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If you want to know the answer to “how old is Kid and Play?”, this article will give it to you. Keep reading the rest of the article and find out more about this hip-hop duo, who earned great fame in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

How Old Is “Kid ‘n Play” Duo?

According to Wikipedia, the duo met and formed in 1984 with the name the Fresh Force Crew. In 1987, they changed their name to Kid ‘n Play. However, in 1995, the duo separated and kept working in their own passionate field.

So, they had about 8 years of performing rap and dance under the name Kid n’ Play. By now, the members’ ages are 58 for Kid and 60 for Play.

How old is Kid from Kid and Play now?

The age of Kid in Kid ‘n play in 2022 is 58.

Kid from “Kid and Play” is Christopher Reid, born on April 5, 1964, in The Bronx, New York. He is an American rapper, actor, and comedian. After the Kid ‘n Play’s separation, Reid keeps working as an actor and organizing his own stand-up comedy show.

How old is Play from Kid ‘n Play?

The other member of Kid ‘n Play – Play – is 60 years old by now, in 2022.

Play from Kid ‘n Play duo is Christopher Martin, born on July 10, 1962, in Queens, New York. He is a rapper and actor. After the duo parted, Martin ran a multimedia company called HP4Digital Works.

How old is Kid ‘n Play in House Party movie?

The “House Party” was released in 1990; thus, they were around 26-28 years old by the time the hip-hop duo participated in the movie.

House Party is a 1990 comedy movie which is the first movie Kid ‘n Play participated in, starting their acting career alongside their music career. The “House Party” film franchise has five movies. House Party 2 and House Party 3 were released in 1992 and 1994, respectively. In House Party 4 (2001), Kid ‘n Play did not join. House Party 5 came out in 2013 with Kid ‘n Play playing a cameo role.

Kid n' Play in Steve TV show
Kid n’ Play in Steve TV show

Know More About Kid ‘n Play

Is Kid from Kid and Play white?

Kid from Kid ‘n Play opened up that he was biracial, in an interview with DJ Vlad, mentioning that his father was Jamaican while his mother was Irish. According to the mentioned interview, Kid felt “more accepted by Blacks than Whites.”

Kid expressed that his grandparents did not like his father because he was a black man and opposed the relationship and marriage of her daughter, Kid’s mother, with a black man. They disowned his mother because of that. When his mother passed away in a car accident, his grandparents came to her funeral but did not care for him, and this was the first and last time he saw them.

Does Christopher Reid have a son?

Yes, Reid does have a son, and his name is Cameron Reid.

Christopher Reid married Kimberly Turner in 2004. The couple has three kids, two daughters and a son. Their two daughters’ names are Cailin Reid and Christina Reid, and the son’s name is Cameron Reid.

Is Play from Kid and Play a pastor?

Yes, Christopher Martin, a.k.a Play from Kid ‘n Play, is a pastor.

He was born to his Jamaican parents and had Christian religion. After the separation of Kid ‘n Play, Martin had his spiritual rebirth, following which his father became a Christian minister. At that time, he decided to focus on and give his efforts to ministry and Christian rap. 

What is Christopher Martin doing now?

Christopher Martin, aka Play from Kid ‘n Play, is the founder HP4Digital Works multimedia company and Playground Solutionz. He also taught at North Carolina Central University. Recently, he has returned to acting and made his appearance in season 2 of “Bigger” comedy on BET+.


Who is Christopher Reid’s wife?

Christopher Reid’s wife is Kimberly Turner. They have been married since June 19, 2004, and already had three children.

Who is Christopher Play Martin’s wife?

Christopher Play Martin’s ex-wife is Shari Headley, an American actress, and former model. She married Martin in 1993. After two years of marriage, the couple divorced in 1995 and had one child.

Was Kid from Kid and Play sick?

Yes, he had suffered from a cataract. By the age of 52, Reid suffered from cataracts, making it difficult for him to perform in front of the crowd.
A cataract is a condition creating cloudy or opaque regions in the normal lens of the eyes, affecting the patient’s vision. The known risk factors of this condition include cumulative sun exposure and smoking.

How much is the net worth of each Kid ‘n Play member?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the net worth of Christopher Play Martin is $300,000, and that of Christopher Reid is $500,000.

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