Why Do Indian People Smell?

Why do Indian people smell? There is probably no doubt in my mind that many people ask themselves this question when they first arrive in India or when they plan to move to this country.

Unfortunately, there is often an unpleasant smell associated with them. In the end, their houses were filled with curry and garlic scents, since everything was cooked with plenty of curry and garlic, and they seldom cleaned their kitchens, which eventually resulted in the whole house smelling like curry and garlic, and even the clothes and the people living there smelling that way over time.

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Why Do Indian People Smell Like Body Odor?

Why do Indians have a distinct smell?

Difficult children in India
Difficult children in India

Compared to the rest of the world, India is a very different country from the rest of the world, with very different customs and cultures from those of other countries.

It is because of this that they are often complained about when they come to a certain country to live and work.

The main complaint they receive is the odor that is emanating from their body, which makes many people around them feel very uncomfortable in their presence.

There may be a cultural reason why their food and their way of living differ from that of others due to cultural differences. They have been affected by this in a negative manner.

Why do Indians smell like curry and onions?

According to one theory, Indians smell differently because of the following factors:

As far as the type of food they eat, in India, the Middle East, and other Asian countries, their food is always stuffed with a variety of spices, which often causes them to sweat after each meal, which makes them feel tired afterward.

Since Indians have eaten spicy foods for a long time and have lived like that for so long, it is likely that they are not aware that some other people from other parts of the world may be able to distinguish that they smell differently based on the type of food they eat.

It was said by one old doctor who wrote a book on body odor that garlic, curry, fish, cumin, and onion, used in several dishes all have a way of making people who eat the foods the dishes are prepared smell in a specific way when they are prepared with the ingredients.

As a result of the fact that they continue to spit out secretions from their pores for hours after they have eaten the food, the reason that they do so is not unrelated to the secretions that they produce.

Morning daily routine village life in Indian
Morning daily routine village life in Indian

Why do Indians smell musty?

They have a musty smell due to the ways that they live their lives every day, which is why their clothes smell that bad.

Normally they don’t bathe frequently throughout the day nor do they wear their last shirt again, so when you get close to them, you’ll be able to smell the musty odor from the shirt and the body sweat coming off them so strongly that you may feel extremely uncomfortable and annoyed by their habit of bathing a lot.

It is not just the smell of curry on their shirt that makes their shirt smell worse than others since they eat this food a lot, and the smell stays on their shirt for a long period of time.

Why Does Indian Food Smell Bad?

As food substances, garlic, onions, cumin, and curry, among others, can also cause changes in a person’s body odor. In the process of breaking down these foods, the body releases sulfur-like compounds that react with the sweat on a person’s skin, causing body odors that differ from a person’s natural scent as a result.

As a matter of fact, Indian cooking involves a lot of Masalas and curries that are served to families on a daily basis, which means that there is a strong smell in the house, which is fine for Indians as they are used to this smell, but maybe strange for others.

In addition, I have experienced that the clothes hanging in the vicinity of the kitchen used to carry a strong aroma of masala when they were hung up.

Do Indians Sweat

New Indian baby smell
New Indian baby smell

It would be impossible to avoid sweating if you were a human. Every individual has a different taste when they sweat, and Indians have a different taste of sweat as well, depending on the shape of their bodies. In addition, Indians have a distinctive body odor that differs from that of others in a few ways.

Firstly, I would like to point out that their country has a very hot climate, so they probably sweat more than other people since it is so hot. The summertime is especially hot and humid.

Furthermore, as I mentioned above, their cooking also differs from that of other countries. As the name implies, their food is filled with a lot of curry and chili – two foods that are very spicy and inherently hot. Due to this, their bodies will be stimulated to sweat more quickly as a result.

Additionally, the smell of the spices from the spices will stick to their clothes after cooking food with them, so it will be difficult for them to move around.

As a result of sweating, their body odor quickly mixes with the smell that remains on their clothing, so this is the reason why they have such an unpleasant odor on their bodies.


Does Mumbai smell?

It is very likely that you will miss out on Mumbai, which is one of the most intense and rewarding olfactory experiences that you will ever experience. As if it was Avatar for your nose, it is kind of like that.

As you turn every corner, the thick, penetrating odor of unfiltered motor exhaust lingers in every corner along with the water in gutters.

Why do Indian people stare?

People are prone to paying special attention to anything that is noteworthy, new, or unusual since it is part of the nature of humans. 

In India, there is a feeling of curiosity created by experiencing a new culture, skin color, accent, way of dressing, eating habits, or way of life, and this curiosity will result in uninvited Indians staring at you.

Do Indians use toilet paper?

It is good to know that the majority of Indians still use water to wash rather than toilet paper – which is a very good thing to know.


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