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“Who called Hank to warn him about the Salamanca cousins?” is a question that has circled the minds of the show Breaking Bad fans since the beginning of the series. Hank is one of the few really good guys we have on Breaking Bad, and there are so many doubts around the character’s arc.

To give you a short answer: Gus Fring called Hank to warn him about The Cousins. Gus was planning to take down Don Eladio’s Cartel, and the twins were a big part of the organization. But Gus also was working under the name of the organization, so calling Frank to warn him about the twins is a chance for the drug kingpin to eliminate the brothers, or at least one of them, without making the Cartel suspect him.

Who Called Hank To Warn Him?

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Who tipped off Hank?

Gus Fring ordered the hit on Hank. He sent the cousins to kill the guy in the parking lot from the beginning. Hank works for DEA and has found out about the drug activities and faces that got involved in it, including Walt. Gus knows about this and considers Hank a loose end for the organization. That’s why he ordered the Salamanca twins to finish Hank in the parking lot of a shopping centre.

Gus Fring ordered the hit on Hank
Gus Fring ordered the hit on Hank

Why did Gus warn Hank?

Gus warns Hank because he is paying an act of revenge on Don Eladio’s drug empire, to which The Cousins belong. He warns Hank, so he is prepared to react when the hitmen attack, thus killing them without Gus having to expose himself as a traitor to the organization. Gus wins whether Hank or the twins die.

Did Gus kill the cousin?

Gus didn’t personally kill the cousin, but he was the mastermind behind both’s death. One of the cousins, Marco, was killed by Hank in the parking lot. The other, Leonel, survived and was sent to the hospital, where Gus’s left-hand man, Mike, injected the hitman with lethal poison and killed the guy. Gus eliminated two important members of the Cartel.

Why did Hank suspect Gus?

There are so many small details that add up to Hank’s suspicion. The guy found Los Pollos wrappers at Gale’s place, which is unusual for a vegan like Gale. There were also documents around an industrial air filtration system, which greatly relates to Gus’s fast food chain. Hank’s DEA nature just kicked in.

Why did Gus order the hit on Hank?

Gus ordered the hit on Hank because the guy worked for DEA and is brother-in-law to Walt. Unfortunately, their relationship became a loose end for the drug cartel. Thus, one needed to be eliminated, and it wasn’t going to be Walt because he was the key producer of meths for Gus’s lab.

Did Gus know Tuco?

Gus knew Tuco because of their relation to the drug organization. But the plot of Breaking Bad suggests that they have never had any close encounter or big deals together.

How did Hank find out about Gus?

Hank found a soda cup and Los Pollos wrappers at Gale’s apartment, and he decided to have the fingerprint on it scanned. Why? Because Gale is vegan, the Los Pollos wrapper must belong to a guest. This could serve the investigation, and Hank was quick to grab it. The fingerprint belonged to Gus, so he was called in for interrogation.

Hank knew about Gus's suspicous activities
Hank knew about Gus’s suspicous activities

Hank’s Confrontation With The Twins

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What episode does Hank kill the twins?

Hank killed one of the twins in episode One Minute, the 7th episode of season 3. He killed Marco by shooting him right in the face. It was a very close call because Hank was already shot to the ground multiple times. He got time to get and load the gun when Marco looked for an ax to kill him because it was “too easy” to kill Hank with a single bullet.

Why did the cousins try to kill Hank?

Hank worked for DEA and was a threat to the organization. So, under Gus’s order, the twins went to assassinate the guy in the parking lot of a shopping center.

Why didn’t Hank drive away?

He was panicking and couldn’t drive away, and maybe parts of him still found it impossible to leave the scene when the trouble came looking for him, so he had to confront it. Besides, driving away wouldn’t have ensured that the twins wouldn’t go after him. The shootout could have been worse on the road.

Who killed Tuco’s cousins?

Hank killed Marco, and Mike killed Leonel.

When does Hank get shot by the twins?

Hank gets shot by the twins in the parking lot during episode 7 of the third season of Breaking Bad.

How did Gus know Hank killed Tuco?

Gus said to his Salamancas that Hank killed Tuco. However, there’s no proof that he knew for a fact that it was Hank who did it. The biggest reason he pointed Hank out was probably because of Hank and Walt’s relationship. If Walt decided to run his mouth about the drug business one day, this would pose a big threat to the organization.

How did Hank find Tuco?

Hank followed Jesse’s new car’s tracking device and got to Tuco’s place. His initial intention was to find Walt, and he thought Jesse could lead him to the man.

Hank’s Suspicion With Walter

It’s safe to say that Walter has a lot to do with Hank’s death and the dangers the guy had to face while he was still working with DEA. Unfortunately, Hank’s suspicion got him killed in the end. Find out how Hank developed his suspicion of Walter.

When did Hank start suspecting Walter?

Hank is not suspicious of Walt until he is confronted with the dedication of Gale, who wrote it to the title page of “Leaves of grass” that Walt left in the toilet. Hank realizes that Gale Boetticher was part of the ‘Heisenberg’ plot before he was murdered.

Hank finds out about Walt
Hank finds out about Walt

How did Hank figure out it was Walt?

Hank discovered the letter Gayle Bedecker wrote for Walt in Walt’s Walt Whitman book in Walt’s bathroom. He was capable of examining all the evidence amassed over time and discovering the fact that Walt is Heisenberg.

What if Hank never found the book?

Hank probably would have never suspected Walter if Hank had never found the book. To him, Walter has always been a quirky teacher that is more of a loser. And he never considered him much. Without the book, Hank wouldn’t even think of Walter as a drug maker and would have skipped all the evidence that points toward Walter.

How Did Mike Kill The Cousin?

Mike killed one of the cousins in the hospital. Leonel faced Hank in a shootout in the parking lot, but he was crushed by Hank’s car and lost both legs from knees down. The guy couldn’t defend himself anymore and was easily killed by Mike’s lethal injection while lying on the hospital bed.

Mike got out of the room before police and Walter gathered at Leonel’s hospital room. We saw him dispose of the syringe in a box, probably a medical trashcan.


Why did Tuco want to kill Walt and Jesse?

Tuco didn’t want to kill Walt, but he was driven to that point because Walt was opposing him in killing Jessie while having the DEA baring down on him.

Why did Gus Fring want to kill Walter?

Gus wanted to kill Walter because he had Gale, a new chemist, that could learn Walt’s recipe and replace him. Walt was much more unpredictable, and his loyalty didn’t lie totally in Gus’s favor. So stealing his recipe and eliminating him is the best option.

Was Hank scared of El Paso?

During one mission with DEA’s El Paso office, he saw an unsettling scene where a drug dealer’s head was attached to the shell of a tortoise and moved around in the desert. Later, his teammates stepped on a bomb and were badly injured, one even lost his leg. This left him badly shaken.

Why did Gus want to replace Walt with Gale?

Because Walt was very unpredictable and could become a very lousy loose end for his drug lab. Gale was a chemist and could have learned Walt’s recipe.

Why did Hank throw the grill?

Hank threw the grill because, as tough as he was, he was left traumatized by the shootout with Tuco. Seeing the grill breaks him down inside more than he initially thought.

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