Why Was Spencer Rattler Ineligible? – Reasons To Leave Oklahoma University

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Why Was Spencer Rattler Ineligible?

According to The Oklahoman’s article [1], in October 2018, Spencer Rattler was ruled ineligible for 30 days because of his violation of the district code of conduct, meaning that he had missed the rest of the season.

However, the school where he had been studying did not reveal what code of conduct he violated, owing to the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). At first, it stated that Rattler was ineligible because of the knee injury (MCL sprain).

In season 3 of a Netflix series, QB1: Beyond the Lights, Spencer Rattler said that he was ineligible, not suspended, for the rest of the season,  because of his stupid and childish mistake. Also, his parent expressed in the series that all the rumors about Rattler are not true, and he had nothing to do with using drugs or having sex at school. But, as his parent did not exclude the drinking reason, audiences guessed that Rattler was ineligible because of being caught drinking in school while underage.

Who Is Spencer Rattler?

Spencer Rattler is an American football quarterback born on September 28, 2000, in Phoenix, Arizona. He started playing as QB1 for the Sooners of Oklahoma in 2019 and transferred to South Carolina in December 2022.

Career and awards

Spencer Rattler had 4-year playing high school football at Pinnacle High School and broke the school’s passing record. He got the MVP title of the Elite 11 in 2018.

He started his college career at Oklahoma in 2019 and began his starting job in 2020 with a competition. He helped the Sooners of Oklahoma defeat the Cyclones of Iowa State to win the Big 12 Championship for a sixth consecutive time.

In 2021, during the match of Oklahoma against Texas, he was benched for Caleb Williams by coach Lincoln Riley. He decided to leave Oklahoma after finishing his third season at this college.

In 2022, he had a fresh start with the Gamecocks of South Carolina.

Spencer Rattler at South Carolina
Spencer Rattler at South Carolina (Source: CBS Sports)

Spencer Rattler’s decision to transfer

At the end of the third season at Oklahoma University, Rattler decided to enter the transferring portal to South Carolina on November 29, 2021, after the departure of coach Lincoln Riley to USC (University of Southern California).

  • Reasons for leaving Oklahoma University

In an interview, he expressed that he made this decision because he felt it was time for him to move on. He said that he was happy to make a move, to escape from “a toxic situation and get somewhere new.” Rattler also added the encouragement from his teammate, tight end Austin Stogner, contributed to his decision to choose South Carolina. [4],[5]

After transferring to South Carolina, Rattler expressed that he had “found the right place” and wanted “to join a great team.” He also said he has learned a lot from the past and gained improvements in some personal skills like leadership skills. Then, he expressed his excitement about the new journey at South Carolina and “can’t wait to get this ball rolling.” [4],[5]

So, from here, we’ve just kept watching his development with the Gamecocks at South Carolina.


Was Spencer Rattler replaced?

Yes, during the second quarter of the match between Oklahoma against Texas, in 2021, Spencer Rattler was replaced by Caleb Williams, which may lead to the speculation that Rattler’s time at Oklahoma University would come to an end after this season.

Why did Oklahoma University bench Spencer Rattler?

Lincoln Riley, the former head coach at Oklahoma University, said that he decided to bench Rattler due to “turnover issues” [5].

Did Spencer Rattler make it to the NFL?

Spencer Rattler hasn’t made it to the NFL Draft 2022 but he is believed to be qualified for the 2023 NFL prospect [6]


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