75+ Good Fantasy Rogue Names For All Character Genders (with meaning)

If you are looking for the best fantasy names for your rogue characters, this article is created for you. In this article, you will find lists of rogue names for all genders. The names are derived from and inspired by mythical stories and TV shows or movie characters.

Female Rogue Names

Female rogues are clever and nimble and master assassinating skills. The listed names below fit this cutthroat persona of your female rogue character.

Female rogue names
Female rogue names
  • Ahlai: Israeli origin, meaning “sorrowful experience.”
  • Alexandria: Greek origin, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  • Beretta: Italian origin, referring to the name of a gun.
  • Crimson: meaning “rich deep red”; it describes the color of blood so could be used for your assassin rogue character.
  • Deianira: Greek origin, meaning “man destroyer.”
  • Jezebel: Hebrew origin, meaning “not exalted.” In the Hebrew Book of Kings, this is also the name of King Ahab’s wife, who is known for the bad girl reputation.
  • Kali: Indian origin, the name of the Hindu Goddess, meaning “essence of destruction.”
  • Kami: Japanese origin, meaning “God.”
  • Kamira: Japanese origin, meaning “sunshine and moonlight.”
  • Kunoichi: Japanese origin, meaning “female ninja.”
  • Gorgon: Greek origin, meaning “grim or dreadful.”
  • Matahari: Malay origin, meaning “eye of the day.”
  • Maeve: Irish origin, meaning “intoxicating.”
  • Moana: Greek origin, meaning “unreachable wishes.”
  • Solan: Old Norse origin, meaning “sun.”
  • Secret: meaning “mysterious.”
  • Tempest: English origin, meaning “violent storm.”

Male Rogue Names

A cool and mysterious male rogue occasionally wields poisoned weapons and prefers to work alone rather than in a band or guild. He knows how to hide in the shadows and is agile and extremely devious.

Male rogue names
Male rogue names
  • Anwir: English origin, meaning “liar.”
  • Ares: Greek origin, referring to the “Greek God of war and ruin.”
  • Azwame: Israeli origin, meaning “strong death.”
  • Astram: Sanskrit origin, meaning “a weapon of occult power.”
  • Axe: the name of a weapon
  • Belial: Hebrew origin, meaning “worthless.”
  • Breaker: English origin, an aggressive name for someone courting trouble.
  • Callan: Scottish origin, meaning “battle and rock.”
  • Crash: a name that gives a sense of strength and violence.
  • Dagger: English origin, referring to a fighting knife used in close combat.
  • Dolion: Greek origin, meaning “deceitful.”
  • Donovan: Irish origin, meaning “dark warrior.”
  • Duncan: Scottish origin, meaning “dark warrior.”
  • Dustin: German origin, meaning “fighter” and “thief.”
  • Gedeon: Hebrew origin, meaning “destroyer.”
  • Patton: English origin, meaning “fighter’s tow.”
  • Pyry: Finnish origin, meaning “like a snowstorm.”
  • Sephtis: Persian origin, meaning “eternal death.”
  • Shooter: English origin, a badass rogue name like Breaker and Rebel, referring to someone who often uses a gun.
  • Striker: English origin, a rogue name with a macho and aggressive meaning of “do the world a favor and desist.”
  • Tavarious: English origin, meaning “misfortune.”
  • Ubel: German origin, meaning “evil.”

Gender-Neutral Rogue Names

This list includes powerful rogue names that all genders can share.

  • Adofa: African origin, meaning “warrior.”
  • Ahriman: Indian origin, meaning “evil spirit.”
  • Amon: Greek origin, meaning “the hidden one.”
  • Enyo: Greek origin, referring to a Goddess of destructive warfare.
  • Helmer: German origin, meaning “a warrior’s wrath.”
  • Jela: Egyptian origin, meaning “to suffer.”
  • Kek: Egyptian origin, meaning “God of darkness.”
  • Matchithew: Native Indian origin, meaning “to have a heart like evil.”
  • Pele: Hawaiian origin, meaning “warrior of destruction.”
  • Runihura: Egyptian origin, meaning “destroyer.”
  • Rebel: English origin, meaning “rebel”.
  • Racer: referring to a character with the need for speed and risky situations.
  • Wild/Wilder: referring to someone always “asking for trouble.”
  • Shadow: giving a sense of a sneaky person.
  • Sloan: Irish origin, meaning “raider; warrior.”
  • Storm: referring to someone that is windswept and dramatic, and maybe asking for trouble.

Fiction Rogue Names

This list includes the rogue names inspired by the movie & TV show characters.

Fiction rogue name - Dracula
Fiction rogue name – Dracula
  • Beelzebub: Hebrew origin, a popular name from Abrahamic religion, and another word for “satan.”
  • Bilbo: English origin,  a name from “Lord of the Rings”; meaning “an old sword.”
  • Bolivar: Spanish origin, the name from the character in El Heroe, meaning “mighty, warlike.”
  • Damon: Greek origin, name of the vampire from a popular TV show, meaning “to tame.”
  • Dracula: Romanian origin, from multiple folklores, movies, and posts about vampires, meaning “son of the dragon.”
  • Caine: Irish origin, meaning “son of a fighter.”
  • Heinz: German origin, name of the evil scientist in “Phineas and Ferb” show; meaning the “home ruler.”
  • Harley: English origin, meaning “the long field”; it is also the name of a motorcycle brand. This name refers to the image of the Harley Queen in Suicide Squad.
  • Jafar: name of the villain from Disney’s show “Aladdin,” meaning “stream.”
  • Mazikeen: the name of a female character in Sandman comic book, meaning “harmful spirits.”
  • Riddick: the main character in the Riddick film series
  • Sauron: Multiple origins, name of the villain from “Lord of the Rings”; meaning “absolute evil.”
  • Scar: English origin, name of the famous villain from “The Lion King”; meaning “a mark left on the skin.”

Funny Rogue Names

This list of funny rogue names can fit the tricky but weak rogue characters.

  • Bing: Scottish origin, meaning “metallic waste or a heap.”
  • Chibi: Japanese origin, indicating a “short person” and “is popularly associated with manga.”
  • Chort: Russian origin, meaning “a demon of doom.”
  • Crumb: German origin, meaning “small fragments.”
  • Moody: English origin, meaning “unpredictable temperament.”
  • Jiggy: Multiple origins, meaning “uninhibited and excited.”
  • Kibble: German origin, meaning “pellets or dog food.”
  • Queso: Spanish origin, meaning “cheese.”
  • Schrodinger: Austrian origin, is derived from the Shrodinger experiment, and is a term given to the resulting equation.
  • Teddy: English origin, meaning “divine gift.”
  • Ziggy: German origin, a pet name meaning “victory.”

How To Create Rogue Names For Your Characters

What is a rogue?

A rogue is a person whose behaviors do not follow the usual norms. They are dishonest, mischievous, independent, and uncontrollable.

In games, they can be thieves, burglars, assassins, scouts, and cutpurses that hide in the shadow and master the skills of pickpockets or lockpickers. They love speed and mobility.

Steps for creating rogue names

After knowing what a rogue character is, you’ve got some sense about the characteristic of a rough name and can now start creating your own character’s rogue names. Here are the main steps to create a good and suitable rogue name for your character.

  • Analyzing your characters: This is an important initial step for making a good rogue name for your character. You should find out what abilities and characteristics your character has so that you can do further research on reference figures in history, myth, or literature. By doing so, you can get some first inspiration for the name.
  • Knowing the character’s settings: The name you created should reflect the character’s setting. This means you should know what dynasty, century, community, and social class your character belongs to. You need to research the settings you found so you can shape the idea about the name that is age-appropriate but still reflects the character’s background.
  • Choosing a name and double-checking it: The name you choose should be short and easy to remember. It should not have difficult pronunciation and lengthy words. Also, you should avoid using apostrophes in your character name as it can make the name too complicated to write and pronounce. Then, make sure you check the name using the search engine to see if there is any unexpected association or connotation.
  • Seeking help from rogue name generators: If you are sitting for a long time and cannot come up with a satisfactory rogue name, you can use name generators to have ideas and inspiration.

Rogue Names Generators

Below are some good rogue name generators you can use to pick the appropriate name for your rogue characters.


What does make a good rogue name?

A good rogue name is one that you can easily remember and can provide a shape of the character’s backstory and personality. It also gives a sense of mystery and subtlety, making you use your fantasy imagination.

What does the name Rogue mean?

The name Rogue means “unpredictable, dishonest, savage.” It is a gender-neutral name and has English origin.

What is a group of rogues called?

A group of rogues can be called “a thieves guild.”


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