Who Is The Main Dancer In TXT?

Who is the TXT Main Dancer? In recent times, it has become very popular for fans to ask this question, and it has become a huge topic of conversation.

Quite simply, Yeonjun is positioned as the main rapper of the group, as well as being a dancer within the ensemble.

Interested in knowing more about TXT? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for details. This article is going to be a very interesting one, so let’s continue reading!

Is Yeonjun The TXT Main Dancer?

In the group, Yeonjun is regarded as the main rapper, as well as the main dancer. The pupae and the tulip are the animals and flowers that represent him, respectively, and signify what he stands for.

At the time that Yeonjun was still training as a dancer, he was a backup dancer for BTS. Moreover, he was the first member of TXT to be revealed by Big Hit Music as a member of the band.

How Many Dancer Members In TXT?

It will probably be obvious to you when you are looking at this group TXT that the group has five members, meaning that these 5 dancers will be the members of the group that are dancing.

TXT members
TXT members

TXT Dance Ranking

Who is the dance line in TXT?

One of the most interesting things about Yeonjun is that in his profile, he truly describes dancing as one of his hobbies. In other words, he probably loves to dance a lot. His dance videos are also posted on YouTube, so you can watch them there as well.

He often performs heavy chores as part of his roles in the song. Even if they are doing the same chores as Yeonjun, the way he dances really stands out when you watch him, even though he is doing exactly the same thing.

It has been mentioned before that he was at one point the number one dancer on the trainee team.

who is the worst dancer in txt?

Huening Kai’s dancing ability is often underestimated by his fans. Many of the people commenting below on his performances describe him as having “hard legs”.

I believe that most fans are not very happy with his choreography and are unsure whether it is satisfactory.

who is the best dancer in txt?

Yeonjun is one of the best dancers in TXT
Yeonjun is one of the best dancers in TXT

There is no doubt that Yeonjun is one of the best dancers in TXT because of his choreography, which shows how much he values choreography and how much he loves it.

In fact, clips of his choreography that were posted on social media made fans swoon in admiration of his incredibly smooth movements that he displayed.

Does TXT Have Positions?

The current music market shows that TXT has the highest potential for growth, based on the popularity of each member of the group before the group debuted on the music scene because the popularity of each member led to the group having the highest potential for success.

In addition to the fact that this idol group is from a top management company such as BTS, it is also a factor that makes it so popular.

The achievement of a band on the domestic and foreign music charts should also be taken into account along with the factors discussed above. A particular focus should be placed on the Billboard charts.

There are a number of first-time achievements that the group made when they first made their debut, some of which include No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales Chart and No. 4 on Billboard 200 for the album “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child”.

One of TXT's achievements
One of TXT’s achievements

How Many Rappers In TXT?

The Tomorrow X Together group is composed of five members, each of whom plays a specific role when performing. Despite that, there does not seem to be an official “rap line” for its members, in this particular boy band.

There are times when “rappers” sing – and there are times when singers showcase their ability to rap by rapping over their songs. 

Who Is The Main Rapper In TXT?

In terms of rappers in this group, there are none. However, if there were to be one, it would probably be Yeonjun who would be the chosen one.

Besides just being a dancer, he is also what one might consider a singer in the group. Aside from his role as the main dancer for this group, Beomgyu is also considered to be another rapper for this group.

Besides playing guitar, he also appears in the video for this boy band as another “visual” who is part of the band’s “visuals”. 

He is a vocalist and a sub-rapper. As a rapper for TXT, Soobin also serves as the leader of the group, which means that he is responsible for some of the extra responsibilities that come with being the leader of an organization. 

TXT Singing Ranking

who is the best vocalist in txt

This group tends to be a more vocal one anyway, since we are rarely treated to their rap other than their covers of “dope” and “boy in love”, as well as some rap from their earlier songs, such as the legendary rap that they placed in “Un Cat and Dog”.

Taehyun of TXT
Taehyun of TXT

The voice of Taehyun is very clear, and I think he knows how to use it well in order to give us the best performance. In spite of the hard choreography he has to do, he is vocally stable and has a good ability to hit high notes.

Despite the fact that his voice is not nasal or falsetto, I really enjoy the calming quality of it, it’s just right for me

who is the worst vocalist in txt

As a group, TXT is composed of members with pretty good vocal abilities, and there isn’t a member with a horrible voice. For this reason, if we are to evaluate the vocals of the TXT group within this generation 4, it is no doubt that it will be one of the best vocal groups within the generation.

who has the deepest voice in txt?

The deepest voice among all of the members of the group is that of Beomgyu. It can sound soothing, or powerful, depending on whether he sings in his lower register or in a husky voice.

As well as receiving the least amount of lines, he also gets the most lines. Considering how much autotune they both use, it would be easy to mistake his voice for Soobin’s due to how similar their voices are.


What are TXT fans called?

A new spokesperson for Big Hit has confirmed that TXT’s fan club will be called MOA, which stands for Moments of Alwaysness, as of today.

According to the Twitter post made on TXT’s official account, the word “MOA” can also refer to the action of gathering, in Korean.

In the tweet, they say that “TOMORROW X TOGETHER and fans moa pieces of each other’s dreams to complete the completed dream.”

How many fans does TXT have?

TXT holds the record for the most followers on their twitter account, based on the fact that they debuted in 2019 (which is since their debut). 3.2 million people follow the TXT group on Twitter since the account was created over a year ago.

Is TXT famous in Korea?

Korea and Japan are still the countries with the highest number of users of TXT in the world at the moment.


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