Who Is The Otsutsuki God? – Otsutsuki God Identity, Power & How To Evolve

You want to know about the Otsutsuki god in Boruto, don’t you? So, you’ve come to the right place. This article focuses on giving the information around the Otsutsuki god in manga and anime Boruto as fully as possible. Keep reading to find the answer you are seeking.

Who Is The Otsutsuki God?

As far as the story has developed, Otsutsuki God has not existed in the flesh; and he/she is the “perfect” ultimate form of a member of the Otsutuski clan. In fact, Otsutsuki God is a concept started by Isshiki. He believed that Otsutuski God is a perfect and powerful form that every Otsutsuki member strives to achieve.

In the manga, Otsutsuki God had not been revealed until chapter 55. In this chapter, the figure of Otsutsuki God was shown when Isshiki entrusted Code to inherit his will and become the “Otsutsuki God.” Isshiki mentioned that if Code procures the chakra fruits on the divine tree and “go forth and devour the planet after planet in the space,” he will become “a new Otsutsuki” – “a God.”

Is the Otsutsuki God real?

Many people believe that the Otsutsuki God is real, and so does Isshiki.

After chapter 53, it implies that someone in the Universe has already attained the Otsutuski-God status and awakened the Jougan. After that, the god gave the Jogan eye to Toneri Otsutsuki. The Otsutsuki God assigned Toneri to give the Jogan Eye to someone who has the potential to wield it and stop other Otsutsuki members from eating the Chakra Fruit. And Boruto is the chosen one, wielding a Jogan in his right eye.

How strong is the Otsutsuki god?

The Otsutsuki God is the strongest, the most powerful in the Universe of Boruto series.

To reach the form of Otsutuski God, the Otsutsuki member need to devour multiple planets with divine trees (Chakra Fruit). Though Kaguya just ate one Chakra Fruit, she has already shown significant power; thus, the Otsutsuki God is far more powerful than that and even the strongest in the series.

Otsutsuki God abilities

The abilities of the Otsutsuki God remain unknown, as there is not much information about the real appearance of the Otsutsuki in the flesh, and we have not even seen God fight in the story.

But there is one thing we can know for sure: the Otsutsuki God is extremely strong and an idealistic state that every Otsutsuki member wants to achieve.

How many Otsutsuki gods are there?

So far, there may be one Otsutsuki God in the Universe who gave Toneri the Jogan eye. Boruto is believed to be the next Otsutsuki God as his body was 80-90% Otsutsuki due to the Karma, and he also got the Jogan eye.

In which episode does the Otsutsuki god appear in Boruto?

The Otsutsuki god appears in manga chapter 55; however, it does not appear in the anime. The anime episodes that adapt the content of chapter 55 are 218 and 219.

Otsutsuki god revealed in manga
Otsutsuki god revealed in manga

Who Can Beat Otsutsuki God?

In the series Boruto, it is believed that there is no one that can defeat the Otsutsuki god.

As the Otsutsuki god was mentioned in the story, fans have made many comparisons of the strength between the Otsutsuki god and other manga characters who also possess immense powers, such as Zeno and Goku in Dragon Balls.

For Otsutsuki god vs Goku or Otsutsuki god vs Zeno, many think that Goku and Zeno will win. However, we do still not know whether the Otsutsuki god has a physical form or just a concept, an idealistic state, so we can’t really know the result.

Boruto vs Otsutsuki god

Otsutsuki god is known as the strongest form in the Boruto series. Besides, the Otsutsuki god is the one that indirectly gave the Jogan eye to Boruto, so it seems that Boruto cannot defeat the god.

Will Boruto Become The New Otsutsuki God?

It is believed that Boruto will be the new Otsutsuki god.

He potentially becomes the strongest character in the series Boruto. He has the Otsutsuki genetic and the Jogan eye. Moreover, he can open portals to other dimensions, predict movement, and can see the chakra points and chakra concentration.

Who will become Otsutsuki God?

According to the explanation of Isshiki, the one that will become Otsutsuki god is who devours multiple planets with divine trees’ chakra fruits and evolves to be the perfect form, the god.

Is Momoshiki or Isshiki a god?

The Otsutsuki clan’s members, including Momoshiki and Isshiki, refer to themselves as gods as they think that they are better than other creatures. Thus, it can be said that Momoshiki and Isshiki are gods in their view.

Will Code become Otsutsuki God?

Until now, there are no solid clues that Code will become the Otsutsuki god. To reach this state, he has to defeat Boruto and Kawaki to cultivate the God Tree and eat multiple chakra fruits.


Who is the Otsutsuki leader?

The leader of Otsutsuki clan is princess Kaguya Otsutsuki.

What episode does Isshiki appear?

Isshiki appears in Boruto anime episode 202, corresponding to manga volume 9, chapter 35.

Who is Otsutsukitarine no Mikoto?

Otsutsukitarine no Mikoto (Tarine Otsutsuki) is the king of Otsutsuki clan. This means he is farther of princess Kaguya Otsutsuki.

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