How To Reduce Mirror Vibration? (The Most Effective Ways)

Are you sick of having to contend with those motorcycle mirrors or truck mirrors that vibrate? There are a number of possible explanations for those hazy vibrating mirrors. 

Is it possible that the handlebar on your vehicle is the source of the vibrations? Or perhaps the mirror just needs to be tightened?

No matter what the circumstances are, you should know that you are not alone out there because this is a fairly typical problem that the majority of riders experience. Continue reading this article since it will discuss how to reduce mirror vibration.

What Causes Motorcycle Mirror Vibrations?

If you speed your motorcycle and feel as though it is vibrating excessively, you may have loose mirrors or the thread on their mounting points may be worn out. You might also need to examine the handlebar to see if there are any vibrations coming from it. In addition to that, you might need to inspect the engine’s bolts and plugs.

If you have just had maintenance performed on your bike, there is a good chance that something on it needs to have a bolt or nut tightened. But in most situations, this is a problem with older bikes. Additionally, pressure from the wind can be the culprit, and the housing for your mirror is not attached firmly to your handlebar.

How To Reduce Mirror Vibration On Motorcycle?

There are several possible reasons for vibrating mirrors. Different approaches will need to be used to address each cause.

Adjust the mirror if it is loose

Another possible source of the vibrations is that your mirror is just loose. In such a circumstance, you might be required to put your mirror back where it belongs and give it a good twist to secure it.

If you want to fix your loose mirror, you’ll need to sit on your motorcycle the way you normally would make adjustments and repairs.

Check your side and rear visibility before adjusting your mirrors’ rear view settings. As cars and motorbikes can pass on either side, keeping an eye out for oncoming traffic is important. Be sure that your rearview mirror provides a complete view of the lane.

Do not push the part that requires adjusting or tightening; instead, use the proper tools for the job. For instance, if you know how to fix the motorcycle mirror thread, be careful not to ruin it.

Tightened the mirror using mirror vibration isolators

Mirror vibration isolators
Mirror vibration isolators

The most usual explanation is that the mirror simply requires more tightening. To resolve this issue, you will need to carry out the following steps:

  • If your motorcycle mirror shakes, you need to buy a set of isolators. These vibration isolators look like rubber plugs and have a threaded road section with a threaded hole on each end.
  • You can take off your mirror with a 13mm wrench.
  • Thread your isolator into the hole of the mirror
  • The mirror must now be threaded into the isolator hole.
  • Now, using the 13mm wrench, tighten the mirror to the appropriate level.

Repairing the Thread

It’s possible that the thread has become misshapen, which is causing the mirror to vibrate. To begin, you should inspect the thread mechanism responsible for keeping the mirror in its current position. Even though you have tightened the mirror, if it continues to vibrate after you have done so, it may have been damaged.

Because of this, you will need to fix it. It’s possible to swap out the prince and repair this on some motorcycle models. Nonetheless, you should check with your local car shop for details on the precise dimensions and requirements.

If the damage isn’t too bad, you can fix the motorcycle mirror by welding it with glue. But before you use it, check to see that the mechanism of your mirror will not be harmed in any way. If you don’t do that, it could cause the mirror to vibrate even more than it did previously.

If the mirror’s thread is deteriorating and cracked, you should replace the screw with one that is suitable for your motorbike model. After you have determined what needs to be repaired, you should take down the mirror, make the necessary repairs, and then reinstall it in its original location. If it appears that a repair won’t be possible, then you might consider getting a new mirror.

Installing bar end weights

Bar-end weights
Bar-end weights

Utilizing bar-end weights is another efficient method that may be used to stop the vibrations that are caused by motorcycle mirrors. Using bar-end weights, you can add some more weight to the very end of your handlebars. The additional weight will considerably reduce the vibrations that you are experiencing. It is because of the vibration transfer, which results in less vibration being sent to your hands when you are riding.

How to Stop Truck Mirrors From Vibrating?

Not only do motorcycles have problems with mirror vibration, but also trucks frequently have problems with their side mirrors. These begin vibrating when you drive, which is one of the frequent issues.

Here are some tried-and-true home remedies for repairing vibrating truck mirrors.


One of the best ways to stop the mirrors from vibrating is to tighten them.

Different things cause the side mirrors of the truck to lose their ability to stay in place. They are missing internal attachment material. Thus, there is a possibility that they will be damaged.

While the vehicle is moving down the worst roads, the mirrors can potentially tumble to the ground. These situations are not good and need to be fixed immediately.

The constant shaking of the mirrors causes the screws inside to come loose. Use a screwdriver to tighten these screws and securely attach the mirror to the back of the frame. You can remove the mirror from the truck or leave it in its current position.

Utilizing this tool, secure any screws that are loose and make any necessary adjustments to the other screws. There is no requirement that any of the screws be removed, but it is recommended that you tighten each and every one of them.

Using support material

When a truck is vibrating, you should add a supporting material to the truck’s mirror. Any substance that can momentarily hold the mirror in place can function as the supporting material. The movement of the mirror can be corrected immediately with this simple and speedy method. 

The motion of the truck causes vibrations to be transmitted to these relatively small gadgets. On the back of the mirror, you can also put a small piece of paper. Adjust the paper patch with the rear of the mirror so that it is in the middle of the interior structure of the mirror.

You can control the movements for a few hours at a time, but you must always practice the permanent techniques.  Although it is a speedy process, it is not the method of choice in many different scenarios.

Both the mirrors and the paper can fly onto the road due to the rapid movements of the mirrors. As a consequence, you risk losing the portable equipment, and the costs associated with fixing it are high.

Use heavy truck mirrors

Heavy truck mirrors provide a higher level of stability
Heavy truck mirrors provide a higher level of stability

When compared to the lightweight mirror, the truck’s heavy-weight mirrors provide a higher level of stability. This equipment can maintain its initial state with little to no change, regardless of the conditions it is exposed to.

Both the internal and external structures of the mirror are immune to the effects of environmental conditions. They stay in one position without vibrating at all, and you have the option of replacing the mirrors with mirrors that are of a higher quality and heavier weight.

Although they are more costly than lightweight mirrors, these are more effective in terms of quality.

Always be sure that the weight mirrors you use are accurate while dealing with such huge cars. Adjust them to be in the correct position in the initial condition.

Instantaneously, the errors are reduced, and the mirror becomes stable as a result. You can also get a professional opinion before investing in such pricey equipment.

Add some weight

Put a weight on the shaking mirror, and it should be able to fix the issue right away. The mirror’s external structure can be maintained by adjusting the substance on the back of the mirror.

You’ll need to take off the outer cover in order to access it. Before beginning, make sure the truck is at a complete stop. Take off the mirrors and put them somewhere safe for use in the future.

Clips should be attached, and the weight should be added to the mirror’s sides. Both the external and other sides of the vibrating mirrors are joined together by the internal clips.

Because of these supporting tools, reinstalling it causes it to become stable. These simple but efficient techniques will help you keep the tremor under control.

They are effective while also being economical. You should be able to purchase these at any hardware store. The process of installation is straightforward, and you may carry it out in the comfort of your own garage.

Add a block

In the middle compartment, you can put a block of whatever kind of soft material you choose. Foam or cotton-based material might make up the material in question.

When adjusting the mirrors on the truck, start with a little block every time. These materials are flexible enough to be able to fit in the spaces between the mirror walls.

You should be able to squeeze them in between the mirror and the structure on the back. First, take out the mirror and then put some foam blocks into the remaining space. It will no longer vibrate, and there will be no sound produced.

No audible noise is produced when the mirror continues to vibrate after the foam block. Whenever movements like this occur, the mirror collides with the soft material.

Even when the pickup is driven over the roughest roads, it continues to operate in the protected phase. You may attach these blocks to the side mirrors of a huge truck if you want to.

The procedure is economical while producing desirable results. You are able to immediately put an end to the shaking that is occurring in each mirror of the truck.

Change the mirrors or replace the broken part

Even after trying various ways, some truck mirrors continue to vibrate. They have damaged components, which shake uncontrollably as the pickup moves. The broken side mirror can be replaced quickly and easily using this method.

The impact of roadways causes additional damage to the mirrors’ interior structure, which may be seen in the vehicle. Changing out the problematic piece of equipment is the only way to fix the issue at hand.

When making a replacement, only use high-quality mirrors. You can also fix the broken parts of the mirror, but that is not necessary.  The problem might be solved temporarily for a few hours, but the long-term effects are irreparable.

Whenever a mirror is replaced, the front transparent structure is also updated.

There is no requirement to make any adjustments to the mirror’s interior body. It helps to cut down on the cost of replacing the device.

Apply glue

There are only a select few instances in which the vehicle mirrors have not sustained any damage or shattered parts. They have an excessive amount of space on the sides and other edges, which causes them to vibrate.  Over time, wear and tear from driving might degrade their original condition.

You can make the mirror more stable by applying glue to the reverse side of the mirror. Apply glue to the back of the plastic material and use that to attach it.

First, you need to attach them for a few seconds and then press with a certain level of force. It should be left to dry, and then its movement should be checked using manual vibration.

The vibrations end instantaneously, and they are unaffected by road jolts. They achieve stability within their internal body and are able to function without making any distracting or jarring vibratory sounds.

Remove bug shields

When your car moves on the worst roads, the bug shields trike it. These shields are not good for how mirrors usually work and start to shake.  Because of these vibrations, they also make bad sounds. There is a chance that one of these collisions will break a mirror. The way to fix this is to remove the bug shields from the structures.

It’s a quick fix, but you must figure out the problem. There is no need to change the structure of any of the truck’s mirrors in a big way. Take off the layers of the bug shields and set them aside for another time.

Add a layer of rubber

The truck’s side mirrors and window mirrors don’t have rubber layers inside. These layers are the structures that protect the mirrors.

If these things aren’t there, the mirror just hits. On the sides of the mirror, you can add a layer of rubber. Take off the mirror, stick the layer on, then glue the rubber layer on.

It cuts down on the space in the middle of the mirror and other parts, and the process is fast and cheap. You can do it if you know what you’re doing and take accurate measurements.


Do handlebar weights reduce vibration?

It is important to keep in mind that increasing the weight on the handlebars does not eliminate vibration; rather, it merely alters the frequency at which the vibration is resonated. In general, adding weight lowers the frequency and may lower the amplitude a little, which may help some riders feel less numb.

What can I use for gluing my side mirror back?

Epoxy glues are far superior to any other kind of mirror in terms of their functionality, which is why you should use them to adhere your mirrors. They hold on well and can withstand the elements.

How do you know if your mirrors are adjusted properly?

Adjust the rearview mirror so that you can look straight out of the center of the back windshield without moving your head. The goal is to be able to quickly look from the road in front of you to the road behind you without moving or turning your body.

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