When Does Chloe Find Out About Clark? – Clark’s Secret Reveal In Smallville

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When Does Chloe Find Out About Clark’s Secret?

Chloe first learned Clark’s secret in episode 12 with the title “Pariah” in season 4. But until episode 1: Arrival in season 5, Clark knew that Chloe had already known his secret and decided to reveal his alien origin to her.

In the “Pariah” episode of season 4, Alicia Baker, Clark’s girlfriend, told Chloe Sullivan about Clark’s superpower. Chloe also saw Clark using his power to suppress a car to save Alicia, but she decided not to tell him about this.

In season 5, episode 1: Arrival, Clark had to use his superspeed power to take Chloe to the hospital after she was transported to the Fortress of Solitude and got frozen. At that time, he discovered that Chloe had already learned his secret and decided to tell her about his alien origin. Chloe still saw him as a hero, not a freak, which he feared people would see him as after discovering his origin.

Chloe and Clark in Smallville
Chloe and Clark in Smallville
  • People that know Clark’s secret in Smallville: Besides Acilia and Chloe Sullivan, other people also discover his abilities, including:
    • Martha and Jonathan Kent – Clark’s adoptive parents (season 1)
    • Pete Ross – Clark’s childhood friend (season 2)
    • Lionel Luthor – father of Lex Luther (season 5)
    • Oliver Queen – Green Arrow (season 6)
    • Lana Lang – Clark’s girlfriend (season 6)
    • Lex Luther – son of Lionel Luthor (season 7)
    • Davis Bloome – the human camouflage for Doomsday (season 8)
    • Tess Mercer –  Lex Luthor’s loyal employee (season 8)
    • Jimmy Olsen – the Daily Planet’s photojournalist (season 8)
    • Lois Lane – the Daily Planet’s reporter (season 9)

When did Lana find out about Clark?

Lana finally found Clark’s secret in season 6, in episode 16 named “Promise.”

Before that, in episode 12: “Reckoning” of season 5, Clark told Lana his secret after taking her to the Fortress of Solitude, and then he proposed to her. However, after Lana re-alive from her death after a car accident because Clark turned back time, he decided not to tell her the truth to save her life.

Does Lex know Clark’s secret?

Yes, Lex found out Clark has alien origin in season 7. In episode 20, named “Arctic,” Lex found the location of the Fortress of Solitude and was not surprised when he confronted Clark in that place.

Chloe Sullivan in Smallville

In the Smallville series, Chloe Sullivan is an aspiring journalist and editor for the Torch, a school newspaper. She was also known as Clark Kent’s college best friend, who had a love feeling for him but finally accepted their “friendship” and nothing more. In the early seasons, she teamed up with Clark and his childhood friend, Pete Ross, to research and stop meteor-infected people from harming other citizens in Smallville.

Chole was demonstrated as an intelligent, independent, curious, and impulsive journalist in the series. She always wants to know and expose the hidden truth, which brings her many troubles, from tensions with friends to troubles with Lionel Luthor and Lex Luthor.

Chloe Sullivan is played by Allison Mack
Chloe Sullivan is played by Allison Mack


Chloe had empathetic healing, truth compulsion, super-intelligence, super-strength, and super-speed power.

Her former superpower, empathic healing, is the result of meteor infection since Chloe and her mother were exposed to meteor radiation in the meteor shower in 1989. She discovered and activated her power in the “Phantom” episode in season 6 when she surprisingly healed her cousin Lois. However, after encountering with Brainiac supervillain, she lost this power.

She had truth compulsion power due to exposure to kryptonite-based viral truth gas when searching the LuthorCorp’s secret lab, in season 3. With this subconscious power, she can make people tell her all the truth about whatever she wants. Finally, Clark cured her with the anti-serum from Dr. Jonah Doyle.

Chloe got super-intelligence, super-strength, and super-speed powers after encountering and being possessed by Brainiac. Thus, when Brainiac was removed, she lost all these powers. 

Romantic relationships

Chloe has an unrequited love for her best friend, Clark Kent. However, she realized and accepted being a close friend to Clark eventually.

In season 6, Jimmy Olsen was introduced to the series, and he was the first person Chole developed a romantic relationship with. In the two final seasons of the series, Chloe fell in love with Oliver Queen, a.k.a Green Arrow, and eventually married him.

Chloe Sullivan’s actress

Chole Sullivan is played by actress Allison Mack. The actress has an outstanding portrayal of Chole’s characteristics and psychology, bringing her multiple award nominations and wins between 2002 – 2009.

After the Smallville series, Mack played Amanda, a recurring role, in seasons 2 and 4 of the “Wilfred” comedy show. In 2014, she had a guest role in The Following movie, playing Hilary – a policewoman.

Clark Kent in Smallville

Clark Kent, also known as Superman, is the main protagonist of the Smallville series. He has an alien origin, from which he owns superpowers and uses them to protect the Earth. He was raised by Martha and Jonathan Kent in Smallville, Kansas.

Clark Kent is played by Tom Welling
Clark Kent is played by Tom Welling


All of Clark’s powers are related to the Earth’s yellow sun. Besides, his powers become stronger and stronger as he gets older. He possesses all the impressive common powers we can imagine for a superman, such as super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, and super-sense. Besides, Clark Kent has many unique powers like X-ray vision, heat vision, flight, enhanced lung and mental capacity, precognition, etc.

Romantic relationships

In the Smallville show, Clark Kent’s romantic relationship with Lana Lang (played by Kristin Kreuk) is the central one. Their romantic relationship started at the end of season 2. However, their relationships went through many problems. They got back in season 7, but then Lana decided to leave Clark because she learned that it was the best way for him to use his best to help the world.

Besides the romantic relationship with Lana, Clark also developed a relationship with Lois Lane, who later was his wife.

Clark Kent’s actor

Clark Kent is played by Tom Welling, or Thomas Joseph Welling, born on April 26, 1977, in Putnam Valley, New York. He started his artist career in 1998 as a model and became an actor with his first role in 2001 in the Judging Amy drama as a karate teacher, Rob Meltzer.

His role as Clark Kent in the Smallville series brought him many award nominations. He also won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Breakout TV Star – Male in 2002 and Choice Action TV Actor in 2009.


Does Clark ever tell Chloe His secret?

Chloe and Clark do not get together, though Chloe has love feelings for Clark.
Clark loved Lana Lang and proposed to her in season 5 but finally brokenheartedly watched her married Lex Luthor. About Chloe, she had a romantic relationship with Jimmy Olsen in season 8 but eventually fell in love with Oliver Green and married him.

Does Clark tell Chloe about his powers?

Yes, he told Chloe about his powers after knowing she had discovered his abilities. This happened in episode 1 in the fifth season of the Smallville show.

Does Chloe forget Clark’s secret?

Chole still remembers Clark’s secret. When Brainiac was removed from the body, most of her earlier memories were also restored, including Clark’s secret.

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