How To Become A Brand Ambassador For Shein? (Shein Campus Ambassador, Model, Influencers And More)

Shein is an e-commerce platform that sells fashionable items. This post explains how to become a brand ambassador for Shein. We provide a step-by-step guide to help you achieve your goals.

In a nutshell, to become a brand ambassador, you will go through the following steps

  1. Become familiar with Shein’s brand and product line
  2. Create a social media account
  3. Submit a profile
  4. Wait for a response

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Shein Brand Ambassador

What is Shein brand ambassador? 

Shein brand ambassadors are individuals who represent the brand and demonstrate its values.

Brand ambassadors are an essential part of the company’s marketing strategy because they can help in increasing brand awareness and helping in boosting sales by promoting the company.

What does a Shein ambassador do?

This person is in charge of promoting and communicating the brand to consumers and other important target audiences. Also, ambassadors provide feedback on consumer preferences and need to brands.

Shein ambassador requirements

To apply for Shein’s ambassador program, you need to have at least 5,000 followers on social media. That means that nano-influencers can’t become Shein’s ambassador, but SHEIN does accept micro-influencers.

You can apply to become an ambassador if you meet the following conditions.

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a public Instagram account
  • There must be a passion for fashion in your ability to provide creative content

How to become a brand ambassador for Shein?

The company is always hunting for fashion-savvy individuals to become SHEIN’s brand ambassadors. You will likely excel at becoming a company ambassador if you have a strong social media presence combined with a passion for fashion. 

Here’s how to get started:

1. Become familiar with Shein’s brand and product line

Getting familiar with the brand and products of the company is a must before applying. You will have to spend some time browsing through the website and taking note of the types of clothes and the styles you like. 

2. Create a social media account

To promote the company’s products, their ambassadors use social media. In case you do not have an account on any social media sites, you should create one by using your name and contact details. It could help the company get to know you better if you include your age, where you live, and your interests. 

3. Submit a profile

The ambassadors are selected based on multiple factors including their social media presence, fashion sense, and overall personality.

Submit a profile on the website that includes a short bio, a link to your social media account, and a photo of yourself. 

4. Wait for a response

You will receive an email from SHEEN with further information after the company reviews your application and if you are approved. As soon as you are approved, you can promote the company on your social media channels and website and enjoy the benefits of being their ambassador.

Do Shein ambassadors get paid?

As the ambassador has contributed to promoting the company’s products and services, they will surely be paid by Shein.

Shein ambassador pay is sent to the ambassadors monthly for their efforts in promoting Shein’s products and services.

What is the Shein ambassador program?

Shein’s ambassador program is designed to reward loyal customers by offering them the chance to become ambassadors.

A member of the ambassador program receives exclusive benefits, such as early access to sales, exclusive products, and a discount code that you can use whenever you want.

When do we receive Shein ambassador email?

A Shein ambassador email is an email sent to individuals who have been selected to become ambassadors for the brand.  
Through e-mail, the individuals are informed of their new status in the company and given information on how to spread the word about the company to their friends and followers.

Shein Campus Ambassador

What is a Shein campus ambassador?

Shein Campus Ambassador Program collaborated with college students to create brand awareness for students. As a brand, Shein majorly caters to students as their target audience. This was the key insight behind roping in students as ambassadors.

How to be a Shein campus ambassador?

What is Shein campus ambassador program?

The Shein campus ambassador program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to bring the brightest and boldest college students together throughout the US, sharing their love of Shein. 

This program not only recognizes this specific passion within students but also initiates meaningful discussions and opportunities regarding fashion careers within the industry and networking opportunities. 

This program is for Us only. So, if you don’t stay in the united states, you will not be able to apply for this program or use the reference code at all.

Shein Model

How to become a Shein model?

Currently, Shein scouts models through social media. Influencers can also become models for Shein.

To become a Shein model, you don’t have to be a model. Shein does not have a “look” in fact, the models they feature on the website are regular people. Models can range from 16-50 years old.

There are many products on the Shein online store, which features models of all colors, looks, sizes, and shapes. Many models on the Shein website are scouted through popular social media such as TikTok.

How much does Shein pay their models?

A model at SheIn can expect to earn an average hourly wage of $36. A model’s base pay is $17 per hour. Additional pay is estimated to be $19 per hour. Additional pay could include cash bonuses, tips, commissions, and profit-sharing.

Shein Influencer

How to become a Shein influencer?

To offer yourself as a Shein influencer, you must send them a message. You will receive an email from them telling you all the requirements they need and asking you to provide them with your social media profiles.

If you want to be eligible to participate, keep in mind that you must have approximately 1000 followers or subscribers on your account. You should let Shein know which product you are interested in reviewing when you contact them. Once the product is sent, you will have a particular time to post the review.

The post should link to Shein’s website, and you also have to mention Shein in the image’s description. When you post a photo or review, you must send Shein an email to let them know you have done it.

Does Shein pay influencers?

Influencers don’t receive commissions per sale but get free Shein garments instead.


How to become Shein affiliate?

It is free to join and easy to sign up for the affiliate program of Shein. You can join the affiliate program by simply visiting the Shein website and creating a Shein account. After you have created an account, click on the “affiliate” tab on the top menu bar and select “become an affiliate.” When you apply to become an affiliate, they will review your information and let you know if you have been accepted.

Do influencers get free stuff?

There’s a well-established agreement between Shein and influencers: Shein sends free products, and influencers post about them on Instagram.

Is Shein shipping free on Sundays?

Yes. On Sundays, SHEIN offers free shipping randomly. Usually, free shipping is offered on Sundays and in skipped hours. There will be a pop-up on both websites and the Shein app. During this time, all customers can receive free shipping without having to apply any code to their orders.

How to get sponsored by Shein?

Shein is an exciting platform that allows customers to try new clothes free of charge and review the items currently on the Shein site. They will send you free clothing for your honest review of the overall experience, including quality, fit, fabric, and construction.

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