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If you want to know the height of Minion Kevin in the Despicable Me franchise, you can find it here! This article will give the answer to your question, “How Tall Is Kevin The Minion In Feet & Cm?”

And remember that it is cartoon world and everything can happen!

Kevin is taller than most of the minions, and his height was revealed to be about 5 feet 7 inches, equal to 1.7 m or 170 cm.

How Tall Is Kevin The Minion? – Illustrated Estimation

We are going to see how it can be that Minion Kevin reach that impressive height.

I have googled the average height of a minion, and many sources, including Wikipedia, showed that an average minion’s height is about 3 feet 7 inches, equal to 1.1 m. But, in the movies, we see that Kelvin is tall than most of the rest.

Kevin (center) is taller than most of the minions
Kevin (center) is taller than most of the minions

Besides, it is likely that Kevin stand up to the shoulder of Margo Gru, who is the oldest daughter of Mr. Gru and is said to have a height of around 7 feet (~2.1m). So, it makes sense that Kevin can reach 5 feet 7 inches (~1.7 m) tall.

Minion Kevin and Margo (brown-hair girl)
Minion Kevin and Margo (brown-hair girl)

Who is Kevin the minion?

Kelvin is of the protagonists of the Despicable Me franchise of Illumination entertainment. He is the slim, tall, and two-eyed minion type. He also has sprout-cut hair and usually wears golf apparel.

Kevin has his first appearance in Despicable Me 2 and becomes a notable minion, along with minions Bob and Stuart. He is the unofficial leader of the minions, which is clearly stated in the prequel movie “Minions.” In the prequel, Kevin recruited Stuart and Bob to be with him on an adventure to find a new boss.

Kevin the minion personality

Kevin is described as a minion that enjoys teasing other people or minions. In Despicable Me 2, when Kevin and Jerry were asked to watch the Gru’s daughters, he made fun of Jerry and teased him for being a coward. Besides, Kevin has a sense of humor and loves playing golf polo and cricket. He also cares about the well-being of the Minion tribe.

Height Of Other Notable Characters In Despicable Me 

How tall is Bob the minion?

Bob is a short, two-eyed eye minion that is one of the main minions in the franchise. He is about 3 feet (~91.44 cm) which is shorter than the average height for minions.

Read “How Tall Is Bob The Minion In Feet & Cm?” to know more about Bob and his height.

How tall is Stuart the minion?

Stuart is a one-eyed minion who is also in the main minion trio of the franchise. He has a height of around 3 feet 1 inch (~94 cm). He is mischievous and does not follow the rules. If Kevin is a rule maker, Stuart will be the rule breaker.

How tall is Tim the minion?

Tim has a similar appearance to Kevin. He is described to be around 4 feet 4 inches (~1.3 m) tall. He was last seen in the Despicable Me 3, in a cop costume at the wedding of Gru and Lucy.

Minion Tim in a white costume with a hat
Minion Tim in a white costume with a hat

Who is the shortest minion?

The shortest minion has turned out to be Bob (~91.44 cm). Formerly, the shortest minion was Stuart. Bob is a very cute and childish minion with a slightly higher pitch than the others. He is also heterochromatic with two different eye colors: green and brown.

Who is the tallest minion?

According to the height information provided above, Kevin turns out to be the tallest minion; meanwhile, Tim’s height is in second place.

How tall is Felonious Gru’s family?

Felonious Gru, aka Mr. Gru, is the current Boss (Master) of the Minions. He married Lucy Wilde and had three adopted daughters: Margo Gru, Edith Gru, and Agnes Gru. Margo is the oldest child, and Agnes is the youngest.

The height of each member of Mr. Gru’s family can be described as follows:

  • Mr. Gru’s height: about 14 feet (~426.72 cm). In a poster, his height is calculated to be equal to the total height of 3-4 minions, according to youtuber Slazo.
  • Lucy Wilde’s height: about 14.8 feet (~451.1 cm). She is confirmed to be taller than Gru by a half head.
  • Margo Gru’s height: about 7 feet (~213.36 cm). She is observed to be tall to Gru’s waist in a scene of Despicable Me 3.
  • Edith Gru’s height: about 6 feet 7 inches (~203.36 cm). In the movie, she appears to be tall to Margo’s ears, so she may be 10-cm shorter than Margo.
  • Agnes Gru’s height: about 3 feet 7 inches (~110 cm). She has the height the same as a minion’s.


How old is the minion?

They have existed for 60 million years. So, they are the oldest characters in the Despicable Me franchise.

How tall is El Macho from Despicable Me?

El Macho appears to be about Gru’s shoulder height, so he may be 20 cm shorter than Gru. His height can be around 13 feet 34 inches (~406.72 cm).

How did El Macho survive the volcano?

The movie did not show how we cannot know exactly how he survived after jumping into the volcano. Maybe he did not take that jump or bring a special device for protection. That’s all we can guess.

Why did El Macho fake his death?

When Gru found Macho’s secret lab, he confessed his fake death: “I merely faked my death, ha, ha!” He also said: “now it’s time for me to return to evil!”
So, Malco has evil plans, and faking his death is a great way to prepare for it without the world’s police running after him.

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