Who Died On Appalachian Outlaws? What Happened To The Show?

Appalachian Outlaw is an interesting reality TV show about ginseng hunting. However, it does not receive much attention as it should. Despite that, if you have seen this show before, you will certainly enjoy it and learn more about it.

It should come as no surprise that very few websites related to the TV Show Appalachian Outlaws exist. So, it is my hope that here on this blog we will be able to create resources for this show.

One of the questions that many people watching the TV show ask on social media is “Who died on Appalachian Outlaws?”. As far as I research on self-reported accounts found on social media, there has only one has passed away. He is Corbet L. “The General” Patton.

To answer this question, I scoured the internet to gather the following information, and below is what I came up with. Keep reading for more detailed answers.

About Appalachian Outlaws TV Show

As the name indicates, Appalachian Outlaws is an American reality television series that focuses on the activities of ginseng harvesters in the forests that surround the Appalachian Mountains, where ginseng is traditionally harvested. The first episode of the series premiered on January 9, 2014, on the History channel.

What channel is Appalachian Outlaws on?

Appalachian Outlaws is premiered on The History Channel. It is available to watch and stream now on Apple TV, Prime Video, HISTORY, VUDU, Philo, Vudu Movie & TV Store, or Pluto TV.

How many seasons does Appalachian Outlaws have?

Appalachian Outlaws has two seasons total.

Appalachian Outlaws premiered on January 9, 2014 with the episode “Dirty Money,” the first episode of the first season. The remaining five episodes were launched at an interval of seven days in 2014. The 1st season of Appalachian Outlaws last aired on February 13, 2014. In the end, all six episodes of Appalachian Outlaws were well received by the audience.

In light of the first season’s success, the second season was also created within a short period. “Root Awakening” was the title of the first episode of the second season of Appalachian Outlaws. The second season premiere was ushered in on February 2, 2015 with the launch of this episode.

Is Appalachian Outlaws for real?

The show “Appalachian Outlaws” is an American reality television series that follows the activities and exploits of ginseng harvesters operating in the forests surrounding the Appalachian Mountains. However, there are some parts of the show which were scripted ad-libbed, and heavily edited. There is nothing strange about this, as it happens on every reality TV show out there.

Who Died On Appalachian Outlaws?

Up to now, Corbet L. “The General” Patton, a part of the Appalachian Outlaws show who buys ginseng, is the only one who has died.

He passed away at age 80, of Smoot with his family by his side on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, at Greenbrier Valley Medical Center in Fairlea. He died of a short illness.

Is Greg Shook from Appalachian Outlaws still alive?

There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding the question: “Is Greg Shook Dead?”.  It seems to link to an obituary written in 2015 about a clean-shaven man named Gregory Greg Eugene Shook from North Carolina. That made many fans bewildered that he had passed away

To be clear, I don’t think Greg is dead, he is still alive. It is true that the man mentioned in the obituary looks quite similar to the Outlaw’s Shook and has a name that is almost identical to that of the men who appeared on the show, but he is not the character.

In addition, Our Greg Shook still maintained his Facebook page in 2019, and he also got married that year. In some snooping on the page of his wife’s Facebook account, I found a few pictures of Greg that were dated into the year 2020. However, nothing was posted in the following months. It is impossible to tell for certain what Greg’s current status is, but we can at least say that he did not pass away in 2015.

What Happened To Appalachian Outlaws?

To date, there are only two seasons of Appalachian Outlaws. After the first two seasons’ success, fans also expect the third season. On the internet, there are lots of questions about “Is Appalachian Outlaws cancelled?” or ” Will there be another season of Appalachian Outlaws?”

My answer to your questions is that Appalachian Outlaws has been canceled by History. Appalachian Outlaws Season 2 will be its final season. History has no plans for the next season, but anything can happen. 

The possibility of a Season 3

The show’s creator and star, Stephen Merchant, is open to the possibility of a Season 3 that could bring the characters back. A recent interview he gave to Radio Times revealed the following:
“I love the characters, I like the world. I don’t know how long you could believe that they’re still doing community service but I suppose it’s like Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, where they were always building a different house in different parts of the world.

So hopefully there’s a way to keep bringing them back, particularly as I love working with this cast and as I say, once you’ve created a world and you’ve got characters that you enjoy writing for you sort of want to keep on milking that cow.”

As the series has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, it will probably be renewed for a third season. The production of the third season of Appalachian Outlaws may also depend on the actors’ schedules and finding the perfect story idea to guarantee the show continues. As a result, it might be a little while before we see the show on our TV screens again.


Where is Appalachian Outlaws filmed?

Appalachian Outlaws was filmed in Nicholas, Monroe, Greenbrier, Wyoming and Raleigh counties.

How much is ginseng worth a pound in 2022?

US Ginseng roots are estimated to cost US$ 90.59 to US$ 95.55 per kilogram in 2022, or US$ 41.09 to US$ 43.34 per pound (lb).

Is Greg Shook’s Obituary real?

On the internet appear an obituary of a man named Greg Shook, similar to a cast’s name of Appalachian Outlaws. However, this Outlaws’s cast is still alive. They are two different individuals

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