What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Adorable

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably been called “adorable” by a man at least once in your life. Whether it’s a compliment or a come-on, it’s common. But what does it mean? And how can you respond if a guy calls you adorable? This post will give you the lowdown on the real meaning of that guy’s words and how to react if he does it to you. So let’s find out now!

When a guy says that a woman is adorable, he means he adores you. He is likely attempting to tell you that he is really in love with you but is being cautious out of a fear of being rejected.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Or Your Boyfriend Calls You Adorable?

The meaning of "adorable" to a girl
The meaning of “adorable” to a girl

It’s not necessarily a compliment to hear someone described as “adorable,” unlike other expressions of endearment like “honey” or “baby.” Even the word “cutie” has lost some of its ambiguity. Fortunately, when the proper guy comes along, being described as “adorable” can be a good thing. A few times, though, this term may not be so uplifting. Here are a few examples to help you better understand your guy’s perspective.

He’s saying you’re attractive

Some males simply lack the verbal skills necessary to appreciate you properly. They could use less demanding phrases out of ignorance rather than calling you “sexy” or “hot.” For example, the word adorable is so devoid of sexual connotations that a hesitant or unconfident guy may use it to express his admiration for you. He could say things like, 

  • “You look so adorable today!”
  • “Are you adorable? Of course! You’re very cute!
  • “Right now, you are so adorable that I want to kiss you.”

As you can see from these illustrations, it should be evident if a guy is complimenting your looks when he calls you adorable. Additionally, when they flatter you in this way, they could touch you, try to grasp your hands, or even grip your shoulder. He leans towards you with an open stance, and other minor physical touches might also be flirtatious.

He’s jeering at you

Can you know whether he's making fun of you or not?
Can you know whether he’s making fun of you or not?

A guy may call you adorable to tease you. Depending on the occasion, he may be condescending or cruel. Why would he mock you? Sometimes they tell you they’re not interested. Sometimes they’re being playful. When they say things like:

  • “Aren’t you absolutely adorable when you’re angry?”
  • “What did you do?” That is simply adorable.”
  • “How could someone so adorable have such awful fashion sense?”

However, this style of conversation may be flirty in the right setting. For example, if you’re relating a tale about something ridiculous you did and want to make him laugh, he’s calling you adorable might be a subtle flirtation. Context is crucial in these instances. If he appears to be ridiculing you or not taking you seriously, he might be making fun of you in a nasty way that makes you uncomfortable.

He’s attempting to date with you

Not all compliments come with the implied intent to have a sexual relationship. However, let’s be honest. Before attempting sex, guys would frequently praise you for getting your emotions open. That might not always be a negative thing! Being referred to as adorable in the methods listed below may make you pleased if you’re ready to hook up or solely want sex with your guy:

  • “If you wore tighter clothing, I bet you’d look adorable.”
  • “You’d look so adorable in that bathing suit.”
  • “I can hardly resist giving you a kiss since you are so adorable.”

A man attempting to have sex with you may not be merely a sex-obsessed Lothario. Instead, he could emphasize the need to connect with you to advance in a relationship physically. He could seek to be with you in this way if he is serious about you.

What To Say When A Guy Calls You Adorable

When a guy calls you adorable, he finds you charming and attractive. You can respond with a smile and thank him for his words. If he continues to call you adorable, you can maybe tease him a little by saying you’re glad he thinks you’re cute. But ensure to keep the conversation light and not take the compliment too seriously. Remember to take into consideration the context you’re in. 

Why Do Girls Say You’re Adorable?

What makes a girl calling you "adorable"
What makes a girl calling you “adorable”

She could simply be complimenting you on your physical appearance. Alternatively, she could be attracted to you and try to flatter you. Or, she could be trying to friend-zone you by saying you’re like a cute little brother. In any case, it’s best to ask her directly what she means to avoid misunderstandings.

Do guys like being called adorable?

In a world where guys are constantly bombarded with messages telling them to be tough and emotionless, it can be hard to know what they really want. Do they like being called adorable? The answer may surprise you. Guys actually love it when a woman calls them adorable. It shows that she likes them and is attracted to them, and it can make them feel good. 

Is adorable a compliment for guys?

There is no doubt that “adorable” is typically seen as a compliment for women and girls. However, there is no reason why it can’t also be seen as a compliment for guys. After all, what is more, attractive than a man who is not only physically appealing but also charming? When a guy is described as above, it usually means that he has an endearing quality that makes him all the more appealing. So, is “adorable” a compliment for guys? Absolutely!


What to say when a girl tells you’re adorable?

If a girl tells you that you’re adorable, there are a few different ways that you could respond. One option is to say “thank you.” This polite response will let her know that you appreciate the compliment. Another option is to say something like, “I think you’re pretty adorable too!” This fun and flirty response will let her know you’re interested in her. 

How do you tell a girl that she is adorable?

One way is to tell her that she is adorable simply. Another way is to say something like, “You are so adorable. I can’t help but smile when I see you.” Finally, you could try complimenting her on something specific that you find adorable about her, like her smile or sense of style. 

Is calling someone adorable flirting?

The answer is yes and no. For a girl, calling her “adorable” is a form of flirting with her. However, it is different than just saying something to get a woman’s attention. 
On the other hand, for a guy being called adorable, he can interpret this word in various ways. Some guys might consider calling “adorable” a form of flirting, especially if it is playful or flirtatious.  


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