Why Did Peggy Leave Andy Griffith Show? And Her Tragic Life

This article discusses “Why did Peggy leave Andy Griffith show”.

As portrayed by actress Joanna Moore, Miss Peggy seemed like the perfect match for Sheriff Andy Taylor. Nevertheless, after four measly episodes, she merely leaves the show without a trace.

After researching the answer for hours, the following is my conclusion regarding the sudden departure of Peggy.

Why Did Peggy Leave Andy Griffith Show?

Peggy left the show after Season Three, Episode 10. There was no explanation for her departure. Many people said that was because producers deemed her “too glamorous” for Mayberry.

You can watch this video to approach another subjective reason.

Who Played Peggy On Andy Griffith?

Joanna Moore is the actress who played Peggy on Andy Griffith show. Peggy “Peg” McMillan appeared in four episodes of this show, from 1962 to 1963.

Did Joanna Moore And Andy Griffith Get Along?

In the show’s third season, Peggy McMillan (portrayed by Joanna Moore) arrived in Mayberry. She is a blonde, pretty town nurse who dated Sheriff Andy Taylor for four episodes. Andy and Peggy got along fine until he knew her father was wealthy.

Watchers were saddened when Andy Taylor married Helen Crump instead of the beautiful nurse of the town. There was so much chemistry between them.

A tell-all book claims there was a reason for all the sparks on set. There was a real romance brewing behind the scenes between Griffith and Peggy’s actress Joanna Moore, who played the role of Peggy.

What Happened To Miss Peggy On The Andy Griffith Show?

Miss Peggy on the Andy Griffith show was portrayed by Joanna Moore. In contrast to the harmony on the show, she had a tragic life.

Hearing loss

Moore became deaf in the early 1960s due to otosclerosis, a condition caused by calcium deposits in her middle ear. To understand what people were saying, Moore had to read lips. In 1962, she underwent an operation to restore her hearing.

Marriages and children

On April 3, 1963, Moore got married, for the third time, to actor Ryan O’Neal. Two children were born to this couple: Tatum O’Neal and Griffin O’Neal. It was a tempestuous marriage, and the couple separated in early 1966. Their divorce was finalized in February 1967.

It was in February 1975 that she married Gary L. Reeves, a roofing contractor. In 1977, they divorced.

Drug and alcohol addiction

Moore began abusing alcohol and drugs around the time she separated from O’Neal, namely amphetamines, and she became addicted to these substances. While she continued to act, her depression worsened due to the impending divorce.

There was a time when Moore was seeking psychiatric treatment at the Camarillo State Hospital in 1970. The following year, she was arrested for drunk driving after getting into a fight with O’Neal while visiting O’Neal’s Malibu home with their children. She lost custody of her children after being arrested.

By the late 1970s, Tatum, her daughter, was providing her with a lot of financial support. The children were still in the custody of Ryan O’Neal, and Moore continued to abuse drugs and alcohol despite being in treatment. She was arrested for DUI five times during the 1980s as a result.


He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1996 after a lifetime of smoking. She died of the disease on November 22, 1997. Tatum was by her side when she died.


Why did Andy and Peggy break up?

In Season Three, Andy begins to doubt their compatibility after he discovers the County Nurse comes from a wealthy family, and she tries to introduce him to escargot at dinner. Barney tells Andy that he has to give up Peggy after hearing that from Andy. Because Andy is ordinary, she only goes out with him for kicks. Andy decides to avoid Peggy, leaving her miffed.

Did Barney and Thelma Lou marry?

Yes. Barney and Thelma Lou married in the film.

How many girlfriends did Andy have on the Andy Griffith show?

Sheriff Andy Taylor had several girlfriends on the show, including: Ellie Walker, Peggy McMillan, Sharon DeSpain, Mary Simpson, and at the end, Helen Crump is his longtime girlfriend whom he married.
Eventually, Helen Crump and Andy Taylor did end up getting married after five seasons of courting, but their wedding ceremony did not take place on The Andy Griffith Show. Instead, the wedding is on Season 1, episode 1 of Mayberry R.F.D, a spin-off show.


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