Journey Lead Singer Dies??? – Fake News!

If you have seen news that says “Journey lead singer dies”, we are here to clarify that it is not correct. Here is what we know about Steve Perry in 2022.

The former vocalist of Journey, Steve Perry, is currently still alive and healthy. As for the current singer of the band, Arnel Pineda, he is still with Journey, even though their activities are much less frequent compared to their peak period in the 80s.

“Journey Lead Singer Dies” Is Fake News!

After some uncertain news circulated on the internet about the death Journey’s former lead singer, Steve Perry, we are here to correct it and offer pieces of information about the health of the band’s ex-member.

How did the lead singer of journey die?

Former vocalist Steve Perry didn’t pass away. He doesn’t participate in musical activities as frequently as when he was with Journey. So if any news mentions him passing away, we can guarantee it is fake news. The former band member is still active on Twitter, where he uploads both old and new projects.

Steve Perry didn't pass away
Steve Perry didn’t pass away

As for Arnel Pineda, he is still the main vocalist of the band. They just had a tour together in May 2022. Arnel Pineda had a few vocal issues due to touring but has recovered enough so far. The singer also shared about his depression and anxiety in 2021, when the pandemic was still at its peak, and how he overcame it. God bless!

When did the lead singer of journey die?

As abovementioned, Journey’s lead singers, both old and new, are still alive and healthy. They are still in the game with their music and are living the good life.

Most Recent News About Lead Singer Steve Perry

The singer doesn’t appear under the spotlight frequently anymore, and this is what we know about him so far in 2022.

What is Steve Perry of Journey doing now?

Steve Perry left Journey in 1996 due to an injury, and in 2013 he was diagnosed with skin cancer. Luckily, the disease was curable, and the 2 surgeries that Steve underwent to remove the cancer cells were successful. Ever since his departure, Steve has been keeping himself under the radar.

On the 28th of July, 2022, he twitted about making Separate Ways remixes for the latest season of Stranger Things. This was one of Journey’s hit songs, and its comeback in the famous series brought Steve to the studio again.

Steve was involved in making remixes for Separate Ways
Steve was involved in making remixes for Separate Ways

Is Steve Perry married?

No, the former lead singer of Journey has never been married. But he has had several romantic relationships over the years. He was with Sherrie Swafford and later Kellie Nash. The later died of breast cancer in 2012.

Is Steve Perry still friends with Journey?

Sadly there aren’t many signs that Steve still maintains contact with band members. They were last seen together on stage in 2017 at Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. It was a euphoric experience for fans to see him with the band again, but it also left a bitter taste about how the singer didn’t rock the stage like the good old days.

So…Who Died From Journey?

The only one who passed away was the group manager, Herbie Herbert. He died in 2021 due to illness at the age of 73. He was in charge of many band activities, including organizing concerts and directing the lighting and technology in their performances. It’s safe to say that Herbie played a huge part in Journey’s success.

Is The Band Journey Still Alive?

All the performers of Journey are still alive, including ex-band members. As for their activities, the band went on a short tour in May this year to prepare for the launch of their new album Freedom. The disc hit the stands in July and has been a success after 11 years of no new albums. Fans are ecstatic to get new music from Journey.

You can stream the album here on Spotify!


What happened to Steven Perry of Journey?

The former vocalist decided not to follow the music path heavily anymore and has remained lowkey ever since. In 2012, his then-girlfriend encouraged him to step outside into the light and continue making music.

Who is currently the lead singer of Journey?

Arnel Pineda is currently the lead singer of Journey. He has been with the band since 2007.

Will Steve Perry join Journey again?

Steve Perry hasn’t been very active in performing since he left the band in 1996, and the singer has no intention of returning to the band or the spotlight, even though he hasn’t left all artistic activities aside.

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