Where Does Mr Bean Live? – Relationship, Disability, And Net Worth

You can find out “where does Mr Bean live?” here! Mr. Bean was the favorite show of millions of children in the 90s. And now, when the children have grown into adults, they are left with many questions about the show that may not have crossed their minds at an early age. So we are here to answer some of those questions today!

In the animation series, Mr. Bean lives in London, England, in the same house as his landlady Julia Wicket. However, in the live-action series, Bean appears to live alone in a building of apartments, as we have seen in a Christmas/ New Year’s Eve episode. Bean is very compassionate and kind to everyone around him, except for the owner of the blue car. Find out more about him with us!

Where Does Mr Bean Live?

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What country does Mr bean live in?

Mr. Bean lives in the capital London in, England. One may wonder how he can afford to live in such a big city while his occupation is one of the biggest mysteries in the world.

Mr. Bean lives in the capital London in, England
Mr. Bean lives in the capital London in, England

In the live-action series, it is revealed in one of the episodes that Bean works as a guard in the Royal National Gallery of London. But, of course, no one knows how much he earns, and that makes the series even more brilliant for children, even though it can mess up an adult’s mind thinking about small details like this one.

Does Mr bean live in America?

No, as abovementioned, Bean lives in London, England. Therefore, the guy is a European. In fact, the actor that played Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson, also is British.

Mr Bean Relationships With Others

Mr. Bean doesn’t know that many people. Even his best friend is a Teddy bear. So his whereabouts are not the only mystery for us adults. Here are some interesting pieces of information about Bean’s relationships with the most essential characters in the show.

Bean with Teddy

Teddy is Mr. Bean’s teddy bear, a simple stuffed toy that is generally considered to be Mr. Bean’s best friend. The bear is brown, knitted, with button eyes. It also has sausage-shaped limbs. Bean acts as if Teddy is a living being. He buys it Christmas presents or even holds birthday parties for it. Bean takes Teddy everywhere he goes, and there is no doubt that Bean relies on his little friend.

Teddy is Bean's best friend
Teddy is Bean’s best friend

Why does Mr. Bean care for Teddy so much? Through the way Bean is portrayed in both animated and live-action versions, it’s clear that Bean doesn’t have that many real friends. And in a flashback scene, people can see Bean confronting his bully to get back the teddy bear they took from him. So, it’s certain that Teddy has been a longtime friend of the dude.

Bean with his girlfriend Irma Gobb

Everyone can see that the relationship between the two is quite clumsy. But somehow, Bean and Irma complement each other well. Bean’s playfulness goes well with Irma’s seriousness. And the pair has many fun and childish moments together.

Bean and Irma complement each other well
Bean and Irma complement each other well

Did Bean and Irma get married? This has never been mentioned in the series. Still, we know that Irma loved Bean so much that she was looking forward to being proposed to by him in a Christmas episode. We will never know…

Bean with landlady Julia Wicket

Julia Wicket is the landlady in the purple dress we always see in the animated series. Because he destroyed her wedding as a child, she strongly dislikes Mr. Bean. However, she allows him to live in the upstairs apartment that she owns, and the duo has many catastrophic fighting moments throughout the episodes.

Bean’s relationship with Mrs. Wicket has ups and downs. But it’s hard to say they are close enough to be considered friends or family.

Bean taking care of the landlady
Bean taking care of the landlady

Does Mr Bean Has A Disability?

It’s not hard to notice that Mr. Bean doesn’t exhibit normal behaviors like average humans. But does he has any form of disability? According to psychology experts, Bean suffers from Hyperactivity Disorder and selective mutism. He always seems to be in his own world and doesn’t care how others perceive him.

Net Worth Of Mr Bean Actor

Rowan Atkinson is an active actor and has had many works under his sleeve. His net worth in 2022 has reached up to 160 million dollars. His new series, Man vs. Bee, just hit Netflix this year in June. So you can check that out and see some of Bean’s demeanor in his new work.


Where is Mr Bean shooting location?

The outdoor scenes are filmed in Surbiton, South West London. But overall, most of the series is filmed near the city’s center, while some minor scenes can be shot on the West or South side of London.

Where is Mr Bean Beach?

The beach where the audience can see Mr. Bean walking down a massive set of stairs made of stone is at Peacehaven Beach Carpark.

Does Mr Bean live in a house?

In the animation series, Bean lives in a two-floor house of 2 floors with Julia Wicket, an old lady with a grumpy cat. The house is in London, England, with a specific address at the second Flat, 12 Arbour Road, Highbury.

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