Why Do Facetime Calls Fail Overnight? – How To Keep The Call Going All Night Or End It Secretly

Why do FaceTime calls fail overnight? We all know that FaceTime calls are a fantastic way to keep in touch with family and friends. And sometimes, we are so immersed in the conversation that it’s impossible to hang up. Couples even leave the call on while they sleep with the image of their lover on the small screen. Find out how you can keep the call going without hanging up and ruining the moment!

There are several possible explanations for your FaceTime hanging up overnight. Maybe your battery is running out of power to keep the connection active. It’s possible that the radio has overheated from being on for so long and is no longer working correctly. Or your wifi or mobile data wasn’t stable enough to keep the conversation alive. 

Why Do FaceTime Calls Fail Overnight?

Find out the details on why your calls on FaceTime may be ended overnight without you knowing. What are the chances???

Why does FaceTime keep hanging up?

Why do FaceTime calls fail overnight?
Why do FaceTime calls fail overnight?

There are various possible reasons behind this phenomenon:

  • Your battery was running low, and your phone turned to battery-saving mode, which shut down the wifi automatically
  • The device was overheated and hung up the call without your permission
  • A slow wifi connection will cause the app the automatically hang up the call
  • The system of FaceTime detects a long call without sound or movement as a forgot-to-hang call and does it on its own
  • The other person was doing it on purpose to end a long call without hurting your feelings and making it seem like the system was experiencing some errors.

Why does my FaceTime hang up after 4 hours?

There is an endless list of reasons why a phone call gets cut off suddenly overnight. Still, if all your FaceTime calls stop after 4 hours, there is a big chance that that’s the time limit that your network provider has set. Many networks reward users with extra data or other services if they make phone calls or text messages. It all depends on the policy of each provider.

So, to avoid overexploitation of the policy, they would set a time limit on the phone calls, hence why you can’t last more than 4 hours on FaceTime. Try using another network to see if you still have the same problem. Hopefully, you can find the answer to the question, “why do FaceTime calls fail overnight?”

Why does my FT call end after 4 hours?
Why does my FT call end after 4 hours?

How To Stay On Call All Night Without It Ending

There are two sorts of FaceTime calls: audio-alone and audio-plus-video calls.

In the audio and video mode, FaceTime is designed to be used with a camera to transmit video. In such instances, turning off the screen or having the screen shut off would naturally prompt FaceTime to conclude that the call has ended. So you should avoid leaving the lock screen sleep time after a few minutes or hours. Instead, set the sleep time to Never.

If you’re on an audio-only FaceTime conversation, the power button also terminates the call. But there is still a chance to turn off the screen without the conversation being hanged off, which is to bring the phone to your ear like a phone call that isn’t on speaker. But this is entirely convenient, either. So make sure that your battery is complete and your lock screen time is set to Never.

FaceTime Hanging Up By Itself

If your calls hang up on their own more frequently than usual, not just during nighttime calls, there might be more complicated reasons behind it. We have listed some possibilities below.

FaceTime keeps hanging up 2022

There are various reasons why your FaceTime keeps disconnecting the call:

  • If your wifi connection is sluggish, the app will instantly disconnect the call. Remember that if your friend’s connection is terrible, your end of the call will also be cut off immediately.
  • FaceTime’s technology recognizes a protracted call with no sound or movement as a forgotten-to-hang call and hangs it on its own.
  • There are systematic errors in the old version that you are using.

Iphone FaceTime keeps hanging up

To fix this error, you can try any of these tricks:

  • Force close the app before restarting it
  • Delete the cache and access the app again to see if it works
  • Update to the latest version to eliminate any systematic error
  • Reset your wifi router
  • Let your phone coof off if it seems overheated

How To End FaceTime Without Ending Call

How to end FaceTime without ending call
How to end FaceTime without ending call

Firstly, if you want to switch from an audio+video call to an audio-only call, you have to do it on the wifi because there is no way to change from FaceTime (requires wifi) to a phone call (doesn’t require wifi).

Now, if you want to switch to an on-wifi audio call, simply go out to the main screen while having the call running in the background. This will trigger the app to stop using the camera, which works like a normal phone call. Then, to return to the video call, you simply have to enter the app again by pulling the green bar on top of the screen.

How To End FaceTime Call Without Them Knowing

These are some of the greatest tips we have gathered far and wide over the internet, which sound very reasonable, so you don’t have to. Here are things that you can say or do to end a FaceTime call without them knowing or making it awkward:

  1. If you are the one who initiated the call, tell them that you are thankful for them listening to your problem/ giving you advice/ being present when you need it.
  2. End the call and turn off your phone. Don’t go online for a while. After about an hour or so, however you feel fit, you can turn the phone on and say that your service was sluggish or your battery died.
  3. Tell the person you are having an emergency, and you will call back soon.
  4. Switch your phone to airplane mode and wait a few seconds so that the app force closes the call and announces that the call has failed.


Does FaceTime automatically hang up after a certain time?

There is no definite answer to that because it also depends on the network provider limitation policy or the internet speed. If one end has a connection problem, there is no doubt that the call can end automatically. Users have experienced different time limitations. Some have phone calls that last 3 hours only. Some don’t have an issue with the call duration.

What to do when you receive FaceTime calls in the middle of the night?

Never pick up a call from a stranger in the middle of the night. And you don’t have to respond to an acquaintance’s call when you are heavy in your sleep, either. But, if a family member or important someone calls, we still recommend picking up because it can be an emergency.

Why does my iPad keep hanging up on FaceTime?

If your FaceTime crashing problems are caused by a defect in the app’s code that affects your device, an update may be all that is required to resolve them. Update your iPad to the most recent version to guarantee correct operation.

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