When Will Miraculous Ladybug Be On Disney Plus?

When will Miraculous Ladybug be on Disney Plus? If you are wondering about the 6th season of the series, you will have to be very patient since it’s in the writing phase only and won’t come out until 2024. You can find out below its release dates and availability on Disney+ so far!

But, if you are thinking of more recent seasons, we have all the information for you! All the first 5 seasons of Miraculous Ladybug are available to enjoy on Disney+ US! If you live in France or the UK, you will have access to the same content as US citizens. As for Disney+ in other countries, not everyone has this animated series on their account due to the variable streaming rights of the series itself.

Is Miraculous Ladybug On Disney Plus?

If you are a fan of the original Miraculous Ladybug, you’ll be happy to hear that the series are available to stream on Disney Plus. But are all the seasons on the streaming platform right now? Let’s find out.

Miraculous Ladybug season 3 Disney Plus

3rd season of Miraculous Ladybug is on Disney Plus
3rd season of Miraculous Ladybug is on Disney Plus

The third season is already on Disney Plus and people can watch all 26 episodes. The list of episodes:

  • E01: Backwarder
  • E02: Weredad
  • E03: Chameleon
  • E04: Animaestro
  • E05: Bakerix
  • E06: Silencer
  • E07: Oblivio
  • E08: Stormy Weather 2
  • E09: Reflekdoll
  • E10: Oni-Chan
  • E11: Miraculer
  • E12: Timetagger
  • E12: The Puppeteer 2
  • E13: Desperada
  • E15: Kwamibuster
  • E16: Feast
  • E17: Feast
  • E18: Ikari Gozen
  • E19: Party Crasher
  • E20: Gamer 2.0
  • E21: Cat Blanc
  • E22: Felix
  • E23: Ladybug
  • E24: Chris Master
  • E25: Heart Hunter
  • E26: Miracle Queen

When will Miraculous season 4 be on Disney Plus?

The fourth season of Miraculous was released in 2020 and Disney already acquired the right to stream the first 5. Thus, you can already watch the series with your current account. Nickelodeon also was on the run to maintain the right to stream the series but couldn’t out-pay or outplay Disney. That’s why fans can only watch Miraculous on Disney Plus and Netflix, not on Nickelodeon. 

Is season 5 of Miraculous Ladybug on Disney Plus?

Right now, season 5 of Miraculous Ladybug isn’t on Disney Plus since the first ep isn’t aired yet. The official account of the series has confirmed that the new season will launch soon and fans expect it to be available this summer. We assume that fans can start appreciating season 5 as late as August. 

When will Miraculous season 5 be on Disney Plus?

On the 1st of July, Miraculous Ladybug released this official teaser on their YouTube channel, announcing that the new season will be available to watch on Disney Plus soon.

Sadly, there is no official release date for Miraculous Season 5 yet so fans will have to wait for another official announcement. Luckily, the studio has confirmed that there will be 27 episodes in total and the series should be aired on the children’s platform in the summer of 2022. 

When is Miraculous Ladybug season 6 coming out on Disney Plus?

There is no official confirmation on the subject and the fifth season of the series hasn’t been aired yet. But it is confirmed that the series will premiere in 2024.

Disney Plus hasn’t said anything about the acquirement of the sixth season. But the first 5 are definitely available to watch on this platform. Fans can also enjoy the series from another famous streaming service: Netflix.

Miraculous Movie Disney Plus

We know all about the series. But what about the movie? Ladybug & Cat Noir Awakening is the official title of the movie and it isn’t out yet. But what do we know about its production so far? 

Is Miraculous on Disney+?

The 5 seasons of the series Miraculous are available on Disney+, but the movie won’t be until it premieres in November 2022 in France. The project was started in 2019 and is confirmed to be a musical film.

Will Ladybug and Cat Noir Awakening be on Disney Plus?

Will Ladybug and Cat Noir Awakening be on Disney Plus?

By far, Disney hasn’t made any move to confirm that they will buy the right to stream the movie after its release date. But, we won’t be too surprised if the giant decides to do so since it’s one of the very few studios, alongside Netflix and Amazon Prime, that own the first 5 available seasons of Miraculous. 

When is the Miraculous movie coming out on Disney Plus?

No official announcement has been made around the release of Miraculous movie on Disney Plus. But, fans around the world should be able to see the animation in theatres later this year in November.  

How To Watch Miraculous Ladybug On Disney Plus

Step 1: Check the release date of the latest season on Miraculous Ladybug’s Twitter or YouTube channel. The fifth season isn’t out yet but the first 4 are already available on Disney+

Step 2: Subscribe to Disney Plus if you haven’t already done so.

Step 3: Search for the accessible seasons on the platform. Users from US, UK, and France can enjoy all of Miraculous Ladybug on Disney+.


Why isn’t Miraculous Ladybug on my Disney Plus?

Miraculous Ladybug isn’t available in all countries, and for those that can stream it, there are even missing episodes. Only audiences from the US, UK, and France can enjoy the complete seasons with all the episodes. The series is available in other countries like Brazil or Korea, but not all the emitted seasons are available yet.

Why is only season 4 of Miraculous on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus has acquired all the rights to stream on-demand the first 4 seasons, so they all should be available on your account if you live in the US or UK. Contact customer support or refresh your account to make other seasons appear.

Where can I watch Miraculous Ladybug season 5 UK?

The new season will launch on Disney+ UK, so you can rest assured that you can stream it legally on this platform.

Is Miraculous coming out in 2021?

The last ep of the fourth season of Miraculous came out in 2021. In 2022, they will premiere the new season 5 of the animation serie.

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