Overlord What Was The Eye Behind Shalltear? – The Secret Is Finally Debunked!

Overlord what was the eye behind Shalltear? This post will break down the secret of the eye that appears behind Shalltear when the fight between her and Ainz ends. Brace yourself for spoilers!

Ainz and Shalltear were fighting, and to the audience’s surprise, he chose a spell with a long casting time, which wasn’t beneficial for him in the final strike. Shalltear was about to attack him before he got the chance to break the hourglass. But Aura, who was ordered to monitor the area, used her magic to stun Shalltear. So the eye didn’t physically appear behind Shalltear, but she sensed it.

Overlord What Was The Eye Behind Shalltear?

What was the eye behind Shalltear?
What was the eye behind Shalltear?

Aura and Mare have been told to watch the location while Ainz engages Shalltear in a death struggle. She was also assisted by Eyeball Corpses summoned by Ainz to help her with targeting chores and keeping their surroundings occupied. The two are given the extra order of retiring when the foes come after being provided World Items for protection.

While Ainz was fighting Shalltear to the death, Aura kept a careful eye on the combat from afar with her ranger skill Sky Eye. Aura unleashes one of her talents just as Shalltear is about to stab Ainz with her magical spear, causing Shalltear to stun herself in fear and fail to deliver the final blow. As a final result, Ainz breaks the hourglass that speeds up the spell he is casting and wins the battle, although with more difficulty than the audience expected.

Ainz Vs Shalltear Eye

There is no doubt that Shalltear is one formidable Floor Guardian with immense magic skills. Her fight was Ainz was tremendously epic because she stood her ground and succeeded in making Ainz struggle. Let’s see how their faceoff unveils!

What stopped Shalltear from attacking Ainz?

While Ainz was battling Shalltear to death, Aura used her ranger talent Sky Watch to keep a close eye on the action. Aura uses one of her abilities (which is described as a crazy eye behind Shalltear) just as Shalltear is about to stab Ainz with her magical spear, causing Shalltear to stun and miss the last strike. As a result, Ainz smashes the hourglass that speeds up the magic he is performing and wins the battle.

Ainz was battling Shalltear to death
Ainz was battling Shalltear to death

Why did Shalltear betray Ainz?

She didn’t exactly betray Ainz. Before going crazy and attacking Ainz, she was mind-controlled by Kaire when she chased after the magically light in the wood in a raging state and her true form. Kaire shoot her shot, and Shalltear killed a soldier before submerging under the spell.

Why did Ainz fight Shalltear alone?

Ainz opted to battle Shalltear alone rather than have the Floor Guardians murder her, which would have been the considerably simpler alternative since he didn’t want his children to fight each other.

Why does Shalltear love Ainz?

Shalltear professed herself devoted to Ainz during the transfer to the New World and considered him a love interest. She believes Ainz to be the most attractive person on the planet, owing to her necrophilic obsession. Her ambition is to become Ainz’s most significant servant as well as his head wife.

Overlord Ainz vs Shalltear episode?

The fight happens in season 1, episodes 12 and 13. You can watch the full fight here!

Why did Ainz kill Shalltear?

Shalltear fights till the last end, knowing that Ainz has turned the tables on her using his guild members’ equipment, including her creator’s sword. Finally, she was murdered by Ainz’s super-tier spell, Fallen Down. But she wasn’t exactly killed off by Ainz because later, Albedo succeeded in resurrecting Shalltear, who is no longer mind-controlled by the spell.

Why did Ainz struggle against Shalltear?

Shalltear’s built is created to counterattack Ainz’s built. Shalltear can perform numerous spells that Ainz is vulnerable to, including Holy and Fire. While Ainz does not have any spell that Shalltear is particularly susceptible to. Shalltear can melee and drain life, basically fighting forever, whereas Ainz’s fighting abilities were limited by his mana.

Aura Interferes With The Fight

So we all know that Aura was ordered to monitor the area where Shalltear and Ainz were fighting, and she interfered at the final moment. How did things unveil? Find out with us below!

What did Aura do to Shalltear?

Aura uses her skill just as Shalltear is ready to stab Ainz with her magical spear, causing Shalltear to be stunned and turn around to look at her back, subsequently leading her to distraction. As a result, Ainz crushes the hourglass (pay item) that accelerates his magic casting and wins the battle.

Did Aura help Ainz?

Yes, she helped Ainz when she saw that Shalltear didn’t hesitate to strike him with her spear. Aura was no longer an NPC. She had a conscience of how the world of sorcerers works, and she didn’t want Ainz to get killed by Shalltear, despite her close relationship with the mind-controlled true vampire.

Aura helped Ainz during the battle from afar
Aura helped Ainz during the battle from afar

Why did Shalltear say goodbye Aura?

Shalltear acknowledges defeat and utters the phrase “Chibi,” a nickname she habitually nicknames Aura, implying that even under mind control, she was aware that Aura’s distraction allowed Ainz to win.

How Did Shalltear Get Mind Controlled?

Kaire had her mind hijacked when she went after the mysteriously light in the woods in a rage and her real form. Kaire fired a shot, and Shalltear killed a soldier before succumbing to the spell. Kaire can mind control even targets with perfect resistance to mind control; nevertheless, her combat capacity appears to be limited due to her advanced age.


Who controlled Shalltear?

Lady Karie mind controlled her.

What did Shalltear see?

She didn’t “see.” Instead, she felt an eye on her and was struck with sudden fear.

Does Shalltear die?

Her mind-controlled self died on the spot after Ainz delivered the Fallen Down spell, making her physical body dissolves in the air like dust. But later, Albedo helped resurrect her without any trouble. She was already free from the mind-controlling spell.

What did Mare do to Shalltear?

Mare didn’t do anything. It was his sister, Aura, that stunned Shalltear.

Who distracted Shalltear?

Who used world item on Shalltear?

Lord Ainz settles problems with Shalltear using some world-level artifacts in their treasury. He feels unaware of the circumstances and blames himself for Shalltear’s present state. Lady Kaire also used one when she cast the mind control spell on her.

Who made Shalltear?

Shalltear is a vampire made by Peroroncino.

Why did Shalltear revolt?

She was directly under a mind-control spell cast on her by Lady Kaire.

Why did Shalltear hesitate?

Aura stunned her with a spell, making her overused with fear for a brief second, which is enough for Ainz to break the hourglass and deliver the Fallen Down magic, winning the match.

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