Whole Foods Call Out Line – Tips For Employees To Call On Time Without Risking Their Job

If you need Whole Foods call out line, you are at the right place! Employees of Whole Foods may not always know the hotline to which you can call for a sick day and the policy of calling in without violating employee rules and risking your job. This post will cover all those ideas and help you call out correctly.

“If you have an urgent question, please contact us at 1-844-WFM-TALK (1-844-936-8255).” This is the customer service number of Whole Foods. If employees want to call in sick for the day, they have to know the number of the Whole Foods local HR department where they work. Unfortunately, there isn’t a singular hotline that deals with all the calls from employees around the country. The worst scenario is to call the number above to ask for the number of the HR at your branch. 

Whole Foods Calling Out Policy

Call out policy Whole Foods
Call out policy Whole Foods

Whole Foods uses a point system to control employees’ consistency is going to work on time or calling out as required in their contract. In general, to not receive a penalty, workers have to call their HR department to announce the absence of their shift 1 hour before it starts. They have to call in for PTO (paid time off), or they will still get the point, as mentioned in the contract.

If you show up on time and don’t call out too much, the points system won’t be much of a hassle. Getting written implies you’ve received 8 points in 60 days, equivalent to 4 non-consecutive callouts or 8 lates, or both.

Whole Foods Call Out Line

Check out Whole Foods’s callout line here!

Whole Foods employee hotline

Any Whole Foods Employee Team member in the United States or Canada can securely and confidentially report ethics anonymously by dialing the Tipline: 1-844-470-6772.

If you want to call for a normal matter, you should reach out to the HR department of the store where you work. Unfortunately, this information isn’t generally public. So you have to ask for it from your coworkers or ask your boss directly when you first got accepted to work there.

Whole Foods team member call out line

Call your shop and chat with your team leader. One call is better than no call, no show. After 2 hours into your shift, it is deemed a no-call no-show and can cause you a strike. However, don’t wait until you are 2-hours late because Whole Foods doesn’t really have a time limit rule for all the branches. It can be 30 minutes until it’s considered a no-call no-show in one place and 2 hours in another.

Whole Foods call out sick number

You either call your team leader in the HR apartment or the hotline of the store where you work. Someone should pick it up. Google your store’s typing: Whole Foods [state/location] hotline. You should be provided with the hotline through which you can call in sick and explain your reason. Make sure to ask for PTO, or you will get a point.

Whole Foods call out number
Whole Foods call out number

How To Call Out Whole Foods

  • Step 1: Call your HR department or the hotline of the store where you work.
  • Step 2: Announce the reason why you can’t make it to your shift of the day.
  • Step 3: Ask for PTO (paid time off) to avoid receiving a point. Remember that even when you call, you will still get a point if you don’t ask for PTO. Recheck your account to see how many PTO days you have and if you still have any.

Whole Foods Call Out Line Hours

Just call in opening hour 8am-10pm. Someone should attend your call. If not, you can contact outside working hours and be taken to voicemail directly. The store should receive the message and verify your solicitude for a day off. But, make sure to film or take a photo to prove that you have called in on time.

Whole Foods After Hours Call Out Number

Just call your store directly. If you call outside of working hours and no one can pick up the phone, you will be directed to voice mail. Leave your message, and it should be fine.


How many call outs can you have at Whole Foods?

4 call-outs maximum in 60 days. You can’t have more, or you will get a strike. Most company allows 3 strikes before firing their employee.

How do I email Whole Foods customer service?

Whole Foods Us doesn’t use email for customer service.

Can you get rehired at Whole Foods?

You can be rehired if you leave in good condition (2 weeks notice, nice performance as ex-employee). Then, after 6 months, they will open for rehiring you.

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