What Happened In The Final Episode Of Bewitched? Why Does It Stop?

If you cannot see the final episode of Bewitched or just do not have the time to watch it again but are still interested in finding out “What happened in the final episode of Bewitched?” this post will provide a review for you.

Bewitched was a popular sitcom in the 1960s. It was about a couple named Samantha and Darrin who lived in a magical world in the suburbs. Fans were dissatisfied when, on March 25, 1972, the broadcasting of this series was abruptly terminated.

In this last episode of Bewitched, Endora puts a spell on Samantha’s unicorn pin that makes every human who gets close to it tell the truth. The spell causes some issues for Darrin. At the end of the series, Samantha and Darrin confess to each other how much they love each other, without the magic of the truth pin to help them out.

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Last Episode Of Bewitched

What happened in the final episode of Bewitched?

Darrin plans to give Samantha a gift just because he loves her. In the mind of Endora, the gift is intended to ease his conscience about something he did. In her opinion, mortals are also incapable of telling the truth. So Endora tries to pinpoint Darrin’s honesty by giving him a pin with a spell that forces him to tell the truth. 

However, the spell causes some issues for Darrin. Darrin discovers the hard way that being honest is not always the best policy when he makes a mistake that jeopardizes an important account. It may appear as though Darrin may have lost the account, but the client gives them a break since he appreciates their honesty. 

At the end of the series, Samantha and Darrin confess to each other how much they love each other, without the magic of the truth pin to help them out.

As you can see, this episode didn’t have anything noteworthy or auspicious in its plot; there was no indication that this was the final episode.

What is the last episode of Bewitched?

“The Truth, Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me, Sam” is the final episode, and it is a remake of “Speak the Truth”, a 1965 episode.

when was the last episode of bewitched

When was the last episode of Bewitched?

Why Did Bewitched End?

It wasn’t because Bewitched lost viewers that the series was canceled. Instead, the whole reason was all to do with the show’s star, Elizabeth Montgomery, who played the nose-twitching witch Samantha Stephens on the show. She wanted out of her role as Samantha.

At the point when Montgomery decided she’d had enough for the show, the 9th and 10th seasons had been renewed.

Montgomery’s marriage to Asher was unraveling at this time as well. In 1972, the sitcom ended.

What Happened To Adam On Bewitched? 

Adam’s parents are horrified when they discover that his grandfather, Maurice, has trained him to be a warlock. Instead of being a warlock, Adam is a mortal like Darrin.

It is revealed that Adam possesses supernatural power in the episode titled “Adam, Warlock or Washout?” Initially, it was believed that Adam was a typical mortal human being. During the same test that had proven that Tabitha was a witch, he came back with the result that he was “mortal.” Maurice uses a shell to cast a spell on Adam to release Adam’s hidden powers, which had been there the whole time. After that, Adam got right to work on his witchcraft, just like Tabitha had done when her powers first started manifesting.


Does Elizabeth Montgomery have a daughter?

Yes. Rebecca Asher is Elizabeth Montgomery’s daughter, and her daughter’s name is also Elizabeth Montgomery. She is the daughter of Elizabeth Montgomery and William Asher. She is widely recognized as one of the most accomplished super directors working in television today.

What is Elizabeth Montgomery death cause?

Montgomery had been fighting cancer for a long time.  During the filming of Deadline for Murder: From the Files of Edna Buchanan, which she finished filming at the end of March 1995, she chose to ignore the flu-like symptoms that she was experiencing. When the cancer was found, it had already spread from her colon to her liver, so it was too late for treatment.
Because there was no chance of her getting better and she did not want to pass away in a hospital, she decided to go back to the Beverly Hills home that she and Foxworth had shared. Montgomery passed away at her home on the early morning of May 18, 1995, 62 years old. Her death came eight weeks after she was given her diagnosis.

What is Erin Murphy net worth?

Erin Murphy is a well-known American actress who kicked off her career in the entertainment industry by playing Tabitha Stephens on the long-running television series “Bewitched.” Initially, she played the role alongside her twin sister, Diane Murphy; however, she took sole responsibility for the role in subsequent seasons of the show.  She has a net worth of $10 million.

How long did Bewitched run?

The television series “Bewitched” ran from 1964 until 1972.

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