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If you are trying to interpret the word “bestie” that a girl has called you, you can definitely find the answer in this article. Besides giving you a direct explanation about “What does it mean when a girl calls you bestie?”, other interesting and related questions like “does bestie mean friendzone?” are also included in this article.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Bestie?

Typically, when a girl calls you bestie, she sees you as a great friend.

“Bestie” is British slang for “best friend”, but you can possibly call other people bestie if you do care about them. 

What does bestie mean in texting?

In texting, bestie can mean “best friend” or just simply “my friend” – a term of endearment.

Typically, a bestie is a “best friend”, but nowadays, people can use bestie for anyone they are having a conversation. In this case, bestie is used as a term of endearment, to show friendliness or supportiveness,  just like “honey”, “darling”, etc., depending on the context.

Does bestie mean boyfriend?

Bestie does not mean boyfriend or girlfriend because bestie indicates someone’s best friend while boyfriend or girlfriend indicates the male/female partner in a romantic relationship.

What’s the difference between best friend and bestie?

Literally, these two words, “best friend” and “bestie”, do not have significant differences. “Bestie” is the informal, cute, and more friendly way to call your “best friend.”

However, you may feel some difference between these two words, depending on your sense. Like, someone may feel that “bestie” is much better than “best friend”. Best friends may someone having a good image in your mind and you can find them very trustable to count on.

The bestie, on the other hand, you can easily feel much more comfortable when being with them. They can easily read your mind, make you laugh so hard, and you can share everything with them. So, someone considers a bestie as a soulmate.

What is difference between bestie and lover?

The bestie is your best friend, the best mate you can easily get along with. Meanwhile, a lover is someone you have strong affection and love and care for in a romantic way. “Bestie” could also be seen as a romantic friendship.

Can bestie be lovers?

Not 100% but besties or best friends can be lovers if you both have the romantic feeling for each other.  

Does bestie mean friendzone?

According to the meaning of bestie, the answer is ‘yes’.

If she or he calls you bestie, this means they do not see you as a romantic partner, just a good friend. So, it can be inferred that you are in “friendzone”.

Is calling someone bestie flirting?

In some situations, calling someone your bestie might be considered flirting. You should pay attention to how she behaves around you and the context in which she is acting. If she is playful, it is likely that she is flirting with you.

Your bestie cheers you up
Your bestie cheers you up

What Makes Someone A Bestie?

Everyone has different criteria to look for a bestie in their life. Here are some of the characteristics that a best friend often has.

  • Good listeners: they will listen to every story of you and discuss or gossip about them
  • Always has your back: they will support you, and help you to overcome the tough times
  • Accept your bad habits but also will give you the advice to change them if those habits ruin yourself
  • Always try and know how to make you smile
  • Can share with you personal things and can also keep secrets for you
  • Celebrate your success and sympathy your sadness
  • Do not gossip about you behind your back.

Is it good to have a female bestie?

Yes, having a female bestie is good because she can help you understand how your crush feels and think. Besides, she can be a good counselor that gives you good advice to get a girl’s impression, if you ask them about that.

Additionally, when they can help you realize your mistakes, and suggest ways to improve yourself. She can be a good listener that always is there to listen to your problems and sympathize.

So, having a female bestie can be one of the best experiences of your life. Not only does she support and care for you like a sister but also a good adviser. Her honest opinions and advice will definitely help you improve to get a better version of yourself.

How Do I Know If I Am Friendzoned?

Here are some signs that you’re friend-zoned:

  • No physical attraction
  • Inviting more friends when you contact them for a date
  • Try to suggest you with other people like their friends or their family members
  • Always saying that they just see you as a friend or you are their best friend
  • Comfortably telling you about their crush, or boyfriend, or girlfriend
  • May ask you to do their favors without caring how you feel
  • You become their “love counselor”: they ask you for advice to attract someone they like.

How do you tell if a guy is Friendzoning you?

You can tell that he is friendzoning you if he always prefers group hangout even when you want to spend private time with him.

Besides, if he just sees you as a friend, he will keep asking for advice about a relationship with another girl.

If he does not have any romantic feelings for you, he may want to avoid physical contact, feel free to complain about his bad day, may show some bad manners, and not buy you some drinks when hanging out. Simply, he just treating you like one of his friends.  

How do you Friendzone your best friend?

You may feel confused if your friend has fallen for you, right? You don’t want to be in a romantic relationship with them and don’t want to lose a friend like them, so you should refuse them nicely, making them feel that there is no chance for a romantic relationship here.

To do this, you can:

  • Suggest group hanging out: Inviting more friends whenever they suggest a hangout just only both of you. This is a sign for them to realize that you just want to keep this relationship a friendship.
  • If they keep sending you flirting texts, you can ignore these messages and change the topic of the conversation. If you get uncomfortable with the way they text, you can tell them about that.
  • Then, you should have an honest face-to-face conversation to express that you are not sure that you and them can be in a romantic relationship but you’re open to keeping this friendship.  


What does it mean when someone calls you their best friend?

When someone calls you their best friend, they see you as a friend who is especially close and trusted. 
You know a person is your best friend when you value them more than other friends in your life; you trust them, confide in them, and enjoy having fun with them.

What does it mean when a guy says you are my bestie?

This means he just sees you as a good friend who he trusts and can comfortably share his feelings with. He probably does not look for a romantic relationship with you.

If a girl calls you her best friend does she like you?

When she calls you her best friend, she likes you as a friend, not as a romantic partner.

If a girl calls you bestie are you friendzoned?

Well, you can be friend-zoned if a girl calls you her bestie. This means she looks for a good friend in you or maybe she is just trying to be friendly if both of you have just met.

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