How To Fix East West Breasts Naturally? (2 Great Tips)

Women’s breasts develop in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most common breast shapes is the East-west shape. As the name implies, it can be defined as the breast shape in which the nipples point outward in opposite directions.

Therefore, many women feel self-conscious about owning this breast shape and find ways to fix it.

Then, how to fix East west breasts naturally? If you do not undergo surgery, then you can fix it naturally by choosing the right bra and massaging.

What are the detailed jobs? Below you will find my guide.

East West Breast Shape

What is East West breast?

The East west breast refers to the breasts gravitating to either side of the chest. The nipples generally point outwards, away from the body’s center instead of to the front. 

This shape is most commonly found on smaller breasts (A-C cup).

Do I have East West breasts?

Many people don’t know which breast shape they have because some bust shapes are quite similar. In case you are unclear, or you want to check if you have East west breasts or not, this is an easy trick. 

Take one of your hands, make a fist with it, and then place it right over your sternum. If your knuckles do not touch either breast, then there’s a good chance you have breasts in east/west shape.

How To Fix East West Breasts Naturally?

1. Choose the right Bra

East west breast women who want to bring the breast tissue in, allowing the bust to be centered within their body frame, can follow this guide on choosing suitable bras.

T-shirt bras or molded cup bras are the best choices for women with east-west busts. Integrated side support prevents the breast from overflowing to the sides and gently pushes the breasts towards the middle of the chest, giving you a gorgeous cleavage.

2. Massage the breasts

The second great trick to help fix the wide cleavage is massage. By continuously applying force to the breasts, massage will activate the expansion of the muscles, increase the circulation efficiency and help the production of epithelium 3.5 times faster.

On the other hand, the massage habit also helps to shape the breasts. If you are still not convinced, immediately practice the following exercises:

  • Sit up straight, puff up your chest, and take a deep breath.
  • Place both hands on the breasts, pressing them together for 1 minute.
  • Slowly release your hands, and gently massage your breasts in a clockwise direction.
  • Repeat the action of pressing–releasing–circling about 50 times.
  • Massage 1 hour/day, lasting for at least 2 months.

To enhance the effectiveness of the exercise, you should massage with aromatic oils and ask for the help of a massage machine. For pregnant women and nursing mothers, massage for about 30 minutes a day and do not use oils.

Should You Take An East West Breast Surgery?

With the natural methods above, it will take a long time to get beautiful breasts, or you’ll just get temporary results with a bra. 

So, you’re thinking of a long-term solution? Should you take an East west breast surgery?

if you are seeking to change your East-West breasts, a surgeon advises that while your breasts can enlarge or lift after the surgery, it may accentuate the position of the nipple rather than center them. It is impossible to ensure the nipple’s overall position after surgery.


Are East West breasts the same thing as Side set?

Side set breasts are quite similar to east-west breasts. They are characterized by the breast tissue gravitating towards the sides.  East West breasts are often found on smaller breast tissue. Breasts that are Side set shape tend to be larger, fuller, and their nipples tend to point forward.

Is it normal to have East west breast?

It is perfectly normal for women to have some asymmetry in their breasts. In addition, there are so many women who have the East west breast shape, not only you. If you are worried about whether these make you look less attractive. After searching the forums and surveying many men, I’ve concluded that they generally don’t care about the shape of your boobs. So, be confident in your own body.

How to perk up the breasts naturally?

There isn’t always a quick fix for perky breasts. To see results, you must do these methods consistently over a long time: massage your breasts, hydrotherapy, targeted exercises, eat a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight.

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