Who Can Beat Lucifer Morningstar? – Lucifer’s Power Type And Weakness

Who can beat Lucifer Morningstar? We have seen various reincarnations of Lucifer on the screen, both small and big. Some of the most iconic approaches of Lucifers can be found in the multi-season Netflix series and the Constantine movie starring Peter Stormare. Find out what MCU and DC characters can bring down the archangel.

Like the Biblical figure, Lucifer is one of the most powerful DC characters, second only to The Presence, his father. It’s 100% sure that The Presence can beat Lucifer because he literally is the God of the DC universe. The same goes for One Above All in the MCU universe. Fans argue that The Presence isn’t the strongest in the DC universe. Dark Monitor or Cosmic Armor, but that’s not true.

Who Can Defeat Lucifer?

DC, Marvel, and anime are different universes with various sets of characters with unbelievable powers. How many of them can face the son of God? Let’s find out.

Who can beat Lucifer?
Who can beat Lucifer?

Who can defeat Lucifer in DC?

Lucifer is on another tier of power, and there aren’t many DC characters who can defeat him. This limited list of characters includes:

  • The Presence
  • Elaine Belloc
  • Michael Demiurgos (Technically, he can. But, skill-wise, Lucifer is still a level higher)

Marvel Lucifer vs DC Lucifer who would win?

In MCU, Lucifer is a Class Two Demon with tremendous supernatural power that appears to be inherent in him. Superhuman Strength: Lucifer is endowed with superhuman strength. He can use his magical talents to increase his strength, although to what extent is unclear. In no list of most powerful Marvel characters does he appear.

In DC universe, he’s at least in the top 5 most powerful characters. And we believe that Lucifer is much more powerful in the DC universe. Why? In DC, Lucifer has the power of omniscience and omnipresence, which Lucifer in Marvel doesn’t possess. He can be everywhere and know everything all at once, making it impossible for MCU Lucifer to beat him.

Who can defeat Lucifer in MCU?

In MCU universe, many figures can defeat Lucifer (from the same universe):

  • One-Above-All 
  • Living Tribunal
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Galactus
  • Franklin Richards
  • Beyonder
  • Cosmic Beings

Who can beat Lucifer Morningstar in anime?

Lucifer is an omnipotent being, and only omnipotent beings can defeat each other. Nevertheless, there are different levels of omnipotence that all can yield. And we haven’t seen many anime characters that have gone above and beyond with their power, given that they don’t explore further than their already existing environment.

However, there is one omnipotent character that can possibly defeat Lucifer: Akuto Sai. Akuto Sai has the power that we can compare to The Writers. This means he can decide how any matter works in the vast multiverse and what the outcome of any action is.

Akuto Sai has the power that we can compare to The Writers
Akuto Sai has the power that we can compare to The Writers

Who Can Beat Lucifer Morningstar?

Out of all the characters below, who can beat Lucifer Morningstar, the DC version?

Can Lucifer beat Goku?

Goku has limitations, which he exceeds, but Lucifer has no bounds. The phrase “limits” does not apply to him. It makes no difference if Goku is as powerful as he is in the Dragonball universe. Lucifer has the ability to alter matter, including dark and anti-matter, to any extent. Lucifer has complete control over the past, present, and future. He exists beyond of time, space, and reality. Goku isn’t even near his level.

Lucifer vs One Above All

One Above All is more powerful than Lucifer. He has the same power and God status as The Presence, Lucifer’s father. A higher level of omnipotence makes him capable of harming Lucifer physically. However, recently, Marvel has stripped him of his omnipotence status, which nerfs him significantly after the events of Infinite Conflict.

Piccolo vs Lucifer

Piccolo will be able to deal minor damage to Lucifer at most. Still, his energy will deplete faster than Lucifer’s heavenly power and stamina. Piccolo’s only chance of defeating Lucifer is with the Special Beam Cannon. Even then, it still seems too dimp lit compared to what Lucifer is capable of.

Is Lucifer stronger than Superman?

Lucifer’s power is only surpassed by The Presence. If that isn’t enough, the Biblical Devil is Lucifer. As a result, he’s immortal. With his omnipresence capability, he can easily access kryptonite and kill Superman. But where is the pride in that? In any case, Lucifer is more vital than Superman. He is god-tier, while Superman isn’t.

Can Lucifer beat the Presence?

No. There is no doubt about that. The Presence is God, the father of Lucifer. He made Lucifer and can unmake him with ease.

Can Ghost Rider beat Lucifer?

Lucifer easily triumphs. To be more specific, Lucifer can extinguish Zarathos, the most powerful Ghost Rider, with a single thought. He is only an ant on the Cosmic Scale compared to Lucifer.

Can Living Tribunal beat Lucifer?

Lucifer Morningstar towers over The Living Tribunal. Morningstar’s lone rival in Marvel is Pre-Retcon Beyonder. Who is just second to The One Above All.

Lucifer Morningstar towers over The Living Tribunal
Lucifer Morningstar towers over The Living Tribunal

Can Lucifer beat Darkseid?

Lucifer literally sank planets without a scratch before making his own. He also flies around in the emptiness nonchalantly. Lucifer is part of The Presence and ranks higher than Darkseid.

Can Beyonder defeat Lucifer?

Morningstar’s lone rival in Marvel is Pre-Retcon Beyonder. Unfortunately, they stand at a stalemate since both possess the capability to eliminate the other. But Pre-Retcon Beyonder still doesn’t seem to be an entire equal match for Lucifer. But, a formidable opponent indeed.

Can Scarlet Witch beat Lucifer?

Lucifer will win without breaking much of a sweat. He’s an insanely strong reality warper in his own right. Michael and Lucifer both have Morningstar abilities, which let Michael create things, and Lucifer mold things into whatever he desires.

Michael burst with matter with enough strength to destroy the universe they were in, and Lucifer utilized that substance to construct his own universe. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that, but Lucifer is essentially one of the most potent reality warpers.

Can CAS beat Lucifer?

“Lucifer effortlessly erases Cosmic Armor Superman (CAS) out of existence,” is what many fans have said, knowing that Lucifer is second in power after his father, The Presence, in the entire DC universe. But, it’s also true that CAS possesses the power to control the entire multiverse in the palm of his hand. He exists beyond the multiverse and can shift anything inside it according to his will.

Still, Lucifer Morningstar is such an ethereal being that he was able to exit the DC multiverse at one point. Superman in Cosmic Armor is greater than the multiverse, yet he is still constrained to staying within DC.

So, it’s logical to say that Lucifer is stronger than CAS, slightly.

Can Batman beat Lucifer?

No. There is no need for explanation. Batman can’t even touch Lucifer.

Can Dr Manhattan beat Lucifer?

Dr. Manhattan is as strong as Molecule Man and can manipulate Molecules at the subatomic level. As a result, he brought the 52 universes back to life.

On the other hand, Lucifer possesses a comparable power known as The Will of God, which allows him to form and accomplish whatever is within the bounds of Creation. The difference is that he has no boundaries to his power, so Infinite Will extends well beyond Molecule Manipulation. With this will, he can do anything with the essence of Creation itself. Will is of the Mind. Hence you may will whatever you choose.

So, Dr. Manhattan can’t defeat Lucifer.

Unbound Spectre vs Lucifer

Lucifer wins. Michael who is in the same power tier as Lucifer put Spectre in his place with a flick of his fingers. So there is no reason for Lucifer not to be able to do the same.

Can Angel Rider beat Lucifer?

No. Angel Rider isn’t even in the same tiere of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence.

Lucifer vs Zeno who would win?

Lucifer will merely use his willpower to solo the whole Anime Existence, requiring no effort or strength. Zeno is stomped by Lucifer.

Is Elaine Belloc stronger than Lucifer?

Elaine has powers that resemble the capability of The Presence
Elaine has powers that resemble the capability of The Presence

Elaine has powers that resemble the capability of The Presence. She can even restore Luci’s power when he is down. In all cases, they have a good relationship and don’t seem to want to enter into conflicts. If they both release all their powers and wits, it’s hard to decide whether Lucifer will outwit her or not. But power-wise, Elaine is more formidable.

Can Flash beat Lucifer?

No, Flash isn’t even in the god tier. Also, despite being able to move really fast, Lucifer is omnipresent. So wherever Flash is and how fast he thinks he is moving, Lucifer is already there at all times.

Can Eternity beat Lucifer?

The Living Tribunal is far more potent than Eternity, and The Spectre is on equal footing with the Living Tribunal. So it’s safe to say that Eternity is weaker than The Spectre. And since the Spectre was owned by Michael, Lucifer’s brother, who is slightly weaker than Lucifer himself, there is no reason why the fallen angel can’t beat Eternity.

Lucifer Morningstar vs Justice League

Lucifer can easily win with his long list of powers:

  • Omniscience
  • Omnipresence
  • Chronokinesis
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Reality Alteration
  • Telepathy
  • Many others more

With his chronokinesis power only, he can already manipulate the flow of times according to his desire. So how can the Justice League tank that? Of course, many characters possess crazy god-like skills, like Darkseid. But even Darkseid, the most powerful league member, isn’t on an equal footing to Luci.

Can Thor beat Lucifer?

While Rune King is a powerful version of Thor, Lucifer is a high outterversal to higher outterversal, being only second to the existence of DCs Supreme deities. However, he is just a low-complex multiversal God. Lucifer, who was literally shaping the universe with his brother, should take the crown of this battle any day.

Thor can't win Lucifer
Thor can’t win Lucifer

Akuto Sai vs Lucifer Morningstar

Going by achievements, Akuto is very equivalent to Lucifer in terms of intelligence and willpower, which means he can’t just effortlessly outsmart him as he typically does. But the real kicker for me is Lucifer’s morningstar title, which permits him to control and mold reality on an infinite night omnipotence scale.

Akuto, on the other hand, has unlimited potential with reality-bending, and not potential in the sense that he could do it one day, but that he could do anything. See, Akuto can manage and control any fictional setting or tale. He’s like the world’s finest novelist. Any dimension other than our own where neither exists would be considered a fictional setting he can manipulate.

Can Michael beat Lucifer DC?

Michael may have triumphed, but since Michael is the epitome of power and Lucifer is the essence of will, I believe Lucifer would always win. Willpower usually prevails over sheer strength in comic books. So who can beat Lucifer Morningstar? The Presence and Elaine are probably the only ones. Michael might win on a good day, but in general comparison, he is weaker.

Mephisto vs Lucifer who would win?

Mephisto is one of the strongest and cunning opponents imaginable, but he is hopelessly outmatched by Lucifer. Nothing Mephisto could do would even come close to scratching Lucifer; even if he did his reality-altering trick, he couldn’t tamper with Lucifer. This is because he lacks the necessary authority. In fact, Lucifer could probably just snap his fingers, and Mephisto would vanish.

Lucifer Morningstar vs Great Evil Beast

Great Evil Beast is an aspect of Lucifer, so there is no comparison.

Lucifer Morningstar Weakness

In the DC universe, Lucifer’s only weakness is that he can’t create something out of nothing, unlike his brother Michael. But, Michael’s power is to create but not manipulate, while this is Lucifer’s biggest strength. He can control anything, including time, of his will.

How To Kill Lucifer Morningstar

If you want to kill off Lucifer entirely, you must be The Presence or One Above All. Those 2 are literally gods and can decide the existence of all things. If The Presence wants to, he can “unmake” Lucifer, as he has stated himself in a comic chapter.

Strongest Version Of Lucifer Morningstar

DC Lucifer is the strongest
DC Lucifer is the strongest

The most powerful version of Lucifer Morningstar that we have witnessed is DC Lucifer. He is only described as second to God and doesn’t seem to be bound with the hell-keeper status. He is above and beyond. He partook in creating the universe, which hasn’t been explored in any/ or many other comics before.


Who can kill Lucifer?

The Presence and The One Above All can kill Lucifer.

What can kill Lucifer Morningstar?

Not what, but who. The Presence and The One Above All can kill Lucifer and are the only ones that can terminate him entirely.

Is Lucifer Morningstar dc or Marvel?

We have seen versions of him from both DC and Marvel, but originally, we have to give it to DC comics.

How strong is Lucifer in the show?

Not that strong tbh. He is strong, fast, and demonically scary. But, if Lucifer fails to scare a man who went to literal hell, he can’t be that strong.

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