Kpop Idols Who Died In The Army?

Kpop idols who died in the army? There is no doubt that this is a common question that many fans have asked. Could their idol be suffering from an illness? Is there something wrong with him?

This is an extremely sensitive question because military matters are one of the most closely guarded secrets of all countries, and that is especially true for the Republic of Korea.

As a consequence, it is a very secret thing for an idol to die in the army, as it is regarded as a very bad omen. There seems to be no clue in what you are talking about.

Keep reading this article to find out more about what this article has to say about it!

Kpop Idols Who Died?

kpop idols who died in 2021?

Song Yoo-Jung passed away in 2021
Song Yoo-Jung passed away in 2021

On January 23, 2021, Song Yoo-Jung left fans shocked and devastated with her untimely death as she left her fans devastated and shocked. There has been no confirmation of the cause of death by her agency, Sublime Artist. At the age of 26, Jung was still quite young. 

The actress was well known for her roles in Golden Rainbow, School 2017, Make Your Wish, iKon’s Goodbye Road MV, Standing Egg’s Friend to Lover, and Niive’s How Do I.

In 2019 Song appeared in the popular web series Dear My Name as well as commercials for brands such as Estée Lauder and Baskin-Robbins as well as appearing in a popular web series named Dear My Name. 

kpop idols who died in 2022?

A Korean actor named Kim Mi-soo, who recently appeared in the series “Snowdrop” as a supporting role, has passed away. Her age was 29 at the time.

Kim suddenly left us on January 5th, according to a statement released by her agency Landscape. “The bereaved are deeply sorrowful over the sudden and untimely loss of a loved one. As a gesture of love, please refrain from spreading false rumors or speculation about the death so that the family can mourn in peace.”

According to the agency statement, a cause of death has not been given. Kim, who is also called Kim Misu, plays a student activist who shares a dormitory with Blackpink’s Jisoo, who performs the role of Young-ro, the protagonist in “Snowdrop”.

Snowdrops is a TV show that was produced by JTBC Studios and Drama House in Korea and aired on JTBC’s network. In other countries, it is referred to as a Disney Plus original and is aired on Disney Plus.

Which Kpop Idol Died Recently?


In the year 2017, SHINee, the world’s most famous 5-member band of the 2nd generation had to deal with some devastating news.

Jonghyun, the lead singer of the group and one of the group’s most popular members, died from suicide in his Seoul apartment on 18 December 2017.

SM Entertainment, the agency that represents the group, as well as his family, have all expressed an opinion about the severity of his depression.

As a matter of fact, Jonghyun had also written a letter to Jang Hee Yeon, one of his closest friends, a couple of weeks before he took his own life. As he explained in his suicide letter, Jonghyun had given up on living because of depression.


Choi Jin Ri
Choi Jin Ri

Known by the stage name Sulli, Choi Jin Ri, who went by the name Choi Jin Ri, suffered irreparable harm as a result of her stardom.

Despite the fact that she had explained that she was struggling both mentally and physically as a result of malicious rumors, she was heavily criticized for being public about her opinion and her decision to leave.

She was criticized primarily for the fact that she did not adhere to the stereotypical image of a female K-pop idol that you normally see.

In addition to talking about mental health issues, she has posted photos of herself without a bra, posted a snapshot of her relationship, and more. A lot of bullying was directed at her online, and it had a profound effect on her mental health.

On 14 October 2019, it was discovered that Sulli had passed away at her home. Quite sadly, the death of this young woman had such an impact on the Korean government that it later came up with the idea of the ‘Sulli Act’ to combat cyberbullying.

Goo Hara

Just a month after the passing of her close friend Sulli, Goo Hara, a member of the K-pop group Kara, was found dead in her home on the 24th of November 2019.

There was a traumatic legal battle in which she was involved, as well as online bullying during the year 2018, where her ex-boyfriend blackmailed her into sharing one of their intimate videos with others.

In May 2019, Goo Hara attempted suicide after posting a ‘goodbye’ on her social media accounts and posting an apology to her fans.

When that happened, she was rushed to the hospital where she was saved. Despite all of this, she still couldn’t take the constant harassment she was receiving online.


Kim Jin Soo
Kim Jin Soo

Tany, also known as Kim Jin Soo, was a rising star in the K-pop industry at the age of 22 when he died in a car accident due to an injury received in the accident.

It was the song Always Remember, a song by the young star, that was praised and recognized as the best song to honor the victims of the Sewol ferry disaster, which was the largest maritime disaster in South Korea.

A spokesperson for the singer’s agency, The HOM Company, confirmed that the singer was driving when the car he was driving crashed into a building and was completely destroyed by the impact. Always Remember was dedicated to the memory of the singer who passed away on 14 April 2018.

What Death Reason Of Kim Mi-soo?

On Wednesday, 5 January, it was learned that South Korean actress and model Kim Mi Soo passed away. She died of heart failure at the very young age of 29 whereas according to the Korean calendar, her age at the time of her death was 31 years old.

It is not yet known what caused her death due to the fact that it has not been revealed.

Landscape Entertainment, the agency she was represented by, confirmed the news of her death and said that close relatives are deeply mourning the tragic loss of this young woman and urged the public to avoid false rumors so that the family can mourn in peace.

There has been a decision made by the family to conduct a private funeral with close relatives in attendance.


Does Netflix have Snowdrop?

Snowdrop can be found on Disney+ at the following page – you can check out the page by clicking here. We are anticipating the release of ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ in the near future, so you might be interested in our guide to the series.

As expected, Netflix is currently streaming one of the best zombie series in the genre, and the series 2022 Zombie is one of the best in the genre.

Why is Snowdrop problematic?

According to the synopsis, the film is a glorification of certain political figures from the time of the Democratic Movement in 1987 and over the course of its history. 

A lot of netizens accused JTBC of distorting historical facts in order to cover up a romantic plot. The K-drama has also been criticized for being insensitive towards Koreans and their history of freedom from dictatorships and the past.

Who is K-pop King?

Back in G-Dragon’s prime, he was often referred to as the “King of K-pop” by the fans, and many still consider him to be a worthy successor to that title.

As a performer, he oozes energy, class, and engagement with his audience during his performances. Aside from being one of the driving forces behind the success of his group (Big Bang).  


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