What Episode Does Cat Noir Find Out Who Ladybug Is?

What episode does Cat Noir find out who Ladybug is? We all know that the animated TV show Miraculous has its way of playing with viewers’ hearts with their identity reveal scenes. This post will tell you the truth when the characters reveal their hero identities.

In season 4, episode 22, viewers were left shocked when Ladybug decided to reveal her true identity to Adrien, knowing that this action could have resulted in a considerable risk of her turning into a villain. Before that, Adrien also revealed his Cat Noir identity to her when they stood together on an isolated tower. He didn’t even struggle when he told her the truth.

Do Ladybug And Cat Noir Find Out Who Each Other Are?

After 4 seasons, with season 5 on the way, fans wonder if the two main characters know who each other are and if the identity revelation in different episodes is canon. Let’s find out.

Do Marinette and Adrien find out who they are?

Yes and no. In season 4, episode 22, fans were taken aback when Ladybug opted to expose her actual identity to Adrien. Adrien had already disclosed his Cat Noir persona to her while standing together on an isolated tower. So in episode 22 (Ephemeral), it was all revealed on the spot. Ladybug wasn’t ready yet, so she actually reveals herself later when they were standing in an alley.

Is it that easy? No. Because they have to fight Gamer, Captain Hardrock, and Gorizilla simultaneously, Ladybug has to summon her Lucky Charm, which later helps her change the time on the satellite’s clock and consequently travel back in time to reset everything back to normal. Unfortunately, this decision later erased Ladybug and Cat Noir’s memories of each other’s true identities. They had the chance to know it but didn’t have to chance to keep it.

Does Ladybug know who Cat Noir is?

In season 3, episode 7 Oblivio, Ladybug and Cat Noir discover their true identities. During this episode, they not only discovered who each other was but also confessed their feelings. However, the show applied the classic “erased memory” method to make them forget about their true identity behind the mask.

Do Ladybug and Cat Noir find out who each other are in season 3?

Yes, but they didn’t have the chance to keep their secrets between them. After Ladybug uses her power to undo everything with her Reset Button, she and Cat Noir get their memories restored to the time before they lost them due to amnesias. All of their experiences while amnesiac is deleted, including the identity reveal. So, we are back at the beginning for the first time.

Do Ladybug and Cat Noir find out who each other are in season 5?

Since season 5 hasn’t been released yet, we don’t have the information about the revelation. But, due to the “akumatized” rule of Miraculous, we doubt that the show will allow the two main characters to know each other hero identity. Besides, this doesn’t affect their love life because their romantic relationship and storyline are built outside their duty time.

Did Marinette and Adrien reveal their identities?

They did in seasons 3 and 4, but they never got to keep their memories. So until now, they are still unaware of each other’s hero identities.

They never got to keep their memories
They never got to keep their memories

What Episode Does Cat Noir Find Out Who Ladybug Is?

In which episode does the truth unveil? Cat Noir and Ladybug learn about each other’s identities like this:

What episode does Marinette and Adrien reveal their identity?

Marinette chose to reveal her Ladybug identity to Adrian in Season 4, Episode 22. Ephemeral is the title of the episode. Cat Noir, or Adrien, also reveals his heroic identity to Marinette. So they both learn about each other’s second life now.

However, at the end of the episode, all events were erased through time travel. So, in the future, Ladybug and Cat Noir’s hero identities remain a mystery to both of them. They have forgotten!

What season does Cat Noir find out who Ladybug is?

In seasons 3 and 4, they learn about each other’s hero identities. Still, their memory was erased by the end of each episode that included the revelation. So technically, we are still at the starting line.

When does Ladybug and Cat Noir reveal their identities in season 4?

Episode 22, season 4. However, this is considered a “what if” episode. Because even though it did happen, it only gave us a glimpse into the character’s life when they exposed themselves. The showrunner didn’t dare leave it that way due to the danger that the heroes may cause and face if they had their real names running from mouth to mouth.

Cat Noir detransforms in front of Ladybug
Cat Noir detransforms in front of Ladybug

Will Marinette and Adrien reveal their identities in season 6?

Tbh, we don’t know. But it is unlikely that a definite revelation will happen. The show has already played a trick on us twice, and fans are getting anxious/ angry. But the danger of being “akumatized” is still there. So unless the showrunners bring into the scene a method to avoid the condition, there is no way that they will give us a sweet answer to a proper name declaration.

Who Knows Ladybug And Cat Noir Identity?

Check out this infographic of characters on Miraculous that know something about other true identities.

Short answer: in the case of Ladybug, those who know her identities are: Master Su-han, Alya, and Luka. As for Cat Noir, the only one who knows his identity is Luka. The weird thing is that Adrien knows almost everyone’s identity but not the other way around. Marinette (Ladybug) is one of the few that he has no clue about.

Adrien And Marinette’s Relationship

Adrien and Marinette don’t really need an identity revelation to advance their revelation further. So how far are they gone in their romantic relationship? Find out below!

What episode does Adrien find out Marinette likes him?

Adrien Agreste is the series’ major male protagonist, as well as Marinette’s partner and love interest. Marinette is head over heels for Adrien under their civilian identities. Still, he is ignorant of it and likes Ladybug (Marinette’s hero mode). Her emotions are most visible when she engages with her friends.

What episode in Miraculous Ladybug does Adrien like Marinette?

In season 3, episode Cat Blanc, we see Adrien initiating a kiss with Marinette for the first time, which confirms that he likes her for real. Adrien always seems to be more touchy with Marinette than with other friends, even though he declares that he only thinks of her as a friend. Therefore, the kiss was such a big relief for fans because we no longer have to watch the agonizing love square between Adrien- Lady Bug – Cat Noir – Marinette anymore. They are finally together!

Adrien always seems to be more touchy with Marinette than with other friends
Adrien always seems to be more touchy with Marinette than with other friends

Before that, she tried to kiss him once in a museum filled with statues of akumatized villains, thinking that the status was simply a copy of Adrien. He chickened out and shocked Marinette. Undoubtfully, the jump hurts her feelings, and Adrien has to apologize for it.


What episode do Ladybug and Cat Noir switch Miraculous?

Ladybug and Cat Noir trade Miraculous in season 3, episode 5 “Reflekdoll,” becoming gender-swapped copies of each other’s heroic identities: Mister Bug and Lady Noire.

What episode does Marinette reveal her identity to Alya?

Marinette exposes her actual identity as Ladybug to Alya in season 4, episode 3, Gang of Secrets. This is the first friend to realize her friend’s true hero status. The girls exchange tight hugs after telling Alya.

Why can’t Ladybug and Cat Noir reveal their identities?

“Akumatized” is a condition where figures who reveal their hero identities must suffer. The condition will turn them into villains and risk people’s safety.

What episode does Ladybug and Cat Noir get their Miraculous?

In Ladybug & Cat Noir (Origins – Part 1), Marinette and Adrien get their Miraculous. This is the 22nd episode of the first season of Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir.

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