What Are You Glad Your Parents Don’t Know About You?

What are you glad your parents don’t know about you? There are many secrets that we keep from our parents. Some of these secrets are bad habits, some are embarrassing, and some are just plain wrong. In this post, I’ll share some of the secrets that most people keep away from their parents.

Most people will say that they are glad they don’t tell their parents about sad or traumatizing things that happen to them because the story will either break their hearts or make them question the children in a manner that makes them feel guilty. But, on a happier and funnier note, people are also glad they don’t tell how many bf and gf they have had or how their first kiss went down.

What Are You Glad Your Parents Don’t Know About You?

We’re all a little embarrassed by the secrets we keep from our parents. The same goes for everyone. Here are some things people are too embarrassed or uncomfortable to tell their parents.

What’s something you’re glad your mum doesn’t know about you?

The list of things that people prefer that their mum doesn’t know about are:

  • The first kiss story always is an awkward thing to tell mums about.
  • How frequently they drink and how often they sneak alcohol to places where they have no business drinking.
  • The fact that a teenager or simply a son/daughter, whether he/she is old enough or just plain old, watches porn.
  • Smoking young, whether it’s cigarette or weed.
  • The child partakes in religious activities with someone else but refuses to do it at home with mum.
  • The body count.
The first kiss story always is an awkward thing to tell mums about
The first kiss story always is an awkward thing to tell mums about

What’s something you’re glad your dad doesn’t know about you?

There are many things that children don’t want to tell their dads about. What are they?

  • They found their dad’s porn magazines.
  • Their daughters are sexually active. This will literally shock dads to death.
  • The amount of money that they spend from their parents’ wallets without them knowing.
  • Being caught by the police, even if the problem is minor.
  • Their sexual orientation. It’s surprisingly crowded in here! Many people don’t feel comfortable enough to tell their dad about their sexual orientation while telling mum is the first thing they can do easily.

What are you glad your parents don’t know about you funny?

  • How many times their kid has spent the night in jail for something trivial.
  • That their children have encountered their sexy stack of magazines or box of…things…
  • That they have broken something important or expensive.
  • That their children curse frequently.

Parents-Children Relationship: Typical Problems And Doubts

The relationship between parents and children is profound, but this doesn’t mean that the two sides can share everything with each other. In fact, for kids, it’s even easier to tell personal things to strangers.

What things do parents hide from kids?

Parents have gotten used to being caretakers since the first moment that they have their child. As a result, they are used to hiding things they take responsibility for dealing with. For example: debts, hardships, emotional damages, etc., are things parents don’t share in general.

If you want to know something when you notice a bleak vibe in the house, directly ask your parents about it. They shall share if you insist enough.

Is it OK to say no to your parents?

Yes, it’s possible to say no to your parents if you can explain the reason and logic behind the refusion. Parents are still normal humans, and they aren’t always right. If you see that their request can harm any family member, you have the right to say no. And you shouldn’t feel ashamed for doing it!

How do you deal with parents who aren’t supportive?

Just go on your way and do what you believe is the right thing to do. If you can’t find support from your parents, do it elsewhere to give you good emotional support. Friends are extended family and usually will always stay by your side.

How do you deal with parents who aren’t supportive?
How do you deal with parents who aren’t supportive?

Of course, leaving your parents’ opinions aside is not a good feeling. So, try to explain your way of thinking to them and why you think you are doing the right thing for your life. If they can’t be supportive, at least they should understand your point of view.

How do I tell my mom I want privacy?

Just sit down and have a private conversation with her. Always try to deal with things discreetly first. Avoid putting yourself in an irritated mode because this will provoke you to raise your voice. This kind of reaction will backfire and take away even more privacy and respect that your parents have for you.

Why do parents don’t understand their child?

The generational gap probably is the biggest reason behind the lack of understanding between parents and their children. Both must put themselves in each other’s shoes to clear misunderstandings.

But, it’s highly crucial to maintain mutual respect to reach an agreement. Parents should be more open to changes, and children should be more patient if their parents object to their opinions about things in life, whether it’s about study, passion, or relationships. This is how we maintain peace in our homes.


What is something your parents don’t know about you?

Parents don’t know what their children want. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but many don’t know about their children’s hobbies or passions.

How do I tell my parents no?

Always give a reason to back up your argument and why you refuse to do or say something.

Where would you hide things from strict parents?

If your parents usually stir up your rooms while they clean or just because, it’s almost impossible to hide things from strict parents. But, some of the safest places to hide things are:
– Inside a flower vase
– Inside a shoe
– Behind a stack of books on the bookshelf

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