How To Compliment A Girls Nails

How to compliment a girls nails is an easy task for people who enjoy taking care of their appearance and know about the process more or less. But for others who aren’t familiar with the subject, it may be complicated to comment on things they aren’t very interested in. This article will be your guide on how to compliment a girl’s nails, among other aspects of her personality and appearance.

Our trick is to keep things simple and efficient. The best way to impress her is to leave a short and positive compliment that can make her day. Elaborating a longer compliment might backfire if you aren’t close enough. Say things like:

  • I like your nails.
  • Nice nails!
  • Your nails look very pretty!
  • New nails? They look nice!

How To Compliment Her Nails

Keep it short and straightforward, and avoid elaborating further not to sound creepy if you don’t have a close relationship with the compliment-receiver. Say things like:

  • I like your nails.
  • Cute nails!
  • Your nail color looks nice!
  • Where did you get your nails done? They look nice/ cute/ pretty.
How to compliment her nails
How to compliment her nails

If you want to have a further conversation with the girl and the atmosphere seems right, you can compliment her nails and elaborate further, with the purpose of making the conversation longer. You can ask her where she got her nails done, maybe you can throw in that your sister/ mother/ friends like having their nails done too. Complimenting her nails is a good way to start the conversation.

When A Guy Notices Your Nails…

Men and women don’t understand each other. But there are some researches that tell what men think about some nail designs. Find out with us below.

Do guys notice manicures?

Yes, guys notice manicures, especially when you have a simple style and one day you decide to make a drastic change in style for them. Also, if you are bf/ gf or close friends, they can notice even if the nails are minimalist. That’s not always the case, though, because most guys don’t tend to pay attention to physical details when he is having a good time with a conversation.

Guys notice clean-looking nails
Guys notice clean-looking nails

What nail length do guys like?

Research has shown that men prefer short nails that grow barely past the fingertip. The look is clean and it makes the hand look naturally elegant.

As for the nail design, it depends a lot on the taste of each person. A guy can be impressed by elaborate nail design, but he can also appreciate simple-looking nude nails. Getting to know the style of the guy should tell what kind of design he would prefer.

What does it mean when a guy compliments your nails?

It simply means that he observes that you take care of yourselves. It’s very easy to notice when someone takes good care of their hair or nails since the look is much more sleek and healthy. It doesn’t have to mean anything further than that.

But, if you suspect that there is more to it, it’s wise to investigate further before jumping to a conclusion. If there is something going on between you and the guy before the event of compliment, this might be a sign that he is really interested in you.

Female Nails Pics

Here are some nails pictures, from simple to complicated. You can check them out!

Toe nails are simpler
Toenails are simpler
Galaxy nails were very in
Galaxy nails were very in
A simple nail design
A simple nail design
Nude nails are the best!
Nude nails are the best!
A girly design that compliments every skin tone
A girly design that compliments every skin tone
A simple yet modern nail design for Kylie Jenner
A simple yet modern nail design for Kylie Jenner


What does it mean when a girl shows you her nails?

It means that she just did something exciting and new and she wants to show you the result. If you are close, this is a normal action that is very casual between friends. But, if you aren’t that close, she might have caught feelings with you, but nothing too serious. Talk more and find out, don’t jump to a conclusion.

How do you compliment a girl on her looks?

You can say:
1. You look great today!
2. Your eyes are captivating.
3. The dress looks great on you.
4. Your hair looks like silk.
5. I love how elegant you look right now.
6. I have never seen anyone as beautiful.
7. Your smile is so enchanting.

How to compliment a girl on her smile?

You can make a girl’s day by complimenting her smile, here are some examples:
– Your smile lights up the room
– You have the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen
– I love seeing you smile
– Your smile lights up the room

How do you compliment a girl without her looks?

Compliment her personality or, even better, praise what she does. If she is working on a project or doing something artistic, you can always praise her results or the effort she puts into the work. This will show that you are on the same page with her about her idea, and no compliment is more satisfying or effective than this.

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