Lady Kaire Overlord: Fear Of Other Overlord Characters

The sci-fi horror adventure Overlord is scary, fun, and gory. Overlord is a fun supernatural military flick with great action and even better gory faces. Lady Kaire is famous in this series. This article will tell some interesting information about lady Kaire Overlord and other characters.

Lady Kaire Overlord

An elderly woman wearing a silver-colored Cheongsam embroidered with a golden dragon, Kaire was an elderly woman wearing a traditional silver-colored Cheongsam. Kaire has the ability to mind control even targets with perfect resistance to mind control; however, her own combat capability is limited due to her old age.

Who Is Lady Kaire In Overlord?

Using Downfall of Castle and Country, she tried to brainwash Shalltear. She is affiliated with the Slane Theocracy. By attacking her with Purifying Javeline, Shalltear prevented her from completing the mind control. 

Overlord Kaire Death

Various people have attempted to heal Kaire, but she barely survived. Shalltear attacked the Cursed Knight class, so recovery took a long time. In Volume 10, it was stated that she had succumbed to her injuries.

Who Brainwashed Shalltear?

Shalltear was accidentally mind-controlled by Lady Kaire, one of the Black Scriptures. Shalltear was previously ordered by Ainz to aid butler Sebas and his subordinate, Solution, in enslaving martial arts and magic-using criminals.

How Did Shalltear Get Mind Control?

As soon as Shalltear and her Vampire Brides assaulted the brigand’s hideout, where the martial arts expert Brain Unglaus lives, things went wrong.

Shalltear is no match for Brain’s cool demeanor. Despite Brain’s attacks, she mocks him and repels them. Consequently, Brain flees, followed by Blood Frenzied Shalltear into the interior, where his comrades await their untimely deaths.

Why Was Shalltear Controlled?

Shalltear had previously been ordered by Ainz to help butler Sebas and his subordinate. The solution, enslave criminals who possess martial arts and magic.

What Was The Eye Behind Shalltear?

It’s Eyeball Corpse. Maybe you are wondering whose eye was behind Shalltear too. It’s from Aura. Before the battle with Shalltear, Aura uses Eyeball Corpses to locate the perpetrator who mind-controlled Shalltear. Eyeball Corpses were not summoned until Shalltear’s battle in anime.

Who Used The World Item On Shalltear?

shalltear overlord
Shalltear in anime Overlord.

Lady Kaire. In Overlord season 1, she used a World Class item called Downfall of Castle and Country to put the mind control spell on Shalltear Bloodfallen.

How Many World Items Does Ainz Have?

In their possession, Ainz Ooal Gown has 11 world items. Since the guild after them only had 3, there was quite a gap compared to other guilds. The World Items in YGGDRASIL are made from the remains of fallen leaves from the World Tree.

World items only made up 200 in YGGDRASIL. Each of them had a unique ability, and some could even destroy the game’s balance. All World Items were not game-breaking, of course. Nevertheless, if a player managed to obtain a World item, his reputation in YGGDRASIL would skyrocket.

What Did Aura Do To Shalltear?

To distract Shalltear Bloodfallen, Aura creates a menacing eye on her armor. To create the eye, Aura uses a skill that allows her to project aggro from a distance. Her Ranger skillset includes this skill.

aura overlord
Aura in anime.

Even under mind-control, Shalltear is aware that Lord Ainz’s distraction helped Lord Ainz win in her final moments, as she utters the word “Chibi,” a nickname she always calls Aura.

Does Shalltear Die?

After a lengthy struggle, she finally succumbed to Ainz’s super-tier spell, Fallen Down. Ainz revives Shalltear in the Throne Room using 500,000,000 YGGDRASIL gold after the battle has concluded.

Does Shalltear Come Back?

Yes. As I mentioned above, Ainz revives Shalltear in the Throne Room using 500,000,000 YGGDRASIL gold after the battle has concluded. So let’s wait for the appearance of Shalltear. 

Albedo World Item?

Albedo World Item is Ginnungagap. Ginnungagap looked like a wand. A black sphere was floating in the air, about 45 cm long, extending from its tip. Albedo received it from Tabula Smaragdina without permission from the other guild members. He didn’t notice until just before the game ended, so he let it slip.
It is possible to destroy large areas with Ginnungagap. It is the most powerful World Item when dealing with physical objects, but it is not so useful when dealing with individual targets. It is capable of changing its form.

Despite this, it is weaker than a specialized divine-class item. But this World Item is strong because it cannot be destroyed or damaged.

Shalltear Vs Ainz Eye

ainz overlord
Ainz in Overlord anime.

Why Does Shalltear Love Ainz? 

Yes. But if you wonder why Shalltear doesn’t straight-up jump Ainz as Albedo did is simple, she never had the opportunity to do so. She also is quite careful now, especially since she failed her 1st mission. Lastly, I guess she hasn’t been created that way, as she has a certain air of regality around her. However, she has a very high libido but enough self-restraint to know when to let loose.

Why Did Shalltear Betray Ainz?

Ainz was not betrayed by Shalltear in Overlord. According to Albedo, she revolted against Ainz because of her red name in the settings tab. As a result, Ainz inquired about Shalltear’s location. It is either that Shalltear betrayed him or that he was brainwashed.


Who Attacked Shalltear?

Shalltear is struck by Ainz’s lightning-infused blade, Takemikazuchi MK 8, once wielded by Takemikazuchi the Warrior. She is fighting the incarnation of the forty-one Supreme Beings of Ainz Ooal Gown, whose name is invincible.

Why Did Shalltear Say Goodbye Aura?

Because she thinks she is going to die. 

Why Did Shalltear Not Attack Climb?

During episode 11, Demiurge showed Entoma a 3D image of a mysterious figure and told him, “You cannot kill this person, especially Shalltear.”
Shalltear stopped chasing Brain after seeing Climb in episode 13.


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