110+ Best DND Human Names For Adults And Children!

What are the best DnD human names? The Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game is one of the most popular fantasy roleplaying games in the world! It has been played by millions of people. The game is set in a mythical medieval fantasy world with characters fighting monsters and other creatures. So the names of the characters should be just as epic.

Some of the best names we find are: Grath Duskweaver, Zijioz Nuezrum, Zanno Shatsk, Sil Grolosk, Nishilge Woodwing. If you prefer short names, you can try Adonis, Ulysses, Woitech, Copper, Hildegard, Mona, Alva, Brianne, Wendeline. Find out more names below.

The Human Race In DnD

Humans are among the most flexible and ambitious in the general population. They have diverse preferences, morals and traditions in the diverse lands in which they’ve settled. As a result, they create cities that endure for centuries and huge kingdoms that may last for even longer periods of time.

The Human Race In DnD
The Human Race In DnD

Ambition is the desire to achieve something great, whether it be wealth, fame, or power. Ambition is one of our strongest desires; many have more ambition than we know. Ambition is not all bad, though, because it drives us to do great things and can even be a good thing. And ambition is what the human race possesses the most in DnD.

In DnD, humans either are your greatest friends with immense determination, or they are your backstabber. In the original game, there are 8 group names to choose from. If you feel like sticking to the original names, you can select from this list:

  • Damaran
  • Illuskan
  • Calashite
  • Chondathan
  • Mulan
  • Rashemi
  • Shou
  • Turami

Best Dungeons & Dragons Human Names

Let’s get to the fun part. You can choose a name from this list of coolest names for human characters in Dungeons and Dragons!

DnD names for males

DnD names for males
DnD names for males

Long names

  1. Nukhar Jeika
  2. Ruzum Khuhlom
  3. Dergulm Slateforest
  4. Hee Battleflayer
  5. Glagof Vidz
  6. Pem Glargen
  7. Renner Richkeep
  8. Grath Duskweaver
  9. Jue-Vahkok Fihpinzod
  10. Zijioz Nuezrum
  11. Salmondod Tirgunokye
  12. Masvec Menyalbye
  13. Shuim Shia
  14. Iow Tiem
  15. Foldodral Culdorno
  16. Pavien Icasol
  17. Khelud Rakur
  18. Ruhmun Balu
  19. Monkid Proudhelm
  20. Rio Blazesnow
  21. Kesil Vov
  22. Gir Vakrig
  23. Brarborth Bladetoe
  24. Gerth Earthore
  25. Gue-Najad Jeltruthuft
  26. Jihas Nendam
  27. Goozeror Elzatvabo
  28. Sorlausk Trotridu
  29. Shuip Shaong
  30. Miung Lian
  31. Crovairfun Huldovis
  32. Crubais Revome
  33. Muhlar Bidu
  34. Bhihlan Roshe
  35. Ralim Phoenixbelly
  36. Ou Daygazer
  37. Bardel Voz
  38. Sam Raknun
  39. Anveth Freevalor
  40. Gobor Nag
  41. Hol Kedisk
  42. Muldum Crestmourn
  43. Verth Peaceguard
  44. Dur-Keoju Ninkhahpohr
  45. Zan Yie
  46. Golber Deepstrength
  47. Zoth Stillfist
  48. Terhe-Rur Zahponthihd
  49. Lurhir Randeld
  50. Draunaundas Vornudeda
  51. Rindir Vavrarni
  52. Iang Dei
  53. Cheng Quem

Short names

  1. Frederic
  2. Irvin
  3. Paco
  4. Seth
  5. Adonis
  6. Ulysses
  7. Woitech
  8. Copper
  9. Ramses
  10. Alfie
  11. Garryson
  12. Verney
  13. Kinnell
  14. Grimbald
  15. Sebert
  16. Shane
  17. Régis
  18. Angelus
  19. Bing
  20. Roderic
  21. Reuben
  22. Ramon
  23. Maximillian
  24. Torsten
  25. Searlas
  26. Jeroen
  27. Alfric
  28. Mirko
  29. Adonis
  30. ONille
  31. Damion
  32. Roderick

DnD names for females

DnD names for females
DnD names for females

Long names

  1. Hihlirel Shaho
  2. Casheih Jashan
  3. Monosrol Stonecrusher
  4. Reela Distantsteam
  5. Zalmas Mersk
  6. So Shekin
  7. Lesholgo Trueshot
  8. Rolo Plainsnout
  9. Nefemu Vazduunkhihd
  10. Mazro Nipruk
  11. Sadravis Vrimukoge
  12. Sugru Tentamro
  13. Zai Suy
  14. Xua Qie
  15. Vittd Oline
  16. Ondrq Henzomel
  17. Heisneihrel Nahle
  18. Retol Shokhi
  19. Lurvaldroh Cinderhunter
  20. Muldrih Silvergleam
  21. Zanno Shatsk
  22. Sil Grolosk
  23. Nishilge Woodwing
  24. Mage Evenreaver
  25. Kofupha Zekdehrahk
  26. Zuzu Hupvum
  27. Immandre Adzukyalma
  28. Famzish Gretrathe
  29. Tsei Niao
  30. Nao Wiang
  31. Onj Rascini
  32. Dett Rucamo
  33. Ololih Cinni
  34. Nimul Daheil
  35. Jisvulseh Gloomswift
  36. Marlon Keencleaver
  37. Tizeh Sudz
  38. Si Varkuz
  39. Keshirha Shadowblood
  40. Sefra Blazehorn
  41. Namase Sazaprehr
  42. Vizis Rekrid
  43. Yerrilni Gryenzodivza

Short names

  1. Lynnette
  2. Ivana
  3. Manuela
  4. Pasclina
  5. Lily
  6. Evelin
  7. Ashlan
  8. Gescha
  9. Darcey
  10. Bria
  11. Ernesta
  12. Eugenia
  13. Gaetana
  14. Rosemary
  15. Trista
  16. Kassandra
  17. Brunella
  18. Shana
  19. Iris
  20. Keeley
  21. Rosalinde
  22. Chiara
  23. Helene
  24. Laurel
  25. Meike
  26. Danielle
  27. Berthe
  28. Esdras
  29. Floressa
  30. Sina
  31. Emele
  32. Relyea
  33. Nessie
  34. Cellina
  35. Maisie
  36. Hildegard
  37. Mona
  38. Alva
  39. Brianne
  40. Wendeline
  41. Jean
  42. Sabine
  43. Saphira
  44. Cira
  45. Mckayla
  46. Priska

How To Choose A Unique D&D Name

If the list of D&D human names is too long for you to decide, maybe you should read this part. Then, let us give you some tips on choosing a unique name for your human character in D&D.

Avoid choosing names that are too long

What is the purpose of giving someone a name? The answer is to facilitate the process of communication. Therefore, choosing a name that isn’t too long and hard to remember is the sole key to picking a good name.

But of course, since we are talking about Dungeons and Dragons, the names shouldn’t be too bland either. The best trick is to pick names with few syllables that sound nice. Also, the name you give your characters should be straightforward to write so that anyone can easily remember the character’s name.

Pick a strong name that represents your character

Choose a name that sounds good out loud
Choose a name that sounds good out loud

How do we know if the DnD human names sound strong or not? It’s very tricky because it depends on how we perceive the name and how it sounds. But after investigating, we have found some common patterns of strong names: strong names usually contain letters like L, V, DR, BR, or T. Let’s see some examples:

  • Andrea
  • Valentina
  • Troy
  • Brandon
  • Everett
  • Sauron
  • Gabriella

Even though these are prevalent modern names, they have a strong sound and give off a confident vibe. So keep this in mind when you pick your DnD human names.

Choose a name that sounds good out loud

The more complicated the names, the better they look. But the less difficult they are written, the better they may sound. Of course, this rule isn’t always valid, but you should be able to say the name aloud and notice that it sounds good without being too complicated to pronounce. For example, compared to Lurvaldroh, Muldum or Torsten sounds much better.

Top 3 Best DnD Human Names Generator

What are the best 3 DnD human names generators? These are our top picks!

Fantasy Name Generator

Suppose you’re looking for a generator program that lets you combine and mix hundreds of amazing Dungeons & Dragons names. In that case, we recommend looking into the Fantasy Name Generator. You can come up with a myriad of exciting names for different mythological creatures, such as ogres, dragons, dwarfs, and even pirates and witches. The list of races in DnD is long, and you can find all kinds of names here.

All the names are very original. You can try this generator out!

Reedsy Name Generator

This Reedsy tool can generate many cool human names for your Dungeons and Dragons characters. Of course, it can mix and match both male and female names. And the names all have a mythical vibe to them. Here are some decent examples:

  • Ealric
  • Hinter
  • Kadyn
  • Oakina
  • Cleoa

World Spinner

World Spinner is a simple tool that helps us generate male and female titles, cities, and nations. All we have to do is click the reset button, and the device will return us a list of over 20 fantastical names! You can generate your Viking, Greek, Gothic, Chinese, Roman, etc., names. Then, the sky is the limit!


What are good DND names?

There are so many races in Dungeons & Dragons, so choosing the best names is almost impossible. However, some of the best-sounding names are: Vogon, Soron, Neros, Vorx, Leoris, Neristina, Shahish, etc.

What are good names for a fantasy character?

Syndra, Tarasynora, Myrin, Hubyr, Ardorius, Terys, Jaswyn, Zalie, Kavarthon, Thanarg, Nyx, and Rahl are good fantasy names.

What name means darkness and death?

Mabuz, Thanatos, Sephtis, Akuji, Hecate are some fantastic names that mean death or darkness.

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