Where To Read 177013? | Read The Mind-break Metamorphosis Manga

Where to read 177013? The famous manga Metamorphosis, more commonly known as 177013, is an adult manga that has been twisting any reader’s heart when coming across this work. However, unlike many other adult mangas made by Japanese artists, this one follows a much more depressing road and leaves readers with a huge sense of loss after reading. Find out where you can read this masterpiece here!

It’s tough to find a website that publishes this short manga’s chapters, but we found it! You can read 177013 on Mangaht for free. All the chapters are uploaded, so you can read them all in one go. 

Brief Introduction To Manga Code 177013

  • Manga code: 177013
  • Full name: Metamorphosis/ Emergence
  • Author: Shindo L
  • Brief introduction: Saki Yoshida is an unpopular and shy graduating middle school student. She was bashful at first, so she didn’t make a single friend in middle school. However, later on, she wants to live a different life in high school, beginning with her appearance. Sadly, Saki may discover that she received more than she bargained for when fate gives a dark twist as she sees her future crumble alongside numerous moral aspects of her life.
  • Warning: Tragedy, sexual assault, substance abuse, mind break.
Saki Yoshida is an unpopular and shy graduating middle school student
Saki Yoshida is an unpopular and shy graduating middle school student

177013 Read

There is no doubt that 177013 Metamorphosis is a tragedic manga with a dark and twisting storyline. Despite being popular among manga fans, finding a place with complete chapters is hard. However, we have looked up the site, so you don’t have to. Learn more details below!

Where to read 177013?

So far, we can only find 2 websites that have published this manga, which is pretty surprising because Metamorphosis is an internet meme among manga fans. You can visit the 2 sites we recommend below to find the chapters:

How to read 177013

For English speakers, it’s not easy to encounter this specific manga. To read it, you can try these tricks:

  • Access a specific Hentai site and search 177013/ Metamorphosis/ Emergence
  • Search any Japanese adult manga and change its code at the end of the URL to 177013

Author of 177013

The manga 177013 is also known as the “Metamorphis manga/Emergence manga.” Shindo L, an American-Japanese mangaka, is the creator of this manga. Between 2013 and 2016, this manga was released. Its online dark and dismal nature helped it acquire popularity.

177013 manga English

You can check Mangaht and m-hen*** for all the chapters in English. We wonder why the manga is so occulted from the public eye. Still, these are the only 2 sites where we find the work with a complete English translation of all the chapters. If you search Metamorphosis generally, there is another manhua with the same name but belongs to a different genre.

Are Metamorphosis Or 177013 Or Emergence All The Same?

To give you a quick answer, yes. These are all the names that you can use to encounter this manga online. Find out more details below!

Read Metamorphosis manga

We highly suggest you directly visit the two websites we recommended above because they are the few that don’t bait readers with false chapters. You can find the full 7 chapters of this short manga there. Here are the two websites:

Read Emergence manga

Emergence is the other name of Metamorphosis, so you can access the link we leave above to read the full work of Shindo L.

Emergence is the other name of Metamorphosis
Emergence is the other name of Metamorphosis

Mangas Like 177013

Mind break is a whole genre in the universe of manga, so you can simply look it up and find an endless list of mangas similar to 177013, which is based on mind break. Below are 3 depressing suggestions for the strong hearts.

Ai no Neuchi

Morbid storyline, mind break, and a slight touch of body horror, this adult manga doesn’t lose to 177013 Metamorphosis in terms of being disturbing.

This is the summary of the manga:

Ai No Neuchi:

“I followed my sisters lead and mimicked every move she did, every caress every squeeze hoping I was making her feel the way she was making me feel…”

Otanjoubi | Birthday

It’s not easy to witness people involved in such a dark job as prostitution. It has never belonged to the bright side of the city. In this manga, you will witness a stomach-turning storyline of a young prostitute that we believe has a faith worse than death. Luckily, it’s a one-shot, so the pain will be quick, even though it won’t be easy.

How To Discipline A Delinquent

This is another one-shot with the mind-break trope. The twist of one’s gender and mind-bending and twisted thought in the high school background. This mess will turn your mind into a puddle.

How To Discipline A Delinquent:

Ryoji Misaki is the leader of the school’s pack of delinquents and an untouchable problem child who lashes out at any chance. One day an honor student in his class, Masaki Tachibana, gets his hands on some incriminating photos and blackmails Ryoji.

Ryoji must now endure humiliation as the situation quickly slips out of his control.


What are anime codes?

These are the codes that substitute the lengthy names of manga, and the code will follow the manga forever. For example, if you search the code 177013, the result will be the Metamorphosis without a doubt.

What happens at the end of Emergence?

The young girl, unfortunately, dies due to the beating of her ex-classmates, who also inflict her miscarriage at the same moment. She then dreams about having a happy life with her unborn daughter will she slowly draws her last breath.

Is The Metamorphosis difficult to read?

If you are new to the mind-break genre, it will be a tough work to digest all the unfortunate events in Metamorphosis.

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