Spain?

Yes, it´s quite usual to tip tattoo artists in Spain. But, the tipping culture is not as heavy in this beautiful country, so you aren´t expected to spend a luxurious amount to compliment the artist. In fact, most won´t complain at all, even if you don’t tip them.

Tattoo Price List

An example of tattoo price list in England
An example of tattoo price list in England

The tattoo price list depends on the colors and size you pick for your piece. Here is a general price list that you can use as a guideline, but keep in mind that it can stray very far from the real price of your target studio or artist:

Blackwork tattoos:

  • Small: 35 – 55 euros/ dollars
  • Medium: 60 – 90 euros/ dollars
  • Big: 95 – 150 euros/ dollars

Colored tattoos:

  • Small: 55 – 100 euros/ dollars
  • Medium: 80 – 150 euros/ dollars
  • Big: 200 – 300 euros/ dollars

Tattoo Prices Europe

In Europe, a tattoo artist will charge 150 euros/ hour. Highly regarded tattoo artists with lengthy waiting lists usually will charge from $200 to $500 per hour. The prices are typically higher if you choose to get your tattoo done in Paris (French), Netherlands, Switzerland, or Italy.

In short, if you look at the income of the citizens of a country, you can roughly paint a picture of the tattoo price in that nation.

In Europe, a tattoo artist will charge 150 euros/ hour
In Europe, a tattoo artist will charge 150 euros/ hour


What are the cheapest countries for tattoos?

The cheapest countries to get tattoos usually are in Asia. Vietnam is one of the most inexpensive places I have gone to to get a tattoo. The price depends on the size and the number of details of the tattoo itself. They don’t charge in hours.

Can I go abroad if I have a tattoo?

Yes, you can. Many people with tattoos have traveled around the world. Tattoos should only be a problem if you are applying for something more serious that has to deal with the Immigration Department.

How much does a full body of tattoos cost?

It can cost a few dozen or even hundreds of thousand if the quality of the piece is good. It depends on how much each artist wants to charge.

Are bigger tattoos more expensive?

Yes, the size of a tattoo decides the amount of time and material an artist has to spend to complete the work. So a big tattoo is logically more expensive than a small one.

Final Thoughts

So, if you want to get a tattoo in Spain, you should expect to pay at least 35 euros if you plan to get a small one. Getting a colored tattoo will inevitably cost more, at least 55 euros. Not all inexpensive studios are bad. All you have to do is get to know the artist’s previous work.

Hopefully, this answers your question, “how much do tattoos cost in Spain?”

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