57+ Funny Pirate Names For Males And Females!!!

Do you want to know all the funny pirate names? I’ve been an avid fan of pirates and pirate-themed stuff for as long as I can remember. Sure, there was the apparent one-dimensional aspect of them being bad guys, but that’s not what attracted me to them. What did, then? The fact that they were cool. Cool enough that I would want to be a part of their world. That’s why I compiled a list of history’s coolest funny pirate names.

Some of the best pirate names are: Fulke ‘The Fox’ Townend, Colt ‘The Dog’ Finch, Patton, ‘Splinter’ Prince, Cable ‘The Marked’ Victor, Billy Wetshoes, Cap’n Foureyes, Cathy The Cat Lover, etc.

Funniest Pirate Names For Female

Coolest Pirate Names For Female
Coolest Pirate Names For Female

Here are some coolest female pirate names you can use when naming your own pirate girls:

  1. Beckett ‘Salty’ Loki
  2. Mona ‘The Honest’ Mabbott
  3. Claudine ‘Four Fingers’ Scias
  4. Manda ‘No Cash’ Sweete
  5. Iva ‘Ugly Mug’ Bradshaw
  6. Albertine ‘Golden Tooth’ Snape
  7. Inez ‘No Knees’ Kimberley
  8. Gay ‘Crazy Eyes’ Daniesh
  9. Mamie ‘One-Eared’ Sweat
  10. Bridget ‘Smelly’ Abram
  11. Cathy The Cat Lover
  12. Bella Swan The Ice Destroyer
  13. Cap’n Squirllady
  14. Etta ‘Toxic’ Hayhurst
  15. Meda ‘The Sour’ Chester
  16. Stella ‘Mumbling’ Vaughn
  17. Nanie ‘Ugly Mug’ Stryker
  18. Nancy ‘Shady’ Whitney
  19. Kat Truewalker
  20. Odie ‘Weird’o’ Kelsey
  21. Celina ‘The Sour’ Holmes
  22. Georgianna ‘Pieces of Eight’ Chester

Funniest Pirate Names For Male

Coolest Pirate Names For Male
Coolest Pirate Names For Male

Here are some cool pirate names for males that will catch your attention:

  1. Fox ‘The Boar’ Eldon
  2. Bentley ‘The Drunk’ Ramsey
  3. Walcott ‘Fraud’ Stevens
  4. Swithin ‘First Mate’ Zaine
  5. Kennard ‘Four-Teeth’ Inigo
  6. Barlow ‘Salty Dog’ Ymo
  7. Auberon ‘Dawg’ Fane
  8. Dempster ‘Slick’ Townend
  9. Elmer ‘Imposter’ Clayton
  10. Billy Wetshoes
  11. Cap’n Foureyes
  12. Shepherd ‘Balding’ Thorp
  13. Hallam ‘Cabin Boy’ Nash
  14. Brand ‘Two-Finger’ Salvotore
  15. Birley ‘Two Toes’ Garthside
  16. Harold ‘Softy’ Everit
  17. Elden ‘The Fool’ Altham
  18. Reginald ‘The Rat’ Royal
  19. Hamilton ‘The Slug’ Ulrik
  20. Nickleby ‘Mad Eye’ Lore
  21. Bridger ‘Devil’s Charm’ Draegan
  22. Woodward ‘No-Tongue’ Middleton
  23. Joyner ‘Whitemane’ Loki

How To Mix Your Own Funny Pirate Names

It is pretty easy to mix our own funny pirate names. In general, we don’t need to have a lengthy description, as long as the first and last names are “piratesy”.

First names

You can pick your own first name to make your pirate name, but use the shortened or family-friendly version to make the name funnier. For example, instead of using Thomas, use Tom. Or instead of using Josephine, use Josi. Picking the first name will be the easiest part of mixing your own pirate name. Just make sure that you use part of your real name to make it more relatable to you.

Last names

The last name is the most important part of making a cool and funny pirate name. You can choose from this list of last names:

  1. Sparrow
  2. Blackbeard
  3. Jones
  4. Carter
  5. Davidson
  6. Gibson
  7. Griffiths
  8. Quimby
  9. Roberts
  10. Turner
  11. Bellamy
  12. Morgan
  13. Caesar
  14. Bonny

So with the first and last names, we can have friendly pirate names for kids on Halloween like: Anna Davidson, Billy Sparrow, Johnny Quimby, Josy Jones, Bea Blackbeard, and Noah Gibson. Pirates mostly used real names back in the day, so even though you may think these names weren’t piratesy enough, they were relevant pirate names back in the 17th and 18th centuries.

A descriptive suffix

If you want to add a flare to your own custom-made pirate name, adding a descriptive suffix behind the full name is a great trick. For example, the name Jack Sparrow can be accompanied by a descriptive suffix like “The Trickster of the Caribbean” or “The legendary pirate of the Seven Seas.”

Jack Sparrow The Trickster of the Caribbean
Jack Sparrow The Trickster of the Caribbean

So, think of something that describes you. It can be funny or serious, as it can decide the vibe of your pirate name. Here are some fabulous suggestions:

  1. The Lone Trickster
  2. The Mad Sea Rider
  3. The Tormented Storm
  4. The Immortal Pirate
  5. The Devilish Black Sea
  6. The High Priest of Mother Sea

If you are looking for funnier suffixes for kids’ Halloween identity, you can try:

  1. The Toothless Pirate
  2. The Lanky Merchant
  3. The Four Eyes
  4. The Sailing Disaster
  5. The Keeper Of Rum
  6. The Muddy Mudskipper

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How many pirate movies have there been?

There have been many movies about pirates. The Pirates of the Caribbean has been around since 2003, and it’s one of the most popular movies about pirates in the world.

What are some of the cool pirate names for females?

The coolest pirate name for a girl is Angelica, Anne, Zora, Mary, Calypso, Katana, Kitana, Mariana, etc.

What are some of the coolest pirate names for males?

The most excellent pirate names for a boy are Billy Bones and Blackbeard. Cornelius, Blackwall, Gordon, and Hawk also are terrific options.

Do pirates wear tattoos?

Yes, they do. In some cases, tattoos weren’t just a form of decoration. For example, in Asian culture, pirates or marines will wear tattoos of monsters because they believe this is a way to scare the sea monsters away, or at least trick them into believing them as one of their own and spare their life. This was a grand belief for pirates back in the day.

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