Whose Autograph Is This App: Best Way To Identify An Autograph Online

Whose autograph is this app? Autographs are a popular hobby among fans and other high-profile individuals. They’re a great way to get a little closer to your celebrities or athletes. However, when trying to figure out whose autograph a particular piece of memorabilia is among many, it can be challenging to determine to whom the autograph belongs. So, we have some tips for you!

Many apps scan autographs and convert them into e-signature that we can use in future online documents. However, sadly no app can scan a moniker and identify the owner behind it. Why? A person’s signature or autograph has the possibility of looking nothing alike simply because it is signed manually every time. The AI isn’t smart enough to detect the autographs yet. But, there are still ways to learn the person behind the signature.

How To Find Out Whose Autograph I Have?

There are 2 websites for you to go to if you don’t know the owner behind an autograph:

  • Reddit
  • Quora

On these platforms, users can post pictures of the autographs and ask the public to help identify the signatures’ owners. Other users will give their pieces of thoughts on the subject, and if they want to, they can provide photos of the same autograph but signed on other objects for reference. Then, we can compare the similarity and conclude.

Identifying the autographs on baseballs
Identifying the autographs on baseballs

The most common topic concerning this matter is identifying the autographs on baseballs or cards. You can find tons of autograph photos on these platforms that have been identified and evaluated by other users.

  • The most frequently used platforms to identify owners of autographs
  • Answers are usually correct
  • Free of charge
  • There are many autographs posted on these webs already, you can check if yours coincide with any
  • It may takes a few days to get answers

Autograph Identifier App – Whose Autograph Is This App?

As mentioned above, no app can scan and tell us to whom an autograph belongs. Moreover, there is no extensive database, given that signatures can be sensitive if used in wrong situations, like signing a contract.

No app can scan and tell us to whom an autograph belongs
No app can scan and tell us to whom an autograph belongs

But, if you are looking for apps that can scan a signature and turn it into an online version that can be used on e-documents, there are 2 formidable options for you to consider:

  • Autograph+: Signature Maker: A mobile-friendly app for users who want to upload their autographs and store them in a comprehensive list. Users can add them to documents and organize the signatures neatly. There is a free version on CH Play.
  • Sign Now: Any firm may use signNow’s eSignature to expedite signing procedures, providing a better experience to customers and workers. In a few simple steps, you can decipher a signature. Users can sign papers from anywhere around the globe and close deals quickly.

Sports Autograph Scanner

Most of the time, when someone looks up an autograph, it’s because they have found a baseball with a signature on it. But, knowing to whom the moniker belongs isn’t always the case. So, here are some valuable tips for you to identify a sports autograph.

Baseball autograph identifier app

There is no doubt that most users search autograph identifier apps to look up one on a baseball. Even though there isn’t any app smart enough to detect a manually signed autograph, there is a website with a giant collection of baseball autographs. It is keymancollectibles. On this site, you can encounter hundreds of signed baseballs and the name of the athletes that signed them.

If you are interested, you can also check out the average price for a signed baseball. Fans are auctioning on the site to get these baseballs, which are already authenticated by experts. They are real deals!

Football autograph identifier

Football autograph identifier
Football autograph identifier

As for football autographs, you can look them up here to check if the one that you have coincides with any signature that has been published on the web. If not, we suggest that you try Reddit or Quora.

MLB autograph identifier

This is the same thing as the baseball autograph category above. Again, you can check out the website Keymancollectibles that we suggested to compare the signatures. And if you can’t find the actual owner behind them, Reddit and Quora are ready to serve.


Whose autograph is this?

To find out to whom an autograph belongs, post a picture of the signature on Reddit or Quora and ask for help from other users.

Is a signature and an autograph the same thing?

The distinction between autograph and signature as nouns is that an autograph is a person’s own handwriting, particularly the signature of a renowned or admired person. In contrast, a signature is any person’s autograph name.

Is there an app to identify autographs?

Unfortunately, there is no app that helps determine the real identity behind an autograph.

Which is the best signature maker app?

Autograph+ is the best signature maker app so far. It is free, easy to use

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