How Tall Is Bob The Minion? – The Cute Bob King Height In The Minions

If you want to know the height of Bob in Minions, this article will help you by providing the answer to the question “How tall is Bob the Minion?”

The height of Bob the minion is revealed to be 3 feet (~91.44 cm), which is shorter than the average height of a minion.

How Tall Is Bob The Minion? – Illustrated Estimation

In the main minion trio of the Despicable franchise, Bob is the shortest one. In the image below, he might be about 1 inch shorter than Stuart, the one-eyed minion.

With a height of about 91.44 cm, he is even shorter than an average minion. The average height of minions is revealed to be about 3 feet 7 inches (101 cm).

From right to left: Bob, Stuart, Kevin
From right to left: Bob, Stuart, Kevin

Who is Bob the minion?

Bob is a short two-eyed, and bald Minion. He is also heterochromatic with a brown eye and a green eye. He often carries around his own brown teddy bear, which is named Tim and has yellow buttoned eyes.

Bob first appears in the credits of Despicable Me 2, where he and Kevin and Stuart are auditioning for the prequel movie Minions. Bob was also the only Minion wanting to join Kevin’s journey. After pleading with Kevin, he was recruited to be a part of the team.

Bob the minion’s personality

Bob is a shorter, more childish, playful, and immature minion than the others. In the Minions film, he is characterized as a “Little Brother” who finds love in everything, including a rat he found in a sewer. He also named it Poochy. He loves bedtime stories and playing with Tim, his teddy bear.  He is mischievous, annoys Kevin, and even tries to attack a butterfly.

Is Bob the shortest minion?

Yes, Bob is known as the shortest minion.

Many fans of the Despicable franchise also see Bob as the cutest minion. In the movies, we can see that he carries his teddy bear along with him all the time. His voice is also like a little baby since it has a slightly higher pitch than the other minions.

How Tall Are Kevin, Stuart & Tim The Minions?

Kevin the minion’s height

The height of Kevin is later revealed to be 5 feet 7 inches (~170 cm)

Kevin is known to be the unofficial leader of the minions, which is clearly stated in the prequel movie “Minions.” In the prequel, Kevin recruited Stuart and Bob to be with him on an adventure to find a new boss.

To know how it is possible to estimate how tall Kevin the minion is, read “How Tall Is Kevin The Minion In Feet & Cm?

Tim the minion’s height

Tim minion is described to be around 4 feet 4 inches (~1.3 m) tall. He is the minion having the same appearance as Kevin’s: a two-eyed minion with a slim and tall body and sprout-cut hair. He is often seen dressed as a father and sometimes wears a mustache.

The height of Tim the minion
The height of Tim the minion

Stuart the minion’s height

Stuart is a one-eyed minion who is also in the main minion trio of the franchise. He has a height of around 3 feet 1 inch (~94 cm). He is mischievous and does not follow the rules. If Kevin is a rule maker, Stuart will be the rule breaker.

Who is the tallest minion?

According to the mentioned information, Kevin will be the tallest minion with a height of 5 feet 7 inches. He is even taller than the youngest daughter of Mr. Gru, whose height is bout 3 feet 7 inches.

How Tall Are Kids Of Mr.Gru?

Mr.Gru has three adopted kids: Margo Gru, Edith Gru, and Agnes Gru. Margo is the oldest, and Agnes is the youngest. Their height can be described as follows.

  • The height of Margo Gru is about 7 feet (~213.36 cm) since she appears to be Gru’s waist height in a scene of Despicable Me 3.
  • Edith Gru’s height could be around 6 feet 7 inches (~203.36 cm) because she appears to be Margo’s ears height in some scenes. So, she may be 10 cm shorter than Margo.
  • The youngest child, Agnes Gru, is about 3 feet 7 inches (~110 cm) tall, which is the same as an average minion’s.


How much is Felonious Gru’s height?

According to YouTuber Slazo, Mr. Gru is around 14 feet (~426.72 cm) tall. In a poster, Gru’ height is calculated to be equal to the total height of 3-4 minions.

How tall is Lucy Wilde from Despicable Me?

Lucy is about 14.8 feet (~451.1 cm) tall since she is confirmed to be taller than Gru. In the movie, she appears to be a half head taller than Gru.

Who is the cutest Minion?

To me, Bob is the cutest minion ever! He is the youngest and shortest minion with a slightly high pitch. And he loves bedtime stories.

how tall is el macho from despicable me?

El Macho appears to be tall to Gru’s shoulder, so he may be 20 cm shorter than Gru. Thus, Macho would be about 13 feet 34 inches (~406.72 cm) tall.

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