Who Else Can Time Travel In Tokyo Revengers: Can’t Believe

Tokyo Revengers is a famous anime and manga recently. There have been more than 30 million copies sold of Tokyo Revengers. It was praised for its super-cool characters, Takemichi’s time leaping journey, the strong bonds between characters, and the many moving lines that were said throughout the story when it was first serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. Many fans are wondering who else can time travel in Tokyo Revengers, especially since the details will be more mysterious.

Who Else Can Time Travel In Tokyo Revengers?

Takemichi is the protagonist of Tokyo Revengers.
Takemichi is the protagonist of Tokyo Revengers.

We all make sense of Takemichi – our main character has a time travel ability. His ability plays a huge role in the stories. But the narrative can also be changed if there is someone who else can time travel in Tokyo Revengers. Everyone has their own thoughts about this, but let us show you some theories discussed on the Internet.

  • Mikey (Sano Manjiro). I spend a part below talking more clearly about this theory.
  • Hanma Shunji: Tokyo Revengers fans started to think that Kisaki Tetta was just a pedal for darker conspiracy. So Hanma Shunji can be the one behind that.
  • Sanzu Haruchiyo: This theory has many fans believe. Although Sanzu was a small character in Toman, after that, he demonstrated his effect on the main stories. Sanzu is Mikey’s right hand now and has an important role in Final Arc. 

Can Kisaki Time Travel?

Kisaki Tetta in Tokyo Revengers.
Kisaki Tetta in Tokyo Revengers.

No. It was confirmed in the manga that Kisaki was not a time leaper. It meant that there was else someone with Takemichi’s abilities. But who else can time travel in Tokyo Revengers is still a big question, especially since the story is coming closer to an end than ever.

Does Kisaki Know About Time Travel?

Yes. It was revealed in the manga that Kisaki wasn’t a time leaper, but he was aware of the concept. This is also a special ability of Kisaki Tetta: his intelligence. Although he acted so mean, we can’t negate that Kisaki Tetta is a great villain.

Initially, Kisaki seems to be a manipulative genius. His ability to manipulate people took him to great heights, and he could control everything regardless of the obstacles he faced. 

Does Takemichi Stop Kisaki?

Not really. But Takemichi stops Kisaki or not, it makes no point. Because Kisaki was dead in a truck accident, then his truth was revealed. It’s such a sad back story that made Kisaki pure evil. Maybe after that, more people sympathize with him.

Who Knows Takemichi Can Time Travel?

Six characters know Takemichi can time travel. In Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi is mostly known as a thug who cares about his friends and is determined to succeed. These 6 characters all affect a lot of main stories. And telling them the truth is necessary to receive their help.

  • Tachibana Naoto.
  • Atsushi Sendo.
  • Chifuyu Matsuno.
  • Tachibana Hinata.
  • Manjiro Sano.
  • Ken Ryuguji.

Does Hina Know About Takemichi Time Travel?

Hinata when she was a student.
Hinata when she was a student.

Yes. Though Takemichi had changed history several times by changing Hinata and Naoto’s fate, he was depressed at the time that Hinata and Naoto had been killed by Tokyo Manji’s attack. In despair, Takemichi says he wants to die and mumbles about time travel.

However, Hinata heard everything Takemichi said. As a result, she understood how heavy the burden was carrying for her lover, and she comforted him to help save everyone. 

What Chapter Does Takemichi Tell Chifuyu About Time Travel?

In Black Dragon Arc. Tokyo Manji crew member Takemichi is the first to learn about Takemichi’s abilities. Having discussed the matter with the Black Dragon State, Takemichi begins telling Chifuyu about all of his time travel adventures, especially the final moment he spent with Baji. Chifuyu then understood that Takemichi was a time traveler who respected his efforts to save people.

Takemichi’s travels into the past have been accompanied by Chifuyu since then. Working together, they devise a plan to change history for their friends, but it ends tragically.

Can Takemichi Time Travel?

How Does Takemichi Time Travel?

Takemichi had traveled back in time after touching Naoto’s hand in the past. At that moment, it became clear that shaking Naoto’s hand was causing time travel.

Why Can Takemichi Time Travel?

First of all, Takemichi doesn’t realize he has the power of time travel. His life could have been in danger if he had been run over by a train. Making the first jump nearly caused him to be run over by a train, which was his first near-death experience.

Does Mikey Know About Takemichi Time Travel?

mikey and draken
Mikey and Draken at first met with Takemichi.

Yes. Even after Emma left, Mikey and Draken might have been depressed. Hinata tells Mikey and Draken that Takemichi has come from the future to change their futures.

As a result, Mikey understood why Takemichi didn’t seem like an ordinary middle schooler. Furthermore, he disbanded Tokyo Manji so that everyone could pursue their dreams.

Can Mikey Time Travel Tokyo Revengers?

For those who have been following Tokyo Revengers for a while, you’ll probably remember Mikey asking Takemichi many hidden questions like “Are you really a student?” level 2? ” or “who are you really?”. Mikey was not surprised when Takemichi revealed that he had returned from the future to change the past. 

How Did Akkun Know About Time Travel?

After returning from the past for the first time, Takemichi meets the adult Atsushi who becomes a member of the Tokyo Manji.

Takemichi was hurt by two things that came out of this meeting. First of all, it was Atsushi who attempted to kill Takemichi by pushing him onto the train tracks. Secondly, Atsushi commits suicide after learning that Takemichi has returned to change history. In addition, he wants his best friend to change history to save the fate of others.

Is Tokyo Revengers Time Travel?

Hinata adult
How Hinata looks like in adult shape.

Although Takemichi’s ability to time travel plays a huge role, Tokyo Revengers is not only about time travel. It’s about friendship, love, Japanese yakuza more. 

How Does Time Travel Work In Tokyo Revengers?

While in the past, Takemichi inhabits the body of his younger self, he does not travel through time physically. The present state of his body is similar to that of the past. Takemichi’s younger self reverts to his past self when he returns to the present.


Does Takemichi Tell Anyone He Is From The Future?

Yes. 6 people know that truth.

Who Pushed Takemichi In Front Of The Train?

It’s Akkun. He is ordered to do that, although very miserable. After that, Akkun decided to end his life.

Is Tokyo Revengers A Time Loop?

The changes Takemichi Hanagaki caused by his time leaps are captured in an in-universe timeline. 


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