What Is The Closest Steam Server To Me? – Top Picks For Fast Download

“What is the closest Steam server to me?” is the question that has been bothering many Steam users. Why? Because they have ridiculously fast internet with unbelievable download speed, downloading Steam games has been much slower than expected. So changing Steam server is the go-to method in this case.

There is no definite answer to this question because it depends on the region of Steam users. Choosing a close area doesn’t guarantee an optimized download speed, even though that’s the case most of the time. The best way is to change the region and see for ourselves manually. To change server region:

  • Step 1: Access your Steam on PC
  • Step 2: Look at the top left corner with the toolbar > Click on Steam
  • Step 3: Choose Settings
  • Step 4: Choose Downloads
  • Step 5: In the dropdown menu, you can change Download Region according to your preference. 

What Is My Download Region?

When you install Steam, the software will automatically access your location and decide your download region. However, just because Steam decides it doesn’t mean it’s the most optimized server for you, nor is it obligated that you are stuck with it. Users can change their download region on Steam if they find it necessary.

What Is The Closest Steam Server To Me?

To find the closest Steam servers to you, don’t miss our tips below.

Closest steam server to me

The close steam server to you depends on the list of regions Steam provides and the geographical map you can easily look up.

Steam offers a traffic map to tell users where and how much data have been used to download and update games in different regions. You can check this map, see where people download the most, and try their server. Pick the closest ones first since there is less lag.

Steam offers a traffic map
Steam offers a traffic map

Fastest steam server near me

There is no guarantee that picking a server near us will allow us to download games the fastest possible according to our internet bandwidth. So what is the solution here? First, we have to go ahead and manually apply download region changes. And starting from a region near us is a good idea.

If you live in the US, try changing to Canada or Mexico before jumping to Germany or the UK, for example. If you live in Russia, switch the server to China or Finland before attempting the US or Brazil.

Steam Download Server Locations

Steam has download servers nearly in all locations in the world. In each country, there might be more than one server. The estimated total number of spots is 130, with China, Canada, and the US being the ones with the most servers. You can try changing to any of them as you like.

How To Find Best Download Region For Steam

The nearest Steam server to you is determined by the list of areas provided by Steam and the geographical map, which you may readily access. There is no assurance that selecting a server close to us will allow us to download games as quickly as feasible based on our internet capacity.

So, what is the remedy in this case? First, we must proceed with manually applying download region adjustments. And beginning in a nearby location is a fantastic idea.

Best Steam Download Region

What are the best Steam download regions so far? We have the information below.

Best download region for steam 2022

There is no optimal area. Many people also make the mistake of believing it’s like online gaming, where ping is essential. So you should choose the best option nearest to you. This is incorrect.

Best download region for steam 2022
Best download region for steam 2022

Here is what you should do. If you’re attempting to download and your local server is busy and sluggish, selecting a neighbor will most likely be just as slow. So look up the time zones. Find anywhere in the globe that is now between 2 and 4 am, which is the timespan that people aren’t on their phone as much, and switch to this download region. Test out until you find the one with the best download speed.

Best steam download region for Kentucky

Some users have suggested states in the US like Columbus, Ohio, Atlanta, or Georgia. But overall, you can choose any download region where it’s late into the night, around 3–4 am. People won’t be downloading much during this time, thus can help improve your download speed.

Best steam download region for UK

For users who live in the UK, it’s best to use the servers that belong to the country as well. It’s wise to switch between London and Manchester when one fails between the two. If the speed still doesn’t improve, try the timezone trick we mentioned above. Changing the download region to a country where the timezone is 3–4 am will likely work.

Steam best download region for Slovakia

If you’re trying to download and your local server is busy and slow, choosing a neighbor will almost certainly be just as slow. So check the time zones. Find a location on the globe between 2 and 4 am, which is when people are less likely to be on their phones and switch to this download area.

Steam best download region Europe

Sweden is the fastest one at the moment. We tested a download. But, there is no particular answer whether it will remain as quickly as we have seen. Our best advice is to switch between servers and try until you find the one that works for you and help you download games the fastest.

How To Change Steam Download Region

What is my download region?
What is my download region?

To change Steam’s download region, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to Steam on your PC.
  • Step 2: Locate the toolbar in the upper left corner and click on Steam.
  • Step 3: Select Settings.
  • Step 4: Select Downloads.
  • Step 5: Change the Download Region from the dropdown menu to your liking. Try those near you first (according to the geographical map), then try further regions from other continents.


How do I fix steam slow downloads?

If you are using wifi, change to a LAN network. Also, you can change the download region on Steam’s settings. The second triggers an augment in the download speed of Steam video games.

How do I change my Steam region without getting banned?

Go to Steam settings > Downloads > Download Regin > Change to your preferred location. However, if your purpose is to change Steam’s VPN location to enjoy a more economical game price, Steam will ban you for real. No method can 100% guarantee that you won’t get banned for changing VPN.

What happens if I change my download region on Steam?

Nothing much will happen, but it affects the download speed. Sometimes it’s quicker, sometimes slower, and sometimes it remains the same speed you have always been using.

Is 14mb download fast?

14mbps is a good download speed, especially for a personal network.

Can you get banned on Steam for using a VPN?

Yes, Steam will first flag your account and put you into waiting mode. If the VPN change happens again, the platform will give you a definite ban, making you lose all the games you have purchased and downloaded before. Don’t do it!

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