When Does Alya Find Out Marinette Is Ladybug? – Shocking Moments Of Miraculous

When does Alya find out Marinette is Ladybug? Like most classic superhero movies, the heroes tend to conceal their true identities to be able to live a double life and remain ordinary people when they aren’t in their costumes. Find out the moment when Alya finds out about Marinette’s true identity as Ladybug.

In season 4, episode 3, Gang of Secrets, Marinette reveals her true identity as Ladybug to Alya. This is the first friend who knows her friend’s real hero role. After telling Alya, the girls give each other a firm hug. This is a very emotional scene because we know that the revelation won’t change their friendship if not strengthen it. 

When Does Alya Find Out Marinette Is Ladybug?

Allow us to tell you the exact episode and season when Marinette tells the truth about her Ladybug identity to her friend Alya.

Does Alya find out who Ladybug is?

In episode 3 of season 1, “The Pharaoh,” Alya found the history book that Ladybug dropped. She noticed that Marinette didn’t have her history book and then thought that Marinette was Ladybug. But she didn’t make any further investigation, which was why only when we reached season 4, episode 10, that Alya “find out” about Ladybug. It was Marinette that told Alya the truth. She didn’t investigate herself.

What episode does Alya find out Marinette is Ladybug?

Marinette confesses her actual identity as Ladybug to Alya in season 4, episode 3 of Miraculous. This is the first friend to realize her friend’s true hero status. The two characters exchange hugs immediately after Marinette tells Alya. This is a tremendously emotional scenario since we know that the disclosure would not change but rather enhance their friendship.

It was Marinette that told Alya the truth
It was Marinette that told Alya the truth

Fans were very worried that the showrunners would erase Alya’s memory or introduce a painful plot that would somehow make Alya forget the secret. But luckily, Alya still remains the only character that truly knows the real name behind Ladybug until this day.

What episode does Marinette tell Alya she’s Ladybug?

In season 4, episode 3 (Gang of Secrets) Marinette told Alya about her true Ladybug identity. She was very nervous because she thought the truth would ruin their relationship. But, unlike her negative expectation, Alya welcomed the news like a true friend and accepted Marinette with a hug.

How does Alya know Marinette is Ladybug?

Alya could have known that Marinette was Ladybug if she had connected the dots. She found a history book that Ladybug dropped, and she knew that Marinette had previously lost her history book.

Despite all the evidence, she didn’t connect the dots and investigate further to confirm her theory (she did consider the possibility that Marinette was Ladybug). When the episode Gang of Secrets happened, Alya learned the truth from the one and only Ladybug herself.

What Episode Does Marinette Tell Adrien She’s Ladybug?

Marinette decided to tell Adrian about her Ladybug identity in season 4, episode 22. The episode is named Ephemeral. Check out this video and enjoy the big reveal with Adrien. And guess what? Cat Noir, or Adrien, also tells Marinette about his superhero identity. So now, they both know about each other’s second life.

But, by the end of the episode, all the events that happened in the episode were erased by time travel. So, in the end, Ladybug and Cat Noir’s hero identities go back to being a secret for both of them. They no longer know!

Does Anyone Know Marinette Is Ladybug?

Alya is the only one that truly knows. Marinette untransformed in front of Adrien in season 4, episode 22 but his and her memory was erased in the end. Thus, Alya remains the only person who knows about Ladybug.

When Does Luka Find Out Marinette Is Ladybug?

During the struggle against the titular villain in “Wishmaker,” Luka, as Viperion, accidentally discovers the actual identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir. They were revealed after being impacted by the villain’s abilities. The two significant protagonists are unaware that Luka knows who they are due to his ability to travel back in time, yet Luka still respects them. They are unaware that he is aware.

Does Marinette Know Luka Knows Her Identity?

She is unaware that he knows. In an episode when Luka receives a text message from Ladybug just before her Miraculous is taken, he replies, “My sewing box contains Sass! Marinette!”. It’s logical to think that Ladybug knows that Luka knows. If not, she wouldn’t have texted him for help.

Marinette doesn't know Luka knows her identity
Marinette doesn’t know Luka knows her identity

But that’s not really the case. She was desperate and “revealing” herself at the moment, knowing Luka was the only one who knew about the initial plan with Sass. So she simply hoped he could fit the puzzle together and know that Marinette is Ladybug and help her escape the danger.


Does Alya know Adrien is Cat Noir?

Adrien is aware that Alya is Rena Rouge, but Alya is oblivious that Adrien is Cat Noir.

What episode does Alya become Rena Rouge?

In Sapotis, season 2, episode 11, after receiving the Fox Miraculous from Ladybug, Alya transforms into Rena Rouge, a fox-themed superhero who assists Ladybug and Cat Noir. At the same time, the Miraculous is occupied by Trixx.

When does Alya get her Miraculous?

Alya gets her miraculous in Sapotis, season 2, episode 11. In season 4, episode 13, Marinette also lets Alya keep her Fox Miraculous.

Does Marinette tell Alya she’s Ladybug in season 4?

Yes, Marinette tells Alya that she is Ladybug in season 4, episode 3.

What nationality is Alya from Miraculous Ladybug?

Alya is Martiniquan Creole-French.

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