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What was Shanks bounty when Luffy was a kid? Shank is one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece. He barely shows up and demonstrates his fighting skill. Still, his bounty ranks in the top 5 of pirates with the highest bounty, which should mean that he is highly dangerous and powerful, shouldn’t it? We will debunk the myths around Shanks’s large sum of bounty.

At the start of the series, Shanks, the renowned Conqueror’s Haki user, had a bounty of 1.004 billion berries. This was when Luffy was still a mere kid who randomly ate the Gomu-gomu devil fruit and gained the ability to flex his body as if it were made of rubber.

What Is Shanks Bounty?

Discover Shanks’s bounty throughout the years of One Piece.

What was Shanks bounty when Luffy was a kid?

Shanks‘s bounty was 1.04 (or 1.004) billion berries, and this is the story of 12 years ago when Luffy was still a kid. Shanks is renowned as “the killer of Color of Observation Haki,” which prevents his opponent from seeing into the future. Despite his gregarious and welcoming demeanor, Shanks is revered across the One Piece universe, and no one dares to dispute his status as Yonko.

Shanks's bounty was 1.04 (or 1.004) billion berries
Shanks’s bounty was 1.04 (or 1.004) billion berries

Shanks’ bounty is now 4,048,900,000 Berries. He became Emperor at the age of 33, making him the second-youngest in history. He is also mighty, as evidenced by the Government agreeing to his conditions during the Paramount War and meeting the five Elders, which explains his large bounty.

What was Shanks bounty when he was a kid?

When Shanks came to set up camp in the East Blue, Eiichiro Oda eventually disclosed that he had a bounty of 1,000,400,000 berries. This suggests Shanks was not a Great Pirate at the time. However, he was still building a good reputation for himself in the pirate world.

Why is Shanks bounty so high?

Shanks has a large bounty because he is one of the world’s most feared and recognized pirates. He has shown to be a formidable and deadly adversary, and his exploits have earned him a reputation as one of the most feared pirates on the high seas. Despite his lack of devil fruit strength, Shanks is one of the most powerful pirates in the world.

What was Shanks first bounty?

So, even before he was sought for almost four billion berries, Shanks appears to have been highly valuable. According to the new One Piece film, Shanks was sought for 1,000,400,000 berries about the time he encountered Luffy in the East Blue.

What is Shanks bounty at the start of one piece?

Shanks, the famed Conqueror’s Haki user, had a bounty of 1.004 billion berries at the start of the series. The timeline matches with when Luffy was a youngster. He ate the Gomu-gomu devil fruit and obtained the power to stretch, inflate, bend, etc., like he was made of rubber.

How did Shanks get his bounty?

There is no doubt that Shanks’s bounty is very high. However, he doesn’t rank first in the list of yonkos with the highest bounties. He is the youngest of the Four Emperors and has little experience compared to them. Furthermore, he does not randomly assault others, making him significantly calmer. He does not have such frightening images as the other yonkos.

Shanks is the youngest of the Four Emperors
Shanks is the youngest of the Four Emperors

Big Mom and Kaido are mindless animals that are pure evil. On the other hand, Whitebeard was the strongest and ate a devil fruit. Moreover, he had a lot of experience and was nearly as powerful as Gol D roger.

Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaido have higher bounties than Shanks. The red hair pirate ranks 4th in the list of yokos’ bounties.

Shanks Crew Bounties

  • Rockstar: 190,000,000 berries
  • Yasopp: 1,000,000,000 berries
  • The fat Lucky Roux: 1,400,000,000 berries
  • Benn Beckman: 1,900,000,000 berries

Shanks And Luffy’s Relationships

Shanks and Luffy have the most wholesome relationship in the One Piece universe. Shanks was the one that gave Luffy a dream to chase. So let’s discuss their dynamics together!

Was Shanks a yonko when he met Luffy?

According to the manga, Shanks has been a yonko for six years, and he met Luffy long before that, which was 12 years ago. So when he met Luffy, he wasn’t a yoko. So the red hair pirate became a yonko with just one arm.

How old was Shanks when he met Luffy?

Shanks was 27 years old when he met Luffy. Shanks is about 20 years older than Luffy, so the young pirate was 6-7 years old when he first met Shanks.

Shanks was 27 years old when he met Luffy
Shanks was 27 years old when he met Luffy

How strong was Shanks when he met Luffy?

He was strong but not yonko-strong. It would be fascinating to learn what Shanks did to achieve the position of Yonkou at such an early age. There are just too many riddles surrounding this individual, and no one knows when they will be solved. Shanks is likely the most potent Haki user in the series because he lacks a Devil Fruit to rely on.

How long did Luffy know Shanks?

Luffy has known Shanks for 20 years. He idolizes Shanks and even wishes to defeat him and his crew someday. Shanks even sacrificed one arm to save Luffy when the pirate captain was small. So there is no surprise that their relationship is full of admiration after 20 years.


How old was Shanks when he became a yonko?

He became a yonko at 33 years old, the youngest yonko ever. He also is the only one who doesn’t possess any power from the Devil Fruit, making him a true fighter in his own essence.

What was Blackbeard’s bounty when he met Luffy?

Having stated that, Blackbeard’s reward must be at least $500 million due to the threat he poses to the World Government. While Luffy did a lot of damage and Fisher Tiger was able to strike directly at Marie Jois, Blackbeard is far stronger.

When did Shanks become a yonko?

During Enies Lobby Arc, he became into Yonko at 33 years old. Remember this scene: After Enies Lobby, Garp tells Luffy that Shanks is “now one of the four emperors.”

Was Shanks a warlord?

Shanks is one of the Four Emperors who obtained the yonko status during Ennis Lobby Arc.

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