Girlfriend Mad About Who I Follow On Instagram: Why & What Should I Do?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It’s a place where people can share photos, videos, and stories with their friends and family. However, this social medium could make mess up your relationship just by hitting the “Follow” button.

Many men have questions about this problem, like “Why is my girlfriend mad about who I follow on Instagram? What should I do now?”. If you have the same question and are looking for the answer, this article can help you!

Why Is My Girlfriend Mad About Who I Follow On Instagram?

When you follow many pretty girls and models on Instagram, there are two common reasons for your girlfriend to get mad: her insecurity and a sense of disrespect. Let’s get some explanation together.

First, insecurity will always exist in a relationship. Instagram is considered to lower individuals’ self-confidence in both genders. So, if you keep hitting the “Follow” button on pretty girls’ or models’ accounts, she will compare herself with them and may feel that she is not attracted to you, and this relationship will end.

Second, it can be a disrespectful action in your relationship. Let’s imagine if your girl keeps following other hot guys on Instagram, how would you react? You feel that she is not serious about this relationship, don’t you? So does she! This may give her a sense that you do not respect her love and are cheating on her.

My girlfriend wants me to unfollow Instagram models, what should I do?

As demonstrated above, she has the reason to ask for this, but the decision is on you. You can do what she requested or try to explain and persuade her.

But if you have promised her to do it, try to keep your words unless you want to destroy her trust in you.

It is good idea to have a gentle and honest conversation with your girlfriend
It is good idea to have a gentle and honest conversation with your girlfriend

What Should I Do When My Girlfriend Is Mad About Who I Follow On Instagram?

In this case, you should not get mad. Talk with her to make your girl feel comfortable and reassured, then reflect on your actions and make your own decision. Let me break this into smaller pieces.

In a relationship, when one gets mad, the other should stay calm unless you want to make it worsen.

You’ve known why your girl is mad at you for following models and other girls on Instagram, but it could be a wise option to talk gently with her to ask for the reason. Doing this lets you know her true thoughts and feelings at that time. You may feel she is overreacting, but it’s a sign that she loves you.

After getting all her points, try to put yourself in her shoes, and you can give gentle words to comfort her, for example, she is more beautiful than the other girls, you love her because of her [specific characteristics] (such as her sense of humor, bright smile, thoughtfulness, etc.).

Once she calms down, talk to her about what you will do to reassure her. You can promise her that you will unfollow the models on Instagram. But you must keep your promise!
The decision is on you, not her, but if you are serious with your relationship and do treasure your girl, do not follow girls on Instagram, either like or comment on their Instagram posts, just because of their breasts or booties. Remember love builds on trust, so keep it firm and stable!

Should I Care About Girls My Boyfriend Follows On Instagram?

If you feel a need to do this, you should care but not get overthinking and overcontrolling. 

In fact, this is about the couple’s references, so there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Some people want to know who their partners follow for security, while some don’t really care about that because they have set clear boundaries between social media and their real relationship.

A Reddit user showed their opinion that they don’t really care about this as long as their boyfriend respects their relationship.

While another says that it depends as, in their opinion, there is “a difference between following celebrities that you like that happen to be gorgeous, and following bikini models where it’s essentially softcore porn…”

So, it concerns your preferences and boundaries between social media and their relationship.

It depends on the situation and references
It depends on the situation and references


Is it disrespectful for a boyfriend to follow models on Instagram?

For some people, this is disrespectful, especially when he follows Instagram accounts of bikini models.
If you see it as disrespectful behavior and it bothers you, you should tell him about it and have an honest conversation about this issue.

Can Instagram models ruin relationships?

Well, the short answer is yes, but also it depends. When issues come from the action of following Instagram models and it’s left unsolved, your relationship can be ruined.
In a relationship, honest conversation is key because it helps you understand the situation deeply and make the most reasonable decisions. So, try to have conversations if you bother about models your boyfriend follows.

Should I follow my girlfriend on Instagram?

Well, this doesn’t matter if you’re happy with your relationship. If you feel you should follow her, then just hit the “Follow” button. She will be happy about this.
If you find it unnecessary to follow her Instagram and don’t even mind using this social media, you shouldn’t force yourself to do that. Just tell her your opinion about this.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article provides you with the answers to the question “Why is my girlfriend mad about who I follow on Instagram, and what should I do?”

It’s a good idea to avoid following other girls and bikini models on Instagram to make your girl feel secure. If she gets mad about this, there are some things that you can do to make her feel more comfortable and reassured, such as compliment her and have an honest but gentle talk about understanding her feelings.

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