Who Does Asta End Up With?

If you watched this anime series at all, then you must be wondering who does Asta end up with.

There has been no romantic relationship between Asta and any of the female characters so far in the series. The only time he refers to Sister Lily as one of the people that he wants to marry is when he mentions the word marry.

Even so, he is always rejected, which is understandable, as he was one of those who raised him and had always been by his side.

The following information about Asta might be of interest to you. This article has more to offer, so make sure to read it all!

Who Does Asta End Up With In The Anime And Manga?

As a result of examining all of the other possible pairings, Noelle Silva would end up being the most likely person to be Asta’s partner in life. There will be continuity between the anime and manga, which will maintain a traditional Shonen style throughout both.

It was inevitable that Noelle would look past her worries and prejudices once she realized she and Asta were raised in different contexts. Although she has denied her romantic relationship with Asta, she has in fact begun to care for him romantically.

Due to their close relationship and time spent in the same group and team, they are also able to trust one another and depend on one another in difficult situations.

As another piece of evidence that substantiates his claim, we have Tatsuya Yoshihara, director of the Black Clover anime, who has uploaded artwork that depicts the children’s version of Asta and Noelle, as well as a picture of an anime princess.

Who Does Asta Fall In Love With?

Black Clover fans will undoubtedly know who Asta’s favorite is and who is the lady he most adores if they are fans of the series.

Do Asta and Noelle fall in love?

Asta and Noelle
Asta and Noelle

In the Black Bull, Noelle is a teammate of Asta and a rookie on the squad. It was Magna who showed Asta his hideout for the Black Bull for the first time when he gave the former a tour of the latter. Noelle treated him with rudeness and patronization when she first met him.

This was because of her royal status that she paid little attention to him at the time. Additionally, she finds his loud, brash approach to be irritating because of his attitude. Despite this, she softened her opinion of Asta after he openly said that her magic was amazing.

This was great news considering the torment and ridicule she had been subjected to over the years from her older siblings. Despite the fact that Noelle rated Asta as very friendly, there was soon a strong romantic attraction between them that developed rapidly over time.

Their time together is mostly spent around the hideout, or on missions, and they often spend most of it with each other.

In spite of the fondness Asta has for Noelle as a friend, she cannot seem to realize that she has romantic feelings for him. As a Magic Knight, he has unwavering faith in her as a Magic Knight, and always supports her whenever she needs it, praising her abilities, and praising her abilities.

She often thinks of him when she is searching for a way to control her magic, and his support has become a crucial pillar for her in her quest. The fact that she can be rude and critical to him when he needs it may not be surprising to learn that he remains oblivious and ultimately very kind to her.

When he saw Noelle help a lost child at the Star Awards Festival, he admitted that he liked her a lot, which caused Noelle to blush, because he had seen her help a lost child.

Additionally, he is very protective of Noelle, and he has saved her several times, such as when Vetto attacked her the first time he met her, as well as other times.

Asta became furious and insulted Solid when the nobleman ridiculed her and presented her with humiliation. It was at this point that Asta demanded that he apologize to her for what he had said and a brief fight occurred.

Additionally, Asta saved Noelle at one point, after she lost control while attempting to learn Sea Dragon’s Cradle, but she later became flustered and attacked him because of her lack of control.

Whenever she was too agitated with Asta, Noelle had to attack him numerous times due to her inability to admit to her feelings for him, as well as her inability to accept her feelings for him.

This leads Asta to misinterpret what the woman is feeling as a deep trust that is too embarrassing and too difficult for her to admit to.

Do Asta and Noelle kiss?

In fact, Asta and Noelle have never kissed each other, but both Asta and Rebecca have kissed each other.

Rebecca kiss Asta moment
Rebecca kisses Asta moment

The first time Asta and Rebecca Scarlet met was at a mixer that was dragged along by both of their friends. While all of the other couples headed off on their own dates, Asta and Rebecca were left alone in an awkward situation.

As soon as they start sharing their experiences with their siblings, however, the two become friends, and they soon become close friends.

After he throws away a drunken man when he starts harassing Rebecca, Rebecca’s romantic feelings for him are cemented more strongly throughout the rest of the scene.

The two of them finish dinner and run out of the restaurant, and as they pass the back exit the restaurant, Rebecca asks Asta if he has anyone special in his life. Asta answers yes, thinking of Sister Lily, without realizing what her real question was about.

As a result, Rebecca remains determined to win Asta’s love as she invites him one day to make sure she and her siblings get to meet him and she urges him to stay for a while on her farm.

As he had stated in his promise, Asta came to visit Rebecca and her siblings, and they all immediately liked him, while at the same time having fun with him.

The women cook food for everyone as her siblings try to get her to marry Asta, much to the embarrassment of the woman, who is cooking food for her siblings. She is extremely grateful for Asta’s kindness in returning all the children, including her siblings, to their village.

In addition to this, because she was unaware of the nature of Asta and Noelle’s relationship, she kissed him on the cheek, commenting to herself that at least she would get this much from him. As a result, she has finally accepted that she will not be able to win him over to her.

Asta is usually completely unaware of Rebecca’s feelings for him despite the fact that she is in love with him.

Does Asta end up with Lily?

Asta wished to marry Sister Lily when he was just a little boy
Asta wished to marry Sister Lily when he was just a little boy

Asta only seems to have mentioned Lily once during this long series of comics.

In spite of his wishes, Asta is not willing to marry Sister Lily, despite the fact that he very much wishes he would.

The moment he first had contact with her at the church where he had been abandoned, he developed a crush on her, and in the beginning, he asked her to marry him, even though he had not even spoken to her yet.

Due to the fact that the child was only a small child at that time, the joke was naturally played for laughs. Asta started off as a little child trying to get girls and as he grew older, he started taking this crush a little too seriously.

The whole time Asta grew up, despite the fact that they had a huge age gap, her role as his caretaker, and the fact that she is a nun, Asta always proposed to Sister Lily.

As much as Lily may be the innocent, he still manages to cause quite a bit of trouble with his antics, especially since she often attempts to use physical force in the form of magic to reject him by “accident”

It is certain that none of this indicates that Asta’s infatuation could ever grow into a sustainable relationship, let alone a marriage, regardless of the fact that Lily cares about him tremendously. Several fans have attested to the fact that he is obsessing over the Sister in an attempt to copy her.

Because Asta has grown up seeing Sister Lily as a constant figure in his life due to his childhood abandonment, he tends to think that marriage will amplify the bond they share and enable their bond to last forever, something he most likely knows is not true.

He might be guilty of keeping a misplaced focus on his childhood crush due to his childish insistence that this is his greatest achievement and the title of Wizard King that lies ahead of him.

I imagine that it would be quite interesting if, at some point in the future, at the end of the episode, we see him return to the place where it all began, and really realize how he has changed and that he no longer feels these emotions, and finally having reached some sort of emotional maturity and character development.

Who Is Asta’s Love Interest?

It has already been mentioned that Asta has a love interest who has taken care of him since he was very young, and that is Sister Lily.

Asta and Lily have been in love for a long time, but perhaps fate has forced them apart despite the fact that they are destined for each other. I mentioned above why they are unable to reach each other for the reason that I mentioned earlier.

Asta's girlfriend
Asta’s girlfriend

Who Does Asta Date?

In the Black Bull’s blind date, one of the young women who go on Asta’s date is Rebecca Scarlet, who is also a participant in the blind date.

As a result of a drunken man insulting her, she develops romantic feelings towards Asta, who goes on to defend her and protect her wellbeing from the drunkard in a romantic way during the course of the movie. Afterward, in an effort to save her brothers and sisters, she kisses Asta on the cheek.

Their life experiences are fairly similar – they both grew up in unmarried families without parents, and they both had siblings as well. Despite the fact that Asta has romantic feelings for her, he does not have those feelings as of yet.

Who Is Asta’s Girlfriend?

There has not been any romantic relationship between Asta and another character in the series so far. When he refers to Sister Lily in his writing, the only time the word marry is mentioned is when he is referring to herself.

Although he tries to reach out to her, he is always turned down by her, understandably so, as he was raised in her household.


Does Nero love Asta?

In terms of their relationship, Nero sees Asta more as a son she has raised with pride or as a big sister, rather than a love interest.

As far as I have seen, Noelle, Sister Lily, and Mimosa are the only people who have expressed romantic interest in Asta. As well as puppy love with the sister of siscon.

Who is yuno girlfriend Black Clover?

Charmy, from the Black Bulls guild, is someone that he loves, and he has her sincere affection. It is for this reason that she believes he is a gorgeous prince, as he managed to save one of her meals from being destroyed during the fight.

what episode does asta fall in love with noelle?

It is probably episode 7 where Asta saves Noelle from her breakdown when she has a problem with her water magic.


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